Want Some Answers ???


Hi Peter,

Is this letter the only reply you are able write? All other emails from you are nothing but another quote from your cult book. I can post heaps of mail too, if you want. You wrote,

>>Dear Mr Purchase. You seem unwilling or unable to defend your opinions concerning the Apostle's and first century Christians' beliefs. How then have you the chutzpah to denegrate the beliefs of others on your one-eyed website? You like to give it out but you obviously cannot take it!<<

Not at all. Anyone who reads my website can see I'm able to "defend" what I believe the Bible says. I've done so repeatedly; you obviously haven't read much. But it is you who have ignored my last mails and still do. Why are you "unwilling or unable to defend the opinions" of your sect? You have yet to answer one single question or comment I've made. Why? Is it because you are not able?

If you really believe your sect teaches the truth and nothing but the truth and if it has something worth saying and defending, then why not answer my mail instead of ignoring it? Start with the first mail posted, the reason I reject your idea of what a cult. If you won't answer my comments, don't expect me to reply every time you send another chapter in your book. My first email is fundamental to "
the Apostles and the first century Christian belief". But funny you should use the word 'Christian' when your not even a Christian.

On my website you have the liberty to state your case and answer and ask questions. But you have avoided this continually and just post email after email changing topics and ignoring anything that questions your dogma. My website is not a platform for all the radical groups and 'God haters' in the world to sound their trumpet with an unrestrained platform. I allow people the opportunity to tell the world what they think is true but not a free license. You wrote,

>>As for the ostentatious display of credentials you affix to your name, what did the Bible say?<<

If I hadn't study the Bible, I would be accused of knowing nothing. The Word says, 'study to show thyself approved.' While you were on holiday I was in the study. And I learnt heaps about groups like yours. You could do with a Bible study yourself, which is not corrupted by your sect. You wrote,

>>Oh yes: 1 Corinthians 1v26-27:"For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty."<<

Here's an example of what I just said. If you took a proper Bible study course on how to study and read the Bible it would help. When Paul says 'wise after the flesh' he's NOT referring to Christians who study the Bible (Rom.16:19).

In fact people of this world regard them as "
foolish" because they have no regard for God. Studying the Bible is unpopular today. On the other hand those regarded as 'mighty, rich, noble, and wise by this world, have the 'wisdom of this world', which is foolishness to God. I suspect you twist other Bible verses and apply them as it suits.

I hope you can try an answer my first email [regarding cults]. Why don't we go through the issues one at a time? Don't worry about sending me long emails other people have written, you need to think for yourself. I'm happy to take time if you are honest with me.