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Sorry, I still question if Dr Kwitko has "
the key to the truth about our origins." He doesn't come across as creditable compared to the explanation already in the bible. An explanation clearer/better than from IDM.

The origins of life is already common knowledge among men. The God of the bible the best convincing explanation, and it doesn't involve evolution. Kwitko only suggests "
who the designers might be" and that involves evolution. Or did aliens bring everything in big spaceships already made up? So why go looking for half-baked ideas when I have a good explanation? There are millions worldwide historically who testify to convincing evidence for the God of the bible, but not aliens.

Kwitko (and IDM) don't give good answers about "
our origins". Where did space and the universe come from? Where did the laws of the universe come from? How did matter get so perfectly organized? etc.

John Hick wrote -"For when we try to think about this infinitely fascinating universe in which we live we find that we are faced in the end with sheer mystery - the mystery of existence, of why there is a universe at all "[Christianity at the Centre Lon. SCM Press 1968 p.63]. Another philosopher wrote, "Our problem is that we are rather than we are not." You see, it is a mystery that there is anything at all. And another philosopher, "It is not how things are in the world that is mystical, but that it exists." So he concludes, "The solution to the riddle of life in space and time lies outside space and time" [Tractatus Logico-Philosohicus NY Humanities Press 1922 pg.149].

If anything could travel the massive distances between stars, it would need infinite knowledge, power, energy, and be eternal (God). But God is outside time and space and not limited by either. All else is subject to space and time.

It was Fred Hoyle who first popularized ‘panspermia’, (life from outer space) but he “eventually came to realize that is woefully inadequate as a materialistic explanation of life’s origin”. Because evolution is totally lacking [p.27-28 Evolution from Space].

To say life is "
created by intelligent beings coming from the stars" ignores the huge distances between stars. Light from the nearest star Alpha Centauri takes 4.3 light years to reach earth. If we could travel the speed of light we would go around the world 7 times a second. We could reach that star in 4.3 years. Distances are so massive any suggestion of aliens even finding earth, is simply unbelievable. And it does not answer the big questions about life, purpose, right and wrong, the future, or the past.

If people believe "
we are on the verge of creating life ourselves" perhaps they have a simplistic view of life. Even the simplest cell is extremely complex (that's why evolution demands billions of years). Even if man creates a very simple cell, all it proves is that the creator had the blue-print, skill, power and information at the start. It won't prove aliens exist. In fact, scientists still admit they have no results in their search for intelligent aliens. The Phoenix Project came up empty. 'We found nothing'. They had been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence since 1960 and wasted millions of dollars (If they would only ask Dr Kwitko, or do they think he's weird?)

Science just means 'knowledge'. Knowledge favors God's existence. My faith is grounded in history, supported by historical evidence. There are thousands of manuscripts that authenticate the bible as correct and genuine. Christianity can be traced back to the early centuries. The same type of evidence admissible in a court of law argues the bible is genuine beyond reasonable doubt.

But yes, if we confine science to chemicals and biology we can't prove God's existence in a test tube. But that science can't prove many things we know are certain. We have more evidence already pointing to God's existence than we do of little green men from the stars. 

Man on his own can't know God (1 Cor.1:21). But God is not silent He has revealed Himself & wants to be known. The bible is His track record, His account of dealing with unbelieving man. You mention –

>>I do find it absolutely intriguing that the word 'God' does not appear in the original Hebrew Bible, but "Elohim' - a plural word meaning 'those who came from the sky.'<<

It's true "
Elohim" is "plural", but does not mean "those who came from the sky". The OT writers when using "Elohim" referred to the one true 'God of Israel' (they knew Him). Moses, the prophets, OT writers, Jesus and NT writers had no question in their minds about who God was. As this biblical scholars comments -

"Elohim is the plural form of El, but it is usually translated in the singular. Some scholars have held that the plural represents an intensified form for the supreme God; others believe it describes the supreme God and His heavenly court of created beings. Still others hold that the plural form refers to the triune God of Genesis 1:13, who works through Word and Spirit in the creation of the world. All agree that the plural form Elohim does convey the sense of the one supreme being who is the only true God." Hayford J.W., Hayford's Bible handbook. (1995).

To say "
God' does not appear in the original Hebrew bible" is speculation. We don't have the "original Hebrew bible". It was translated in Greek. Even so the roots of the Hebrew Bible are sought in the Arabic language. And yet, there are a multitude of other words used for 'God' in the OT which convey the precise English meaning of the word which we know as "God".

>>The Sumerians called these beings the 'Annunaki' meaning 'those who came from heaven to Earth.' Plurality of the gods is common amongst all legends and mythologies.<<

The '
Annunaki'? This depends on who is telling the story. And what they are trying to fool you about. People who tell stories about the Annunaki and Anakim etc, end up trying to fool you into thinking there are aliens walking around among people today. Example -

They were tall, giant, (in Hebrew the word for giants is "Anakim") and have also been called the Nordics or Blonds, even though not all of them had blond hair or blue eyes. It is easy to see their Lyran and Sirian roots in their appearance. They also glowed a golden color. Their symbol is the winged disk, which not only represents their starships, but also symbolic of the ability of the spirit to fly free while remembering it's wise, divine source. These Anunnaki were later called the Elohim, and Nephilim (those who descended, came down). However, they were NOT "the" Elohim, but Elohim became the word used for the plural of god. They were extraterrestrials."(a website)

Then they start telling all kinds of weird stories of spaceships, secret visits, moon bases, etc. If you want to believe that stuff, that's your choice. The fact is "the Sumerians conceived of the heaven and earth as "the created product of the primeval sea." (S. N. Kramer, The Sumerians, 1963).

The god's of the Sumerians "were merely amplified human beings. The myths of the ancient world assumed that the gods had the same needs as humans, the same foibles and the same imperfections. If there was a difference between the pagan gods and men, it was only a difference of degree. The gods were humans made “bigger than life.” Often they were the projections of the city or township." (Packer, Tenney & White. Nelson's illustrated manners and customs of the Bible. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. (1997).

Not only have cultures had legends of creation, but also of a great flood – the bible calls Noah's Flood. These myths were based on something - - fact. The earth has all the signs of the damage of Noah's Flood. So I believe the bible gives the true account while others are sketchy or distorted. The Bible been the revealed Word of God.

>>(nb: Incidently, I have heard some Christians stating that this plurality refers to the 'Trinity' - however, it is very interesting to note that the concept of the ‘trinity’ was created in the 3rd century AD at the council of Constantine and does not exist in Hebrew tradition.)<<

The word Trinity was first formally used at Alexandrian in 317AD and found with Theophilus (Bishop of Antioch in Syria from 168-183AD). But the doctrine was a common article of Christian confession before this. Lucian, about 160AD in his Philopatris, the Christian, states the trinity doctrine and Irenaeus (130-200AD) also in his treatise against heresies. And Tertullian (185-254) in his famous treatise against Praxeas outlines the substance of his teaching about the trinity. However, it is not “derived from the Church Fathers but from the apostles faith and teachings” (The New International Dic. of the Christian Church. vol.12 1974 Ed. J. Douglas).

Triads of divinities can be found in ancient religions, 3 is recognized as a sacred number, but the Christian Trinity doctrine has nothing in common with threes of mythology. Some ancient religions believed in 'One infinite Creator' also, but it doesn't discredit the bible. The claim the Trinity "
does not exist in Hebrew tradition" is normally made by those who haven't studied the bible properly. Personally I don't go to creeds or church councils, history for doctrine, but scripture. That's where the doctrine is found and comes from.

The Hebrews generally believed when God created, His Spirit was involved as well (Gen.1:2 Isa.11:2 48:16). There is plenty of evidence that the trinity is hinted in the OT. Also keep in mind the bible is a progressive revelation – not all doctrine is stated in one place, at the start. Not until Jesus we get a clear picture about God. We also learn Jesus was God in the flesh – the Creator.

>>My personal belief is that everything can be understood rationally and without any mysticism - whereas many religions ask us to 'believe' for the sake of believing and to have 'faith.' (I was born into Catholicism and was Catholic up until a few years ago- then I decided to do my own research.) Looking forward to hearing your comments.<<

Sure belief must be coherent but aliens from space is not rational, logical or convincing. When I became a Christian I was born into God's family. Something happened. With some it all happens fast. With me, I slowly grew as a Christian. The Holy Spirit (as promised in scripture) has revealed the truth about God. I have a walking, talking, living, relationship with God Almighty. As I read His Word God gives peace within and know the truth (Jn.14:1ff).

And as I said. The bible reveals the designer, what's He's like, and the reasons for creation. It answers questions about right and wrong, life after death, why there is suffering and death. The IDM don't do that, but avoid it. The end result, is people believe in aliens but not the Designer.