Want Some Answers ???


Hi David, you wrote,

>>Hi Mark I was interested to discover your website....its a shame you do not publish the full details of correspondence received, so that I am able to follow a thought pattern from both yourself and an inquirer.<<

Yet you tag your email "confidential and may be subject to legal privilege." Which suggests you are happy to read their mail but don't want them to read yours. I keep "full details" private. As for "thought patterns" you will need to read slowly and think carefully.

>>I understand you have a PHD in Philosophy of some description, and appear to have a particular penchant for Western religions. However from Reading your site I cannot establish where you are located, or what contact you have had with Christadelphians. Also from reading your site, like many others I can only assume you haven't done enough research on the full Christadelphian landscape, because you are merely focussing on writings from a very small sample set and publishing your writings as if you have in fact done all the research. I am familiar with most of the books you refer too, and know the people that have written some of them, though haven't read them all cover to cover, as you obviously have.<<

If I "haven't done enough research on the full Christadelphian landscape" you missed a good opportunity to enlighten me, perhaps next time? I've never claimed to know it all. But don't need to 'research' Christadelphianism to know the truth (Jn.14:6) or receive salvation (a free gift from God’s grace).

>>First I'll tell you a little bit about me, I am in fact a Christadelphian, but don't let that put you off talking to me. I am, like you, interested in Theology and Philosophy. I have an interest in your site as it appears you want to know purely factual information about "other religions" to fulfil an academic need. I don't proclaim to know all varying Christadelphian beliefs, and the different people that propound them, but I am very familiar with Christadelphian history, and differences between groups, and why these exist.<<

I’m a Christian (very different from Christadelphian’s). So you "don't proclaim to know all varying Christadelphian beliefs". Sounds like you haven’t "done enough research on the full Christadelphian landscape. Remarkable that Christadelphian's insist they alone have the truth yet divided over which group should we follow.

>>If you are interested in continuing you investigation into this cult, because any religion not professing the Trinity is defined as a cult, I will gladly help, and provide you with much of the information you need to properly complete this work.<<

I have plenty of information already on “Christadelphian history” and doctrines etc. If I'm wrong, as you say, then its the explanation why, which is lacking.

>>I only urge you this, be careful about how you say things, from the small snippets I can gather from your site, you have an aggressive manner. If you want information that will help you understand the intricacies of "other religions" ask people to explain themselves, not accuse them of things. Let me give you an example: If I wrote to you, and the first thing I said was "The doctrine of the Trinity is rubbish, and there is no way that Christ is God" you would immediately feel got at, and would do everything in your power to show this as false, and my doing this to you would force you further back into a corner, and entrench you more in your beliefs.<<

You seem to have your own 'aggressive manner' (below, in the rest of your email). You are more interested in rubbishing me personally than examining my 'beliefs'. Those 'snippets' must have 'got at' you. Why should I worry if people 'rubbish' what I believe, if I have the truth? The truth has nothing to fear. What I’ve found, is that Christadelphian's are indeed in a corner and entrenched in a private belief.

>>You are doing the same to every Christadelphian that read your first letter, and I would imagine you are getting very little response from Christadelphians to help you with your research because of your attitude.<<

I have 121 emails in my Christadelphian Folder.

>>Hear this, I will provide you with any information that I know about the History, the beliefs and doctrines of Christadelphians. I will provide you with material written by Christadelphians that you have never heard of nor come across, and unlike others on this site, who you have abused with your aggressive and downright rude attitude, I will give you the opportunity to convince me that you are right. However complete your thesis, and get it right, adjust your attitude towards others, and you will get a far better response to your message.<<

Now, now, David calm down. Where are your examples where I have “abused” people with an "aggressive and down right rude attitude"? You have the very attitude you accuse others of. Find one mail where I use personal insult like you. You have 'the opportunity to convince me' too, but 'adjust your attitude' for any 'response' from me.

>>Reply if you like, however if you decide to put this letter on your site, put it on in full, don't do what you accuse others of doing, and publish only bits that you are interested in publishing.<<

The mails are ‘in full’, have a look. Show examples to prove your claim. As for publishing your mail, there's little worth in it. Just a few boasts, but I wait for you to 'explain many things'.

>>By the way just a small thing, the "Mr Mansfield" you refer to as "a top Christadelphian authour" shows your research is not complete. The Mr Mansfield that "was" a Christadelphain Authour has been Dead for 15 years. This small fact, along with other seriously flawed accusations, shows to me you need more information than that that you have I look forward to hearing from you, where you are, and how you obtained the information you have. yours. David.<<

But I do have a letter from “Mr Mansfield” and booklets from both G.E and P.H Mansfield (I’ve had dealings with Christadelphian's for years). He was very much alive when writing to me. I also await your list of those "seriously flawed accusations". So far you are quick to accuse, slow to deliver.

>>This email with any attachments is confidential and may be subject to legal privilege. If it is not intended for you please reply immediately, destroy it and do not copy, disclose or use it in any way.<<

Are you ashamed to be a Christadelphian, want to hide your information from the public? Well, whatever, I look forward to you explaining where I'm wrong about the Christadelphian gospel. -