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From: Kevin <bible@christadelphia.org>
To: Dr Mark Purchase <mpp@xtra.co.nz>
Sent: Wednesday, 24 November 1999 17:40
Subject: Re: web site

> hi,
> just got your somewhat voluminous note the other day, which on parsing,
> seems to have been triggered by something on my site, but then the
> discussion took place with other people, can you clarify what all went
> on there, and why you sent me that now?
> thanks,
> kevin
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> Kevin
> http://www.christadelphia.org

Hi Kevin,

So you're the Christadelphian with the web site. Do you speak for the Christadelphian movement as a whole, or just for those you know?

When reading the site I had a few problems with the doctrine and then found it hard to find one who will stand by it. Some of my mail was past on to others. But many were exchanged and apparently some Christadelphian's are unhappy their email address on your site. Others gave the impression they "personally " didn't agree with the site either. And others said they had never read or heard of it.

However, I think I answered all those who wrote. And can only imagine you received mail because your email address also happens to be on the site.

Kevin I might add that you have been lead astray by the teachings of the likes of Roberts and Thomas. The Bible clearly does not teach many of those strange doctrines you have outlined on the site. Go through the mail I posted. Read, think, study and ask questions. Don't let the christo cult rob you of eternal salvation. If there was a slight chance one might be saved 'in the end' by following Roberts and Thomas, I never would have wrote.

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