Want Some Answers ???


Hi Mark W.

>>I think you will be very interested to view this webpage about intelligent design - by Dr Alek Kwitko. - http://www.intelligentdesign.org.au/ Based on all the scientific evidence, I believe this information is the key to the truth about our origins. Would be great to hear your comments. Regards -Mark W.<<

Thanks for the mail and comment. I'm familiar with the Intelligent Design Movement (IDM) via their books & DVDs but not Dr Kwitko's website. I find little conflict between bible, science and ID.

There's qualified academicians behind ID and anyone can support ID – Muslim, Jew, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, non-religious, and of course Dr Kwitko (whatever he is). But there is a problem. You say, "
this information is the key to the truth about our origins. I'm not sure, they avoid and won't go into detail "about our origins". But simply say life's too complicated to occur by evolution - which we know already. And evolution is not science - which we know already.

So with only half the story, they remain silent on the rest. They don't tell you who the Design Intelligence is. He (she or it) could be anyone, or anything. That's a problem if you want to know. It adds meaning to life. Is the design intelligence and monster, god, devil, force or God? They don't say, but the answer is vital.

Their major focus is to attack ‘chance’ evolution, not evolution as such. So anyone opposed to naturalism could potentially qualify as an ally. This includes believers in evolution from microbe to man, so long as one includes some intelligent force.

The IDM is generally silent about the billions of years evolutionists insist on. Was there millions of years of death, disease and suffering before man appeared? (That relates to '
our origins'). And they often go to great lengths to tell people they are not ‘religious' or 'coming at it from the Bible’. Why, because they disagree among themselves on the past. But "origins" is all about the past.

The way they struggle to 'keep the bible out of it' shows they are scared of anti-Christian hostility. So some claim they are just ‘creationists in disguise’. By refusing to identify design with the Bible God, results in some of them saying it was by aliens.

Some of them (ie Kwitko) are hostile to Biblical creation, especially a 'recent creation of a good world, ruined by man’s Fall into sin'. I don't know about you, but the bible answers many of questions about the world – why ignore it?

This refusal to identify the Designer with "God" and bible history, leads people to New-Age or Hindu-like notions of creation, or alien ideas. Or that the Designer is a monster, cruel, or deceptive and resulting in unwarranted scorn of the Biblical God.

If as the bible says, the world was created 'very good', then man's Fall into sin is historical, and changed everything. The world now is corrupted by sin, not the original world God designed. This explains far more about life and death, right and wrong than anything Dr Kwitko or IDM say.

It's good they promote academic freedom and question evolution. And hope you understand when criticizing IDM I don't criticize this, but indicate why I'm not identical with them, nor campaign against them.

Mark Purchase