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Have you broken away, you still appear influenced by '
30 years' of Christadelphian teaching.

>>thanks for caring about God and people i was a Christadelphian for 30 years until I went to prison and "got real" with people (all sorts of beliefs) that want to respect God and DO his will in love to others i now believe love is greater than any theological mastery i believe dominative and exclusive salvationsist make "sophistical wisdom" God instead of what God is really about but they often don't know any better and it is not malice in the heart but error beyond their comprehension so God has mercy<<

And thanks for your compliments. You are correct, 'love' is the greatest, and indeed God is merciful. My concern (or care) is there's a problem of 'sin' that separates man from God (Isa.59:2 Jer.33:8). It makes men God's enemies and incurs His anger (Rom.5:9-10). No amount of our good works, love, mastery, wisdom, church going, or human endeavor can solve this problem (Eph.2:8).

This issue is not dealt with in Christadelphianism. But rather, their teachings say '
salvation' must be by works in the flesh. Since "there is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death" this indicates even 'comprehension' and sincerity can be in error (Pro.14:12). So to receive God's grace (or 'mercy') it must be by His terms (Jn.3:16 14:6). To refuse this, offers no hope but judgment (Heb.10:26)

>>i believe Jesus disciples are many, many amidst yes, crippled and Scripturally perverted groups but that's where they are - and even the most beautiful of characters He still allows them misconceptions as close as our heart might be to him we do not all appear to be on the same page in theological understandings<<

I doubt there are "many" amidst 'perverted groups' because their doctrines contradict salvation and God's real children are not easily fooled. Not that they know everything, or can't be fooled, but God helps, protects, and guides them. They hear His voice and follow Him. And could never feel at home among those who distort the truth about the Master. Besides, John said, those who separate from His disciples indicates they weren't 'Jesus' disciples' at all (1 Jn.2:19).

>>i believe God cuts thru all the crap as it were and looks "inside" the man, woman, child. the wisdom of the prudent shall perish but he who does my will shall live forever thanks and God thanks for blessing this person in Jesus name<<

Yes God cuts through works done in the flesh to see the inside. Is the heart washed clean and regenerated? Have you had this new birth Jesus spoke about (Jn.1:12-13, 3:3)?

Unfortunately men just try to reform the old nature. Without confession and repentance of sin, there's no cleansing by the blood of Jesus. If we have reformation rather than regeneration, we're trying to fix the old nature and ignoring God's gift - a new nature. My concern is one could be a Christadelphian all their life and never be truly converted or regenerated. The false idea man just needs a correct belief, knowledge, loyalty, effort and works is contrary to the bible. The man in the flesh can never please God.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.