Want Some Answers ???


Hi Clyde

Thanks for your letter.

My aim in writing was to share the gospel, plant the seed of God's Word in the lives of people who are hooked into a cult. My emails have reached many regarding salvation which is the most important subject. The cost of getting that wrong is eternal judgment.

As I said, I know “a few things” about your group [but not everything]. I’m surprised the Christadelphian “tank” is so divided. Thank you for that, I shall try and find how you differ. The bad guys are the ‘cult’ and you belong to the good guys? Yet they differ from mainstream Christianity. But your rejection of the Trinity doctrine also questions your understanding of salvation. “Ye shall die in your sins if ye believe not that I AM He” [Jesus].

My experience generally with the Christadelphian cult [not you of course] is that they are hostile to anyone who differs in doctrine and is classified “Christendom”. When I point out the truth they look the other way, wilfully ignoring facts. It looks like the Mansfield cult has given you all a bad name. You are kind and I thank you for helping. And thanks for your understanding. Hope I don’t offend you writing once more. You asked,

>>So, here is the question. What happens if you experience a 'born again' conversion and then you turn from your ways and become a serial killer and rapist for the rest of your life? Is your salvation unconditional?? (See Ezek. 3:19)<<

This seems to indicate you believe “works” keep one saved. You might disagree and say ‘oh no, Mark you have got us wrong, we don’t believe that’. But that’s just what you have questioned here. Think about it. If you can lose your salvation because of bad works, then you can keep it with good works. You were agreeing with me that salvation is a free gift, not of works, the law or will power, or human achievement, but now you are saying those who stop working, turn from the law, having no will power, can lose salvation. Can you see the contradiction?

I would question if the serial killer was truly a
born again" Christian. There are many who sound, or look the part, but are not truly saved at all. I believe it’s not so much that real Christians can’t fall away, but that they show themselves real in that they don’t fall away. A real Christian doesn’t make a practice of sinning, says the Apostle John.

We are not saved by our faith. We are saved by grace. The instrument of salvation was and is grace. God’s plan was through Christ, we did not take part with it, nor deserve any part of it. It was grace from start to finish. Our faith is not perfect; our faith is in what God has done for us in Christ. When we jump from the burning building of sin, Christ is the net to break our fall. Our faith is the desperate leap. Faith does not save us but the net. Everybody has expressed faith at some time or another. Yet not all spend eternality in heaven. God's grace is what saves. Our faith bridges the gap between our need and God’s provision.

Once rescued from sin we need not worry. 100% of a man’s sins have been forgiven; the potential for being unforgiven has been done away with. The risk factor is zero.

Ezek. 3:19 sounds like someone has lost all hope of salvation; so are you saying unfaithful Christian’s shall be consumed with the wicked? That’s what Roberts and Mansfield teach. But note 2 Tim. 1:10 “but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel”. The Gospel [which was before hidden in God’s purposes] does not allow OT statements or persons to affect our judgment on this subject. This verse in Timothy shows that life and immortality were not brought to light in the times before the Gospel came. Do you hold the idea if you forsake him, he forsakes you? What a hopeless faith you must have. For those under the New Covenant God promises, “I will NEVER, never fail you nor FORSAKE you” [Heb.13:5].

Some argue ‘God’s holiness demands certain things of those with whom He maintains a relationship. His nature will not allow Him to stay in a relationship with an individual who continually spurns His love’. If His holiness is a condition, His love is not unconditional. If His nature forces Him to disassociate from certain types of people, His nature stands in the way of His ability to love unconditionally.

The New Birth makes me one of God’s children [Jn1:12]. I should behave accordingly. I’m not perfect, but always remain in His family. Read Eph.1:3-5. God chose to adopt me as His child “before the foundation of the world” Why? Am I better than others? No, but because He wanted to “according to the kind intention of His will”. Paul wrote that Christ came, “to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons” [Gal 4:5]. Do you think I can be un-adopted or perhaps readopted? But if salvation wasn’t permanent why introduce the concept of adoption? Wouldn’t it have been better just to describe salvation in terms of a conditional legal contract between God and man? Why chose someone before the foundation of the world He knew He eventually have to un-adopt? Is man able to thwart the predestined will of God?

So while you write, “
I agree”, “I agree”, etc yet deny the Trinity doctrine. I wonder if the Holy Spirit is not received as a Person, I wonder if you have received Him at all. If you do not have the Holy Spirit you are not truly born again no matter what you write. Roberts and Mansfield both teach the spirit is not for today, do you agree? You wrote,

>>How about my piece on the 'Trinity'?<<

Alright, sent it a little at a time in email form and I’ll look at it. Your son sounds like a wonderful lad and fine scholar. But I know one thing. He can’t read NT Greek. NONE of your leaders and none of those who write Christadelphian literature can read Greek either. If they could they wouldn’t be Christadelphians. This fact SHOULD shock you. Go back and read that again. It’s VERY important, pass the news on. And ask yourself why?

If you could read Greek you wouldn’t be a Christadelphian devotee. How do I know that Clyde? Why so bold? Because I know enough Greek to say that if you knew the meaning of these NT Greek words ie death, hell, grave, destroy, soul, spirit, and word, you wouldn’t gather with the Christadelphians. The Greek meanings to these words indicate [1] man has as body, soul and spirit, [2] death is not extinction, [3] punishment for the wicked is in fire forever. [4] That Roberts/Thomas laid a corrupt foundation. [5] And God is a trinity. If you could read Greek you would know the NT has no word(s) for extinction because the Bible writers and Jesus Himself never taught it. The more Greek you study the more errors and contradictions you will find in Christadelphian doctrine.

Promise me, buy a copy of Vines Expository Dictionary of NT Words and READ IT. Very important. Promise me you will. You can get a copy from most decent Christian bookshops that have a wide range of reference materials.

Look-up words - death, hell, grave, destroy, soul, and spirit [Another good Expository Dic., is L.O Richards dic.] Don’t worry if you can’t read NT Greek or OT Hebrew. These books explain in English word meanings. Christadelphian literature selectively quote from Vine. And give the wrong impression about what he taught. As you search Vine’s Dictionary you will change your mind about many doctrines Christadelphians teach.