Want Some Answers ???


Hi Paul,

You wrote,

>>I was raised Catholic and before I found the truth I was a born again christian.<<

Sounds like you have been everywhere and done everything. And are you insisting now you ďhave found the truthĒ? Does this mean you have all the answers? I shall look forward to you explaining where Iím in error. And reveal the great light of Christadelphianism.

So whatís ď
the truthĒ? You will say itís the doctrine you now have 'found'. This contradicts what Jesus said. He said, ďI am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by MeĒ (Jn.14:6). He is the Way (the way is not a religious system). He is the Truth. The truth is not a system of doctrines. When you come to Christ and accept Him as your Saviour, you have received 'the Truth'. You obviously deny Jesus is the truth. So what is the truth? You wrote,

>>So it is comforting to know (if it is indeed true) that I cannot lose my salvation and burn for ever in Hell even though I've joined a non christian cult. So judging by your articles it would seem I am in a pretty good position. I sincerely believed I was born again at the time even though some have said since that I must have not have been since I joined a cult. But if I was wrong in believing I was born again at that time it stands to reason that no one else can be sure either. Now I do not believe I was born again at the time. But since one cannot lose their salvation it does not matter what I think anyway, from that line of reasoning. So I am pretty safe if the doctrine you teach is true. What do you think? Yours truly, Paul<<

What do I think? If what you say is true. It sounds to me like you are more confused than ever. You thought you were, but then think you're not. And now, it doesnít matter what you Ďthink anywayí. It seems to me, like the Christadelphians (CDís) have really messed you up. Are they telling you what the Bible says. You must decide who is the authority, the Bible or the CDís?

With what you say, it appears very likely you were not born again and never received the Holy Spirit. And never repented of your sin. This was the problem with John Thomas the founder of CDís. He never came to the place of personal repentance. His preaching and writings gave no personal testimony of giving up his will, his life, in surrender to Jesus. There was no confession of sin, no testimony of his conscience washed clean by the blood of Jesus. So what he has done for all those who follow his doctrine was avoid exposure to the reality of sin and guilt, appropriating Ďrepentanceí as a word only. For the unwary, he has pointed a route which avoids the cross (pg29 Unmasking Christadelphianism B.Hopkins).

Instead of your position as Ď
pretty goodí, itís uncertain. CDís will tell you that you werenít born again, and even if you were, you can lose your salvation. You believe and follow them on all points. They give you the list of conditions you must obey for salvation, and even following them you still canít sure.

With no evidence to the contrary, I think you need to be 'born again' and receive the Holy Spirit. Paul writes concerning God's children, "But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his." [Rom. 8:9]. If you do not have "the Spirit of Christ" you are not a child of God but unregenerate and lost in sin. What you need is a spiritual birth, not a religious system of rules that has no guarantee of salvation. What do you think?