Want Some Answers ???


A short list of scientists who accept Biblical Creation rejecting evolution (most great scientists who founded and developed the key disciplines of science were creationists).

It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid, or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that
(Prof. Richard Dawkins April 9 1989 Book Review D. Johanson & Maitland Edey’s Blueprint. NY Times. Sec. 7, 34)

"You cannot be both sane and well educated and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, educated person has got to believe in evolution." (Prof. Richard Dawkins).

So for the sake of TRUTH and HONESTY ....... a few who 'disbelieve in evolution'

Charles Babbage
... Computer science. Operations research. Actuarial tables.
Robert Boyle ... Chemistry. Gas dynamics. Boyle's Law.
Werner Von Braun ... Rocket scientist (Apollo Moon Mission).
George Washington Carver ... Agricultural chemistry. (Teacher Iowa State College, Tuskegee Institute Alabama)
Georges Cuvier ... Vertebrate palaeontology. Comparative anatomy.
Leonard Euler …Calculus of partial differentials - Fluid flow equations. Conic sections Network theory. (Prof. Maths and Physics)
Michael Faraday ... Electric generator - Transformer. Field theory.
John Ambrose Fleming ... DSc. FRS Electronics - Thermionic valve. (100 scientific papers / books, Albert & Faraday Medal President of Victoria Institute. President Victoria Institute of Research)
James Joule ... Thermodynamics. Law of conservation of energy.
Johannes Kepler ... Astronomy - Laws of planetary motion.
Carolus Linnaeus ... Classification system. Systematic biology. (180 books)
Sir Joseph Lister ... Antiseptic surgery (Order of Merit, Privy Councilor, President of royal Society of Advancement of Science)
Matthew Maury ... Oceanography. Hydrograph.
James Clerk Maxwell ... Electromagnetic field equations. Statistical thermodynamics. (Prof. Physics)
Gregory Mendel ... Father of Genetics.
Samuel Morse ... Telegraph. Morse Code.
Isaac Newton ... Laws of motion. Law of gravity. Calculus. Reflecting telescope.
Louis Pasteur ... Bacteriology. Biogenesis law. Pasteurization. Vaccination and immunization.
William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) (21 doctorates) ... Absolute temperature scale. Laws of thermodynamics. Transatlantic cable.
Wilbur and Orville Wright ... Powered flight.
Lamb Glacial … Glacial geology – ichthyology.
Francis Bacon … Scientific method.
David Brewster … Optical mineralogy.
Leonardo da Vinci … Hydraulics. optics, biology, physics, anatomy.
John Dalton … Atomic theory – partial-pressure law. Colour blindness.
Humphrey Davy … Thermo kinetics, miners safety lamp.
Henri Faber … Entomology.
Arthur E. Compton ... winner of Nobel Prize in Physics
Joseph Henry … Electric motor. galvanometer.
John Herschel … Astronomer. Catalogued 500 new stars.
William Herschel … Double stars – Uranus - galactic.
William Huggins … Spectroscopy in astronomy.
Richard Kirwan … Mineralogy.
Richard Owens ... Geologist
Louis Agassiz ... Biology. Pros, Univ. Neufchatel, Harvard.
Blasé Pascal ... Barometer, hydrostatics, theory of probability.
William Prout .... Food chemistry.
William Ramsay … Inert gases - isotopic chemistry. Transmutation of elements.
William M Ramsay ... Greatest of all archaeologists.
John Ray … Natural history. Biology, Classification of species.
Bernhard Riemann … Non-Euclidean geometry.
James Young Simpson … Chloroform, gynaecology.
Nicolas Steno … Stratigraphy.
George Stokes … Fluid mechanics.
John Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) … Inert gases, model analysis.
Percy Tait … Vector analysis.
Rudolph Virchow … Father of modern Pathology.
John Woodward … Palaeontology.
Benjamin Silliman ... Mineralogist, geologist.
James Dana ... Mineralogist, geologist.
John Harris ... mathematician
Charles Bell ... Anatomists, knighted, Royal society, surgeon, author.
John W Dawson ... geologist.
Charles P Smyth ... Astronomer.
Philip H Gosse ... ornithologist, zoology
Alexander MacAlister ... Anatomy, zoology, physiology.
A. H. Sayce ... philologist, archaeologists.
Howard A. Kelly ... Surgeon, Gynaecology, Obstetrics.
Colonel James B Irwin .... Astronaut NASA, Lecturer.
Colonel Jack Lousma .... Astronaut NASA, Skylab, numerous awards.

Dr. R. C. Newman (4 Degrees - PhD Astrophysics Cornell Univ. Researcher at Bartol Research Foundation Pennsylvania. Ass. Prof. physics Shelton College Cape, May NJ. Lecturer, Author, Fellow American Scientific Affiliation)

Dr. M. Blietz (Ph.D astrophysics Univ Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching (Munich). Astronomer. Works as patent manager in the semiconductor industry. Specialized and papers in astrophysics)

Dr. Werner Gitt (Director & Prof. at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology. Head of the Dept. of Information Technology. PhD in Engineer summa cum laude, Borchers Medal from the Technical Univ.. of Aachen. Researcher, author, international speaker)

Dr. B. F. Dotsenko (Physic & maths degree Univ Lvov Ukraine. M.Sc Univ., Leningrad. D.Sc Univ Moscow. Academy of Sciences USSR Rocket research, Physics Institute of Kiev Head of Nuclear Laboratory. Political asylum Canada 1966 lecturer Univ Waterloo and Toronto)

P. Adams-Jutzkiewicz (Honoris in Psychology Univ Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Cert. Ed. M.Sc Univ Salford. Laboratory Univ Brest, France. Assistant oceanological research vessel. Veterinarian Florida Zoo. Gifted linguist 8 languages, musically talented 4 different instruments. Teacher St Vincent School Gosport England)

Dr. C.E Koop (French Legion of Honor 1980. US Surgeon General 1981. Fellow American College of Surgeons, & Academy of Paediatrics. 35 years the Surgeon-in-chief Children's Hospital Philadelphia. Prof. Paediatric Surgery Univ., Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Editor-in-chief Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Author. Various medals, awards)

Dr. W. Frair (PhD in Biochemical Taxonomy from Rutgers – the State Univ. NJ. Prof. Emeritus of Biology at Kings College Tuxedo NY. AB & BA in Zoology)

James Irwin. (Astronaut. B.S., M.S., Univ. Michigan. USAF Distinguished Service Medal, Commendation Medal. UN Peace Medal. Haley Astronautics Award. USAF Colonel, Test Pilot. Lunar landing. Researcher, Creationist).

Dr E C. Barrett (M.Sc . D.Sc climatology Univ. Bristol. Senior fellow Bristol UK. BSc geography. MSc Univ. Sheffield PhD, meteorology. Lectures Univ. Sheffield & Leicester Consultant for UK Gov. NASA FAQ UNDP UNEP, WMO. Authored 20 books, 250 papers)

Dr. R. Selvendran (B.Cs Chemistry Univ. Sri Lanka Colombo. PhD Univ. Cambridge. Awards., Researcher, Lecturer, international authority on plant biochemistry. 40 papers, & review articles in science journals)

Dr. D.T. Gish. (PhD in Biochemistry from U.C Berkeley and many years of research and experience in Univ.. laboratories and with a leading biochemical firm). Author, speaker. Does he know anything about evolution? Studied it for 30 years and faced evolutionists in almost 300 public debates.

Dr.J.D Sarfati. (Studied geology, physics and chemistry Victoria Univ. Wellington. Honours & PhD in Physical Chemistry. Studies Inorganic Chemistry and condensed matter and nuclear physics. Author, international speaker. Former NZ chess champion F.I.D.E (Masters F.M.)

Dr George Javor (Published over 40 papers biochemistry. Prof. Biochemistry, Loma Linda Univ.. USA. PhD from Columbia Univ.)

Dr. D Tonge (B.Sc Imperial College London. Laboratory researcher, Mathematician. Lecturer on maths., & computer science at Polytechnic Wales, Cardiff. PhD Univ London)

Dr A. Mcintosh (PhD from Cranfield Institute of technology DSc in Mathematics from Univ.. of Wales publ. Over 80 research papers, 10 textbooks)

Dr. G. Parker (Ed.D Geology ICR. BA MS in biology with a cognate in geology from Indiana State Univ.. 2 USA 'National fellowship awards' Author, 5 biology textbooks, researcher, international speaker)

Dr Arthur Wilder-Smith (3 PhDs co-author 70+ scientific publ. & 30 books. PhD Physical Organic Chemistry - Univ. Reading England Dr.es Sc in Pharmacological sciences from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich D.Sc - Univ. of Geneva. F.R.I.C)

Dr R Jones (Described as one of Australia's top scientists for his discoveries about legume Leucaena and bacterial symbiosis with grazing animals, worth millions of dollars per year to Australia)

Dr I. Macreadie (PhD Prize winning Australian Microbiologist)

Dr J. Baungardner (Ass. Prof Geophysics ICR. BS electrical engineering from Texas Univ. MS - Electrical Engineering from Princeton Univ.. PhD - Geophysics & Space Physics from California Univ. Author, speaker.)

Dr E. Boudroux (PhD publ.26 articles, 4 books in physical chemistry)

Dr M. Giertych (PhD Head of Genetic Institute of Dendrology Polish Acad. of Science. Publ.90 papers in scientific journals)

Dr J. Bergman (Seven degrees. 3 PhDs. Teachers/studies in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology. Univ. Wayne State, Detroit. Bowling Green State Ohio Univ. & Univ., of Toledo. Prof. of Science at Northwest College)

Dr T. Wood (BS Biology. PhD Biochemistry. Ass. Prof. Center for origins Research and Education at Bryan College)

Dr J. Woodmorappe (BA Geology BA Biology. Science educator by profession. Author)

S. W Deckard (Prof. Education ICR. BA McKendree College Illinois. MS Univ. Illinois Ed D., Agrosy Univ. Florida)

W. Spencer (BS MS Physics Univ. Wichita State Univ. Teachers math's and science, computer technical support)

M.J. Oard (MS Atmospheric Science - Washington Univ. 30 years a meteorologist with US National Weather Service in Montana. Author, Researcher, Speaker)

D. Down (World renown field archaeologist. Author. Publ., monthly archaeology newsletter. Author, public speaker)

Dr R. Humphreys (PhD. Physics from Louisiana State Univ. Nuclear physics, Geophysics, pulsed-power research, and theoretical atomic and Nuclear Physics. U.S. patents, Awards for Excellence, author, speaker)

Dr J.G. Hartnett (BS Hons. PhD Physics Univ. Western Australia. Publ. 30 papers, 2 patents, Author, Speaker)

Dr D H Stone (Prof. Computer Engineering Michigan Univ. BS MS Physics. PhD Mechanical Engineering MBA USAF research scientists. retiring Lt Colonel. Other awards and achievements)

Dr B. Stone (Awards for excellence in engineering, teaching in Australia's universities)

Dr R. Porter (Prof. D.Sc. Publ., over 120 papers authored 5 text books. Orthopaedic Surgery world authority on the human spine. Director of Edu. & Training Royal College of Surgeons)

Dr S. Shaibani (Prof. B.A M.A M.Sc D.Phil - Oxford. degrees in physics. Over 100 scholarly articles)

Dr G. Baxter (Dipl. Applied Chemistry Swinburne Ins. Tec. B.Sc. (Hons) PhD synthetic organic chemistry Monash Univ. Melb. Research scientist at Nicholas Research Laboratories and Elders IXL. Researcher analytical and organic chemistry, author, papers, business man).

Dr Thomas Barnes (PhD Physicist, DSc. from Hardin-Simmons Univ. Prof. emeritus of Physics, Director Schellenger Research Laboratories Texas. Consultant for Globe Universal Sciences. Former research physicist at Duke Univ. M.S from Brown Univ. Various science papers, textbooks publ.)

Dr H S. Slusher (Geophysicist & astrophysicist PhD Physics & Geophysics. D.Sc honorary. M.S. physics Oklahoma. Director of Kidd Memorial Seismic Observatory of Texas Univ. Former Dean of Graduate School, Head of Dept., of Planetary Sciences of ICR. Director of Geo/Space Research and Exploration Foundation Texas)

Dr J R De Lacter (Prof. Physics Curtin Univ., Australia. B Sc. PhD D.Sc Physics. B Ed. Publ. approx 200 papers. Kelvin Medal, other awards)

Dr D. C Criswell (Ass Prof. Biology Chair Biology ICR. BS Weber State Utah. MS ICR PhD Univ. Montana)

Dr G D Gordon (Aerospace Engineering. B.A M.A PhD Physics. Harvard instructor. Author - 'Handbook of Communication Satellites'. Textbook - 'Principles of Communication of Satellites')

Dr R W Hosken (Senior Lecturer B Sc, M Sc, PhD biochemistry. MBA. Publ. approx 100 science articles)

Dr A T Monty White (B Sc chemistry. PhD Kinetics, Staff Cardiff Univ)

Dr L Vardiman (Prof. Atmospheric Science, Chair Astro-geophysics ICR. BS physics Univ Missouri. BS Meteorology St Louis. MS PhD Atmospheric Science Colorado Univ. Researcher, author, international speaker)

Dr A Snelling (BS PhD geology Univ NSW Sydney. Researcher, Consultant, geologist, author, speaker)

Dr M G Flowers (Prof. Biology Wells College. AB biological science. PhD botany Research associate Cornell Univ.)

Dr P Noller (Prof. psychology Uni. Queensland. BA PhD psychology. Authored 10 books, over 80 journal articles).

Dr M A Cutchins (Prof. aerospace engineering Auburn Univ. BS MS PhD mechanics. Authored many technical papers in structural dynamics)

Dr D J Tyler (Senior lecturer Manchester Univ. UK. BSc MSc physics PhD Management science. Over 50 papers)

Dr D R Faulkner (Prof. astronomy & physics Univ. Sth Carolina. BS math's MS physics. MA PhD astronomy. Publ. 38 research papers. Ass. Prof. Astronomy ICR).

Dr M J Lawrence (Prof. Information Systems. BE BSc MS PhD engineering. Ass editor of a journal)

Dr E J Anderson (Prof. applied Mathematics Univ. NSW. MA PhD. referee for many academic journals. Publ. 2 books 52 papers).

Dr N Passmore (Lecturer Psychology Univ. Sth Qsd (USQ) Aust. DA PhD Regis. Head psychologist)

Dr O St C Headley (Prof. Chemistry Univ. West Indies. BSc PhD chemistry. Chairman & Director of various bodies, achieved numerous awards).

Dr J W Oller (Prof. Communications Sept Univ Louisiana Lafayette. BA MA PhD general linguists. Authored 13 books 200 articles)

Dr G Maddox (Prof. Univ. New England. BA Latin. MA classics MSc politics. Authored 7 textbooks 50 research papers)

Dr V Watts (Lecturer Education Central Queensland Univ Aust. BS health science MA religion PhD education. Authored 2 books and various articles).

Dr B Sindel (Lecturer Univ. New England Aust. publ. 6 books 14 journal papers 23 articles. BSc Agr. Dip.Ed PhD)

Dr K Wise (BA Geology MA PhD Geology/Palaeontology Univ Harvard. Ass Prof Bryan College Tennessee)

Dr J Walter (Head Engineering Analysis Pennsylvania Univ. BS MS PhD mechanical engineering)

Dr C E Prager (Prof. Mathematics Univ. Western Australia BS MSc Univ. Queensland MSc DPhil. Univ. Univ. Oxford DSc. Journal Editor. Publ. over 180 papers. Order of Australia)

Dr J L Wile (Ass. Prof. chemistry Ball State Univ. & Indiana Univ. BS PhD nuclear chemistry. Publ. 25 research papers)

Dr S Kolare (Lecture Biology & histology Karolinska Ins. Sweden. D.S.S PhD immunobiology. 22 research papers)

Dr D E McCown (Prof. & Director Roberts Wesleyan College NY. BS BSN MN nursing PhD human development. 27 research papers. Many appointments and awards)

Dr B M Spicer (Prof. Nuclear Physics Univ. Melbourne BSc MSc PhD DSc physics. 123 research papers. Many appointments and awards)

Dr E A Boudreaux (Prof chemistry Univ. New Orleans. BS MS PhD chemistry. 4 technical books numerous papers)

Dr R G V Baker (Senior lecture Environment studies New England Australia. BSc PhD geography MS Dip.Ed 30 research papers)

Dr W W Huang (Senior lecture Information Systems Univ. NSW Aust. Ass Prof Ohio Univ USA. BE MBA MSc PhD)

Dr L S Schwab (Prof. Chemistry Wells College USA. BA MS PhD organic chemistry. 18 research papers)

Dr R H Eckel (Prof. Medicine Physiology, biophysics Univ Colorado USA. BS MD 102 research papers 140 abstracts 21 books)

Dr K Swenson (BS Zoology. MD Washington. Clinical ass Prof of Dermatology Univ Illinois)

Dr K Cumming (BS Biology/Chemistry MS PhD biology Harvard. Faculties Univ Virginia, Wisconsin, La Crosse)

Dr R Wolfgramm (Lecture Sociology Monash Univ. Aust. BA MA PhD sociology Consultant for numerous groups)

Dr C W Mitchell (former lecture Geography Reading Univ. UK MA PhD geography MA Civil Design 2 science books. 50research papers. 6 chapters)

Dr P H Barry (Prof. physiology Univ NSW Aust. BSc physics PhD biophysics DSc membrane biophysics. 65 research papers 120 conference abstracts 8 books)

Dr A Ruys (QE2 fellow Univ. Sydney Aust. BE ceramic engineering. PhD science engineering. Editor. 6 books, 34 research papers, 38 conference papers)

Dr C Wagner (Prof. Physics Minnesota Univ. (retired). BA MS PhD physics. Researcher chaotic non-linear mechanics, mathematical mappings, computer modelling, artificial intelligence, biophysics, acoustics, cloud physics, superconductivity)

Dr A van Nieue Amerongen (Prof. Chairman dental school Vrije Univ. Amsterdam. MS PhD biochemistry. Chair Oral Microbiology Vrije. 170 research papers, 3 textbooks, 5 patents in dentistry)

Dr J. Mastropaolo (BS MS PhD Kinesiology. Physiologist for Douglas Space Systems. Taught biomechanis & physiology at California State Univ.)

Dr G R Everest (Prof. Univ. East Anglia UK. BSc PhD mathematics. Publ. 50 research papers, 1 book international speaker)

Dr A Lalomov (MS geochemistry PhD geology USSR National Research Ins Ocean Geology)

Dr A G Bosanquet (Director Bath Cancer Research Unit, senior lecturer Postgraduate Medicine Univ. Bath. UK. BSc PhD biochemistry 65 research papers, 1 book, 70 research abstracts Fellow Royal Society of Chemistry)

Dr B Carson (World famous neurosurgeon. Director Paediatric Neurosurgery John's Hopkins Hospital. Pioneered hemispherectomy. M.D plus he holds 51 honorary doctorates, author, various awards)

Dr D Eirich (Genetic Engineer, Molecular biologist. PhD Univ. Illinois. Published in professional literature, several awards, holds a number of patents)

Dr T. Walker (BS Geology B Eng. PhD Univ, of Queensland. International speaker, researcher, author)

Dr E. Chain (Prof. PhD biochemistry. Nobel physiology. Awards, Medals, Prizes, knighthood, Honorary. Author)

Dr C. Wilson (MA BA M.R.Ed PhD. Publ. 30 books. Director Aust Instu. of Archaeology. Pres. Pacific College of Graduate Studies Aust. 'Outstanding Educator USA 1971'. PhD Univ. Sth Carolina Columbia S.C.)

Dr V Olsen (Surgeon. Fellow of the American Board of Surgeons. MS, MD, Litt.D D.H F.A.C.S F.I.C.S D.T.M. & H)

Dr A. Mills (Embryologist/physiologist. BS & MS Zoology & reproductive physiology Louisiana Univ. PhD Univ Florida)

Dr Miles Cooper (PhD, MSc, BVSc, DipMicrobiol, MRCVS, MRSNZ Microbiology/Molecular Biology @ Univ. UK and Aust. Tec. & Vet Manager of Invitrogen a biotect company. Editor 10 vol. Animal Health in Australia & veterinary counsellor to the UE 1980. Researcher, Speaker, 'creationist')

Dr S Austin (Prof. Geology ICR. BS, MS, PhD geology. Univ. Washington. Author, speaker. Geological Society USA. International Ass. of Sedimentologists)

Dr W Dembski (BA, MS, statistics. M.Div. Princeton. PhD philosophy Uni. Illinois. PhD mathematics Uni. Chicago. Prof. author, editor, researcher, speaker)

Dr A Ruys (BE (Hons) PhD Uni. NSW. Ass Prof. Uni. Sydney, Biomaterials Engineering, bioceramics, matrix nanocomposites, speaker, researcher, awards, author)

Dr R Lumsden (PhD Biology Rice Univ. Cell Biology traineeship of Harvard Univ. Dean of Tulane Graduate School. 80 journal articles. 3 textbooks)

J.H. Tiner (5 National Science Foundation teaching fellowships. 12 years teaching mathematics & science. Mathematician & Cartographer for the Defence Mapping Agency, Aerospace Centre in St Louis, MO. Researcher, author, Missouri Writer's Guild award in chemistry)

Dr J Lennox (PhD DPhil DSc Prof. Mathematics. Fellow Mathematics and Philosophy of Science. MA Bioethics Univ. of Surrey. Author, speaker)

Dr C Osborne (Prof. Biology ICR. PhD Biology Loma Linda Univ. MS from ICR Graduate School. With both PhD & MS a 4.0 grade average)

Dr D King (B.Sc. (Hons) PhD Applied Mathematics, thesis Open Star Clusters, twice Archibald Ollie prize, NSW chess champion, top cyclist, 50 national records in masters swimming, 8 years professional Astronomer at Sydney Observatory)

Dr J Stanford (PhD Ass. Prof. Plant Geneticist Cornell Univ. Co-inventor 'gene-gun', Author, Speaker)

Dr W Arber (Prof. Nobel Laureate, Microbiologist, PhD biophysics Univ. Geneva)

Dr E. T. Agard (B.S (Hons) M.S & PhD physics. Former director medical physics Flower Hospital Oncology Center Ohio. Elected to national board of directors of the Health Physics Society)

Dr J. Allan (Geneticist, M.Sc.Agric. (Stellenbosch), PhD. (Edinburgh). Retired senior lecturer Dept Genetics, Univ Stellenbosch, Sth Africa. 1992. Research genetics. Taught quantitative & population genetics)

Dr G. Barnard. (PhD Univ. Lon. M.A. M.I. Biol., C. Biol. Clinical biochemist. Senior fellow & lecturer. Senior Research Fellow Univ. Cambridge. Specialty immunology/immunochemistry. Consultant. 50 peer-reviewed papers. 9 chapters academic science textbooks. 5 patents immunoassay techniques)

Dr B. Van Der Ventel. (PhD. Univ, Stellenbosch Sth Africa. Ass. Prof. Physics. 19 papers scientific journals, Nuclear Scientist. Awarded Fulbright scholarship.)

Prof. T Hamblin (Pres. European Society of Haemapheresis. Honorary consultant haematologist Kings College Hospital Lon. Editor in chief medical journal Leukaemia Research. Columnist for journal World Medicine. Awarded Binet-Rai medal. Author. 300 medical papers).

Dr R. G. Bohlin (Biologist PhD. Univ, Texas. Director of Research for Probe Ministries Texas. Speaker, Author)

Prof, S Burgess (BSc (Eng) PhD CEng FIMechE FRAeS. Biomimetics, Engineering (UK). Prof of Engineering. Head of Dept, Mechanical Engineering, Univ. Bristol (UK). 40+ papers, 50+ conference proceedings, 7 registered patents. Author, Speaker, outspoken Christian and biblical creationist.

Dr L. E. Carothers (Ass. Prof. Statistics (US) B.S., Univ, Sth California, Univ. Park, 1973 M.S., California State Univ, Northridge, 1979. PhD., Univ. Sth California, Univ Park, 1987)

Dr R. W. Carter (PhD. Univ. Miami. Marine Biology and Fisheries B.S. Appl. Biology. Speaker. Scientist. 1996–2003 Doctoral Dissertation Work. Univ. Miami. 2001-2004 Coral Aquaculturist (Univ. Miami Experimental Hatchery) High School Science Teacher. Head Coach. Awards, Patents. Author)

Dr H. M Morris (B.A. Civil Engineering Univ. Minnesota. Masters Hydraulics, PhD Hydraulic Engineering. Prof. Univ., Louisiana at Lafayette. Prof. Sth Illinois Univ. Chair Civil Engineering Virginia Polytechnic Ins., & State Univ. (Virginia Tech.) Author 60 books, Researcher, Public Speaker, Co-founder of Institute for Creation Research Society (ICR) ICR's President. 100+ public debates on creation/evolution. Called the 'The Father of the Creation Movement'.

Prof. E. F. Chaffin (Physics. B.S., Oklahoma State Univ, Stillwater, OK, 1970 M.S., 1972 & PhD Oklahoma State Univ. Stillwater, OK, 1974)

Dr D. Chittick (PhD Physical Chemist. Oregon State Univ. Speaker. Chair Natural Sciences George Fox Univ. Oregon. Adj Prof chemistry ICR San Diego. Ass. Prof. Chemistry Univ. Puget. Patents, Inventor, Lecturer)

Dr J. M. Cimbala, (Prof mechanical engineering, B.S. aerospace engineering Pennsylvania State Univ. M.S & PhD aeronautics California Institute Tech. Author, Senior research scientist NASA Langley. Teacher, Awards)

Dr B. Compton (DVM, BA Biology. PhD. Veterinary Medicine Washington State Univ. PhD. Physiology Univ. Wisconsin/Madison. Ass. Professor. Author. Researcher. Teacher. Educator)

Prof. K. B. Cumming (Biology. B.S., Tufts Univ. Medford, MA, 1956. M.A. & PhD Harvard Univ. Cambridge, MA)

Dr J. Cuozzo (M.S., Oral Biology; D.D.S Univ. Pennsylvania. Cert. specialty Orthodontics N.J. Lieut. Navy USS Enterprise. Researcher philosophical basis of evolution. Researcher palaeontology laboratories Paris, & British Museum England under C Stringer, the Univ. Liege Belgium, Museum’s Rockefeller Jerusalem & Prehistory East Berlin. Smithsonian Institution Washington, Field Museum Chicago, the Peabody Museum Harvard Univ. Palaeontology collection Sth Methodist Univ. Prof. biology Briarcliff Manor, NY. Lecturer. Author, Awards, Ass. Director, Honours, Fellow, Adj Prof. former King's College. Field Scientist Neanderthal fossil specimens. Conducts Palaeontology tours American Museum Natural History NY.... and 'creationist')

Dr G. Purdom (PhD Molecular Genetics Ohio State Univ. Researcher, Honors, Author, online-Instructor, Lecturer Prof. biology Mt Vernon Nazarene Univ. Ohio)

Dr D Hodges (M.Sc PhD - Aerospace Engineering Stanford Univ. Calif. Prof. Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta. Research Scientist US Army Aviation Sys. NASA)

Dr L Thaete (PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology Medical Univ., Sth Carolina Charleston. A medical research scientist at North-Shore Univ. Health System. And North-western Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine Chicago.

Dr M. Leisola (D.Sc Biotechnology Univ. Helsinki (1979). Dean Finnish Aalto Univ. 120+ papers. 20 articles in books or conference proceedings. 6 patents. Award. Dir. of Research International Biotech company 1988-97. Quoted in scientific literature as a Enzyme specialist)

Dr R.E Smalley. (M.A PhD (Princeton) Honorary PhD in science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Ins. Prof. of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy at Rice Univ. Nanotech Pioneer. Nobel in Chemistry 1996.)

Dr H.D. Skipper. (B.S Nth Carolina State Univ. M.S & PhD Oregon State Univ. Prof. Emeritus, Soil Microbiology College Clemson Univ. Sth Carolina. Honoured elect President of Clemson Univ., Faculty Senate.)

Dr J. Mason. (BS in Engineering Physics; PhD Nuclear Physics - Queens Univ., Kingston, Ontario. 37 year engineering management in defence electronics ASW systems & land, tactical C4 systems. Vice Pres, Chief Technology Officer of Canada's defence electronics system, and member of the company's Executive Committee. Speaker for CMI)

Dr J. A Fernandez. (B.S Physics, maths major Uni. Puerto Rico Piedras. M.S Science Edu., Florida Ins., Technology. PhD Theology Newburgh Theo., Semi. Awards. Teacher. Science researcher - US Air force & industry. Author.)

Dr J. Wells. (PhD Biology Berkeley Univ. PhD Yale Univ. Senior Fellow. Author. Researcher)

Dr D. Oliver. (B.Sc, M.Sc. Toronto Univ. PhD Georgia Univ. Pro. of Biology Liberty Univ. Environmental Biologist. Ass. Director Centre Creation Studies.)

Dr W. Tow. (Grad. physics, chemistry, obstetrics, & gynaecology King Edward College Medicine (Univ. Sing.) 5 medals. Queens Scholarship. Fellow Royal College Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Lon. MD National Univ. Singapore. Prof. & Chair Dept Obstetrics & Gynaecology. At Kandang Kerbau Women's developed Post-Graduate program earned Royal College accreditation. World class research 'Molar (grape) pregnancy'. William Blair Lectureship awarded by Royal College Lon. Senior Pastor Calvary Pandan Presbyterian Church Singapore. Author. Tow Yung Clinic, Teacher. Supporter Creation Ministries Int.)

The list goes on.

Get the idea? Come on skeptic, tell me which one is an evolutionist. Make my day mpp@xtra.co.nz Simple FACT - scientists for scientific reasons reject evolution for special creation. Estimated over 10,000 professional scientists in USA alone are creationists.

Alarm bells should be ringing loudly!!!

Why? Why are such people persecuted, rejected by colleges, treated with intolerance, censored for rejecting evolution?

Why are students not permitted to submit papers critical of Darwinian evolution or will be failed?

Why are teachers if critical of evolution before students - cautioned or fired?

Why do news reporters reporting about evolution NEVER speak to anyone critical of evolutionary theory?

Why if "genuine science invites refutation pseudoscience tries to silence dissent."

David Attenborough - “It’s unthinkable that Darwin was wrong”. (BBC Radio 6/01/09 NZ Time).

Below, a few experts insisting "Darwin was wrong". A small list of their books -

A Critical Look at Evolution.... Ed. R.S. Camp.
Age of the Cosmos................ Dr H. Slusher
Algeny.................................. J. Rifkin.
Astronomy and the Bible.... Dr D. B DeYoung
Battle for the Beginning.... Dr J. MacArthur
Behold the Atom............... J. DeVries.
Bones of Contention...... M. Lubenow.
Building Blocks in Science.... Dr G. Parker
Canyon of Canyons.......... C. Burdick
Case for Creation............ Dr W. Frair.
Charles Darwin's Religious Views.... D. Herbert
Collapse of Evolution........ S. Huse.
Common-Sense Geology..... G. M Price.
Creation Facts of Life....... Pro. G. Parker
Creation and Evolution..... Pro. C. Garner.
Scientists Answer their Critics.... Dr. D.T. Gish.
Creation without Compromise.... D.D. Crowe
Critique of Radiometric Dating.... Dr H. Slusher
Darwin Before and After........... E. D. R. Clark.
Darwinism and Intelligent Design.... Dr J. Wells
Darwin On Trial & Reason in the Balance.... P.E. Johnson.
Darwin Retried: An Appeal to Reason.... N. Macbeth.
Darwin Was Wrong................ L. Cohen.
Darwin’s Black Box ............... Pro. M.J. Behe.
Darwin’s Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems.... L.D. Sunderland.
Design and Origins in Astronomy.... Ed G Mulfinger Jr
Difficulties of the Evolution Theory.... D. Dewar.
Dinosaurs by Design............. Dr D. Gish
Discovery of Design............... Dr D. DeYoung / D. Hobbs
Dismantling the Big Bang...... A. Williams, Dr J. Hartnett
Dragons or Dinosaurs............ D. Isaacs
Early Earth............................ Dr. J.C. Whitcomb.
Earth in Upheaval................ I. Velikovsky.
Earth's Catastrophic Past.... Vol.1/2 Dr A.A. Snelling.
Evidence for Creation.......... T. DeRosa
Evolution's Achilles' Heels... Nine PhD scientists.
Evolution: A Golden Calf..... D.R Zimmerman
Evolution: A Theory In Crisis.... Dr M. Denton.
Evolution Debate............... Dr A. Mcintosh.
Evolution's Fatal Fruit........ T. DeRosa
Evolution: Good Science?.... D. Statham
Evolution in Turmoil............. Dr M.H. Morris
Evolution Or Degeneration - Which?.... H. R. Siegler.
Evolution: Possible or Impossible.... Dr J. Coppedge
Evolution: The Grand Experiment.... Dr C. Werner
Evolution: The Greatest Deception in Modern History.... Dr R. Gallop
Evolution: The Fossils STILL say NO!.... Dr. D.T. Gish
Evolutionism: The Decline of an hypothesis..... R. de Mattei
Exploring The World of Biology..... J.H. Tiner
Facts or Fairy Tales? ................. Dr C. Wilson
Footprints in the Ash ................ Dr S.A. Austin
Fossils in Focus. ..................... J. K. Anderson / G.H. Coffin
Genetic Entropy ................... Dr J. Sanford
Geology by Design .............. C.R. Froede Jr.
Grand Canyon ..................... Dr S. Austin
Hallmarks of Design........... Dr S. Burgess
How Life Began ................. Pro. L.R. Groft
Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood.... M.J. Oard
Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth.... Dr L. Vardiman
Icons of Evolution.............. Dr J. Wells.
In Six Days...................... Ed Dr F. Ashton (by 50 PhD scientists).
In the Beginning God Created.... Dr J.H. Peet.
In the Beginning was Information .... Dr W. Gitt.
In the Minds of Men; Darwin and the New World Order .... Pro. I.T. Taylor.
Isochron Dating and the Mixing Model..... R. Arndts / W. Overn.
It's A Young World After All ..... Dr P.D Ackerman
Just So Stories................ R. Kipling
Living Fossils................ Dr C. Werner
Mathematical Challenges to the New Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution..... P.S. Moorhead / M.M Kaplan.
Mythology of Modern Dating .... Dr J. Woodmorappe
No Free Lunch............ Dr W. Dembski
Not By Chance............ Dr L. Spetner.
One Small Speck to Man: The Evolution Myth .... Dr V. Sodera
Order and Chaos............ S. W. Angrist / L.G. Loren
Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field..... T.G Barnes.
Origins and Destiny......... Dr R. Gange
Orthodontic Intervention: A view from prehistory.... Dr J. Cuozzo.
Paley's Watchmaker.......... B. Cooper
Persuaded by the Evidence .... D. Sharp / Dr J. Bergman.
Physics for Students of Science and Engineering. .... H.S. Slusher / D.A. Wells.
Prehistory and Earth Models..... M. Cook
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth.... (2 vol.) Ed Dr L Vardiman / Dr A Snelling / E Chaffin
Reason in the Balance.............. Pro P.E Johnson
Refuting Evolution................ (vol.1 &2) Dr J. Sarfati.
Rock Solid Answers.............. M. Oard / J. Reed
Scale Time Vs Geologic Time in Radioisotope Age Determination. .... L.N R. Mandock
Science Speaks...................... B. P Stone / C. R Newman
Scientific Facts in the Bible.... R. Comfort.
Scientific Theology.................. Dr P. Giem.
Scientists Who Believe (21) .... Ed Dr E Barrett / D Fisher
Sea Floor Sediment................... Dr L. Vardiman
Searching for Hidden Animals. .... R. Mackal
Slaughter of the Dissidents.... Dr J. Bergman
Starlight and Time.................. Dr R. Humphrey.
Starlight, Time and the New Physics .... Dr J. Hartnett
Stones and Bones...................... Dr C. Wieland.
Studies in Flood Geology......... J. Woodmoroppe
The Age of the Earth's Atmosphere .... Dr L. Vardiman
The Answers Book.... Dr D. Batten / Dr J. Sarfati / Dr C. Wieland / Dr T. Walker
The Biotic Message.... W.J. ReMine.
The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution.... W.R. Fix.
The Creation-Evolution Controversy .... Pro. R. L Wysong.
The Criterion........................... Dr J. Bergman
The Dark Side of Charles Darwin.... Dr J. Bergman
The Deluge Story in Stone....... B. Nelson
The Earth's Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation & the Flood..... Dr A Snelling
The Evidence for Creation............... Dr G. McLean / R. Oakland / Dr L. McLean
The Fossil Evidence.............. Dr G. Parker.
The Fossil Record................. Dr. J.D. Morris & J.K. Reed
The Genesis Flood................. J. C. Whitcomb / Dr H. M. Morris
The Geologic Column............. J. Reed / Dr J. Sanford
The Grand Canyon, a Different View.... T. Vail
The Greatest Deception in Modern History... Dr R. Gallop.
The Greatest Hoax On Earth..... Dr J. Sarfati.
The Great Turning Point.......... Dr T. Mortenson
The History of Evolutionary Thought..... B. Thompson.
The Lie Evolution ................. K. Ham
The Natural Limits to Biological Change.... Pro. L. Lester / Dr R. Bohlin
The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution .... Dr A. Wilder-Smith
The Neck of the Giraffe............ F.Hitching / Ticknor & Fields.
The Rise of the Evolution Fraud..... M. Bowden
The Twilight of Evolution......... Dr H. Morris
The Un-random Universe........ S. Brouwer
The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution.... T. Heinze
The Young Earth..................... Dr J.D Morris.
Those Gaps in the Sedimentary Layers .... Dr A.A Roth.
Thousands ... Not Billions.... Dr D. DeYoung
Time's Arrow and Evolution..... H. Blum
Unravelling The Origins Controversy.... Dr D. A DeWitt.
Untold Secrets of Planet Earth.... V. Nelson
Variation and Fixity in Nature .... Dr. F. Marsh
Without Excuse......................... Dr W. Gitt / Dr B. Compton / Dr J. Ferandez.

(Too many to list).

It may surprise, but the most knowledgeable authorities on Darwinian evolution are creationists. They know more about its weakness and errors than committed evolutionists. Because committed evolutionists are too proud to read anything contrary to their beloved theory and refuse to accept its flawed.

www.ChristianAnswers.net   www.trueorigin.org   www.creationresearch.net   www.creation.com  www.icr.org

Various quotes and humour -

‘Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.’ [Richard Dawkins]

"....sophisticated theologians who are quite happy to live with evolution, I think they're deluded". [Richard Dawkins]

'In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded'

Lets face it, students, Hydrogen is a gas which, if left long enough, turns into people....

Did you hear about the cross between an atheist and Jehovah’s Witness? He went around knocking on doors for nothing...

Museum of Natural History declared the smallest dinosaur - "is the bee hummingbird...found only in Cuba"

Do you realize evolutionism once taught that, in the mothers womb, human life began as a marine protozoan, changed into a worm, then into a fish with gill slits, then into an amphibian, then into a mammal and finally into a human?

Dear fellow Scientists, we are nothing but a collection of complex biological processes, there is no unifying self, no real me. Therefore you are not there either.

"The Evolutionist seem to know everything about the missing link accept the fact that it is missing"

National Atheist's Day - - April 1st

I don't need 'faith' to believe in a Creator, all I need is eyes that can see and a brain that works.

Interviewer: "Professor, I understand you feel that allowing students to lean about creation would be brainwashing? Professor: "Correct! That's why we're going to allow only evolution!"

"If there is no absolute to judge society then society is absolute"

A claim that they have found the 'missing link' now is a tacit admission that they haven't found it before, despite their extravagant claims.

Punctuated equilibrium is the kind of evolution you have when you don't actually have any evolution! J Mackay

Only evolutionists can built an ape-man out of a pigs tooth.

The Naturalist Formula - 'Nothing times nothing equals everything' (So nothing is the cause of everything)

Evolution only needs a 'D' in front to indicate it's origin and destiny.

The honest evolutionist should want more mutation-producing radiations in the environment because he believes evolution requires mutations.

Man will believe in anything as long as it's not in the Bible.

Big Bangers like talking about the second after the Big Bang, Why? To avoid talking about the second before: ie What exploded? How long did it sit there before? Why did it explode? How big was it? etc etc...

You can lead an atheist to the evidence, but you can't make him think.

Do you realize Darwin's subtitle to 'Origins of the Species' is "The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle of Life" ? (Racist)

Quote from David Attenborough, reported in New Scientist 15
Nov 2005, p10: "If we (humans)disappeared overnight, the world would be
probably be better off.
" Interview with the Daily Telegraph about his latest
book "Life in the Undergrowth".

And now!! Says the Hitchhikers Guide...the one with two heads... The Oscar for the funniest show for 10 years in a row goes to the BCC... for their programme... 'The Origins of the Universe'.

Whale jokes. Important 'evolutionary' information about Whales -

Did you know? Evolutionists say cows changed into whales? (Stop laughing!! BBC, 'Science In Action' believe it)

New Discovery Whale bones have been found in the middle of the Sahara Desert, proving they once lived there before migrating to the oceans.

Washington Post NASA Warns: 'Much More Money Needed to find Whale Bones on Red Planet Surface'.

BCC Discovery. New Fossil Link Suggested in Whale Evolution - the Elephant.
New Theory 'Whale stranding Likely Evolutionary by-product of Whales trying to find Ancestral roots'.

New Scientist - "We now know whales evolved from an extinct animal, we don't have any proof, but we know it existed, because we know whales evolved from it".