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Greetings Mr. Smith,

>>Dear Mark I will close our correspndence with two final points. 1. You are quite possibly resurrectionally responsible. That is something you should think about very carefully. Luke 12:47.<<

Lk.12:47 warns a "servant who knows his master's will" and disobeys "will be beaten with many blows". Does disagreement with Christadelphians mean punishment? Didn't Jesus say those without the new birth are 'condemned already'? (Jn.3:3-7, 19-21, 36). Then that's something to 'think about very carefully'.

>>2. I refer to one of the points you make in your final letter to me. You wrote: "Christians might disagree on doctrinal points but all who have received Christ as their Saviour have received the Truth. Yes there are Christians with the Holy Spirit who hold differing views. In Christianity there is a range of views of various doctrines and freedom to disagree or agree. But what makes them all one, cleansed and God's children, is not a list of doctrines they agree on, but the fact they have the Holy Spirit within. A nine year old child can become a Christian, they don't need to know all about 'the deep things of God' and detailed bible doctrines before they accept Christ as their Saviour." These are truly amazing statements. The idea that Christians are at liberty to disagree over doctrines directly contradicts Bible teaching. There is one faith, one hope (Ephesians 4:4-5). Doctrinal differences result in a multiplicity of faiths. It would also make God the Author of confusion, which He manifestly is not.<<

The idea "Christians are at liberty to disagree over doctrines" which "contradict Bible teaching" is your "statement" not mine. The liberty they enjoy is to join a church of their choice. Something lacking in Christadelphianism, which thinks it alone has the true gospel and faith.

True, there is only '
one faith, one hope' but only for real Christians. They are the body of Christ. What makes a person 'God's child' is receiving the Holy Spirit via the new birth (Gal.3:1. Jn.3:3). They might have 'differences' but are united by the 'Holy Spirit' who indwells them all (Jn.17:11 21-22 Eph.4:4 1 Cor.6:19).

Some bible doctrines allow a freedom to differ. But my point was, it's the cults who have no freedom. They can't '
differ' with their leaders (eg., John Thomas who rejected all 'doctrine' but his own). Yet in reality, to be cleansed from sin and reborn is not the end result of learning bible doctrine, but even as I have said.

>>The idea that the Holy Spirit would exist within believers and then God would permit them to disagree with each other over doctrine is absurd, particularly when it was intended to guide the apostles into all truth (John 16:13). It would mean that believers would be carried about with every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14), which is precisely what the spirit gifts were meant to prevent. What sort of unity of the Spirit (Ephesians 4:3) is there if Christians have doctrinal differences?

Though "Christians have doctrinal differences" they are still God's children and He guides them 'into all truth'. What chance do you have without the Holy Spirit? You wouldn't even know right from wrong (1 Cor.2:10-6).

Those led by the Spirit are the "Sons of God" (Rom.8:8, 14). He guides but doesn't give 'all knowledge'. He commands but doesn't force them. He enlightens but doesn't give 'all wisdom'. He desires to bless but can be ignored (Eph.4:30 1 Thes.5:19). So don't blame God for man's error. The fact remains, none can know the deep things of God without the Holy Spirit opening scripture and revealing the mind of God.

>>Paul spoke of "sound doctrine." How can it be sound if believers have conflicting doctrines? Did the Holy Spirit tell you that it is OK to disagree over doctrine?

"The Holy Spirit" tells Christians it's OK "to disagree over" corrupt doctrine (Tit.1:13-16 2:1 3:9-10 Col.1:28 1 Thes.5:14 1 Tim.1:3 Rom.6:17 16:17). If they didn't differ about "conflicting doctrines" they would be fooled by "every wind of doctrine". But without His help one doesn't even know "sound doctrine" (Jn.16:13).

>>Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. Hebrews 13:9. Your opinion in this matter is devoid of logic. It also undermines the doctrine of fellowship, which tells one to reject heretics (Titus 3:10). Regards,

The yardstick you use to determine error and "heretics" is the teaching of John Thomas. Any who agree with him are "sound", any who disagree are "heretics".

It's your "
opinion devoid of logic" because your own sect have many 'fellowship' titles, Central, Journal, Dove, Advocate, Trapp, Quest, Berean, Suffolk Street, Dawn, Old Paths, The Lightstand, His Master's Household, the Remnant. And each will reject doctrine of others and disfellowship each other.

Thanks for writing,