Want Some Answers ???


Thanks for your last chapter.

Again you won't comment on anything I wrote [or answer my questions]. We seem to be holding a one-sided conversation. The impression is that you don't want to discuss, just lecture. Others have written and they hide the name of their sect. They sound Christian, but also don't want to discuss what they believe.

How can you convince me your sect is the only true church if you're ashamed of what you believe and who you associate with? I'm not ashamed to be an evangelical, what are you afraid of? If you have something worth saying, it's worth defending. If not worth defending it's not worth believing. Cults flourish because people accept anything they are told without asking questions.

Your problem is two fold. Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, or any cult could have written your email. They all claim Christendom must be rejected and they alone are right. So even proving your point establishes nothing. If I give up my faith, which group do you want me to join?

Secondly, You assume I know nothing of Scripture or the early church. You wrote,

>>Christianity as a whole (like you) has gone astray from the teaching of Christ. The greatest need of today is to return to the early faith: and the only way to return is by the study of the Scriptures.<<

This is the only comment where you refer to me. I've devoted enough time to your emails but if you can't bring yourself to clarify yourself and the points I raised, it's pointless corresponding. I'll finish on two matters.

Firstly. You say much about cults. But won’t accept the main reason God gave His Word. You won’t discuss that, and ignored my last email. Also you think truth is a system of doctrine, if you get them correct - then you know the truth. It's not. In Scripture the truth first and foremost is a Person, and all about knowing Him as Saviour. You of course don’t know Christ as Saviour, you hope to work your way to God [which is impossible].

Secondly. Experts who have studied ‘sects and cults’ for years have compiled a list of characteristic traits of cults. How many of these apply to your group?

[1] Antagonism.
Intolerant of other belief. Hostile to mainstream Christianity.
[2] Isolationism.
Closed minded 'we alone are right'. Claim to teach truth neglected by the ordinary churches.
[3] Propagandism.
We alone are right, win converts, discredit others.
[4] Perfectionism.
Feelings of superiority to others. A perverted sense regarding sin.
[5] An extra-source of authority.
- from their literature and leaders. Regarded as a greater authority, always right, never wrong.
[6] Justification by grace is questioned.
Their Gospel is the doctrines of the sect. None can be sure of truth or salvation unless their group is followed.
[7] Exclusive community.
They alone are God's chosen. All others are ignorant without their message. Last defenders of truth.
[8] Eschatology governed.
Special dates or events after the Apostles. It's calling into existence by God.
[9] Distinctive terminology.
Double meaning of words and terms, has it own gobbledygook.

Regards, Mark

PS. “…..if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ”. [Rom 8:9]