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Thanks for the mail.

>>The common knowlege you refer to is....? Big bang theory? (which was constructed to fit the evolutionary hypothesis) Or the theory of a supernatural being called 'God' who created something from nothing, who is made of nothing and yet who resides everywhere? I have to say that I find this to be very unscientific and it doesnt stack up as being a 'clearer explanation' for me.<<

The '
common knowledge' is about a Creator. But even evolutionist believe 'something' came from 'nothing' (but by itself). And that 'something' turned into everything (by itself). That's blind faith. Easier to believe an all powerful, eternal God with all information created 'from nothing'. That 'stacks up' scientifically. We don't see anything turn into a design by itself without 'someone' (according to 'science'). 'God' is the best explanation, so why study aliens? That's my point.

>>A select group of scientists have now shown that the mechanism required for Darwin evolution, that is, 'lower organisms evolving to 'higher' organisms - does not exist. DNA and molecular biology reveal that the complexity of an organism is at the BEGINNING. Any mutations that result are either harmful or neutral- they are never an improvement to a particular species. For that, a completely new set of genetic instructions is required.<<

Correct. But why say that? Because of the Creationist Movement (CM). The CM started around 1961, they seriously questioned Darwinian evolution. CM scientists rejected evolution for scientific reasons. They made discoveries IDM now trumpet as theirs. CM started with the book - "The Genesis Flood" by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris (Ph.D scholars). What they did was look at hydrologic catastrophes, geology and archaeology - The evidence of Noah's Flood. And proved irrefutable science confirmed a world wide flood – so the bible was correct and evolution wrong.

The impact was world wide. As CM scientists studied other areas of science, more evolution theory was refuted. Today many old evolution proofs are not used any more since CM exposed them. The IDM is the 'new kid in town' their arguments are taken from CM. But CM has done more to destroy Darwin evolution than IDM. Proof of Noah's Flood removes evolution and old earth ideas and gone are your aliens with it. There's tons of good evidence for Noah's Flood.

>>Legends/ ancient writings suggest that an advanced civilisation from the stars came to this planet around 25,000 years ago and terraformed the Earth.<<

I have something better than "legends". God has spoken. He was there in the beginning. His Word is more reliable than stories.

And the earth is not over 10,000 years. There is plenty of evidence for this. (1) The continents are eroding too quickly. (2) Not enough helium in the atmosphere. (3) Many fossils indicate that they must have formed quickly, (4) Many processes, which we have been told take millions of years, don't need such time-spans. (5) Galaxies wind themselves up too fast. (6) Comets disintegrate too quickly. (7) Not enough mud on the sea floor. (8) Not enough sodium in the sea. (9) The earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast. (10) Many strata are too tightly bent. (11) Injected sandstone shortens geologic "ages." (12) Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic "ages" to a few years. (13) Helium in the wrong places. (14) Not enough stone-age skeletons. (15) Agriculture is too recent. (16) History is too short. (17) No soil layers in the geologic strata.

The bible says life/earth was created "very good" (Gen. 1:13). But our human parents turned away from God and sin entered the world. And death and suffering through sin has pasted to all men. Now, the Law of Decay is running rampant. Creatures are dying out, the effects of the curse (Gen.3:17-19) are everywhere. This makes sense; do alien legends have an answer for the suffering, death and evil on earth? No!

>>They started with 'simple' creations and as their science matured, they eventually created 'man in their own image' -Genesis 1: 26. (Independent reseachers such as Zecharia Sitchin, Alan Alford, Eric Von Daniken have also come to this same conclusion).<<

You are making up what you believe. So who made the aliens'? More aliens? Then, who made them? Others? At some point you need to ask the question; Where did life come from? Besides the bible doesn't say what you claim above. Have a read -

"And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul". (Gen.2:7)

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them". (Gen.1:26-27).

Not like your quote at all. Allow the bible to speak for itself instead of reading into it your ideas. God, "stretched out the north over the empty place, and hung the earth on nothing" (Job 26:7). This was written 2,000 years before modern science knew the earth floated in space. This was the work of a supernatural Creator. The creation of life is far beyond the work of aliens no matter how clever you think they are. The Creator must have had all knowledge (past and future) and all power (over matter, space, time)

>>Therefore, the universe has always existed and always will exist in the form of energy and matter. This is the concept of Infinity in time and space. There is no beginning to time or space. 'There is no beginning and no end' - as it was written in the Bible.<<

No, it's God who has 'no beginning and no end'. The bible says 'the universe, energy and matter' all had a 'beginning'. And the 2nd Law (Law of Decay) indicates they all have an end. But Darwin (as the Greeks) believed matter was eternal, he needed deep time for evolution. God made time ("In the beginning"), space ("heavens") and matter ("earth") (Gen.1:1 Heb,1:10). And God will bring them to an end (Rev.21:1-27 Heb.1:10-12).

It takes amazing gullibility to believe
matter is eternal. Modern science knows all matter originally had a beginning. And there was a time when matter came into existence.

>>We are beginning to travel in space- and our technology is in it's very infancy. Can you imagine where our technology for spaceflight will be in 100-200 years? Or can you imagine a civilisation that is 25,000 years more advanced than our own? Their technology would appear to be miraculous to us...when it is not- it is just science more advanced than our own.<<

What you believe is unscientific, a belief based on imagination. The laws of science today deny it. Universal laws which place unmovable limitations ie the 2nd Law. Light speed is impossible unless you transfer matter into light. Then its impossible to go faster, light is still too slow for the distances. There's thousands of UFO sightings, yet no crashes, break downs, and totally no physical proof. So based on science aliens haven't come here. You base what you believe on many unproven assumptions. To suggest technology will be better one day, doesn't solve the problem either. Its hypothetical, not the present. Besides, God's existence is sufficiently proven and the bible indicates man's future on earth will be short. And right and wrong -

>>I believe all those answers were given to us by these beings who sent messengers- one of whom was Jesus - born from the union of a woman from the Earth and an Eloha- as it was stated in the Bible. "My father who art in heaven' (And hence the idea of the 'virgin birth and 'immaculate conception' ) These messengers entrusted human beings with a message adapted for the people of the time and according to their level of understanding. But the message of love and peace was the same everytime.These beings have obviously overcome their aggression and have learned how to live in harmony. <<

That doesn't explain how evil came into the world. You are interpreting the bible to fit your theory and ignoring verses that don't fit. That method can argue any nonsensical thing. Any word or verse in the bible can mean anything you want. You simply have no authority for your claims. Anyone can claim anything about aliens and the stories are all different and in their heads. Do aliens tell lies?

And have you had a ride in their space ship? Can you get me a ride? Are there female aliens? :) (Sorry I couldn't resist)

>>based on the sheer number of planets/ galaxies etc, planets in relation to other stars etc, it is impossible that we are NOT alone!<<

Yes but I can't base what I believe on what I assume might be. And the bible refutes that assumption - God created the earth for life, not the universe. And we are not alone – God exists.

"For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else." (Isa.45:18).

Elohim says, "Fear ye not, neither be afraid.... Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any". (Isa.44:8)

>>History tells us that before new ideas were accepted (often my a very small minority of people) they were often condemned (often to death) as their ideas did not conform to 'conventional wisdom' and prevailing theories of the time.<<

Yes and men have kept weird ideas alive for centuries fooling many. You are not the first to believe in aliens. People once believed in men on the moon. We found out there weren't any. Then creatures on Mars until we found out there weren't any. There have been thousands of make-believe crank space stories, from the deceptive, weird to the impossible. The UFO idea is the end product of a society brainwashed in evolutionary thinking. 'When people stop believing in God, they do not believe in nothing they believe in anything'.

So, I will go by what I know is true. The best explanation. I wrote, 'science just means 'knowledge'. Knowledge favors God's existence.' You reply,

>>However, science - eg: physics, quantum mechanics - does not support the existence of God. Similarly 'God' and evolution cannot be proved in a laboratory.<<

Physics and mechanics do confirm God's existence. Plenty of Ph.D's in physics/mechanics write books showing why. We know design and order doesn't happen by chance. No order unless things are put in order. No paper-clip unless we design it. The laws of physics and mechanics are no different. Humans are creators too; our minds will not allow any other explanation for law, order, and design. We use them to make things. So God had in His mind to make the 'moon go around the earth'. That's hard! Yet we know the laws, order and design involved in it, by using our minds. We know the laws of physics are too complex to develop by chance.

>>Im sure you must be aware that the Bible is NOT an original document? There were insertions/ deletions/ even omissions of entire chapters - (eg: The Book of Enoch) Some of the gospels were not compiled until hundreds of years after events took place..<<

Then why quote it? Are only the parts you quote true? Interpreters like you that are a problem. There is no question, the Bible text is completely trustworthy. It's been carefully and critically examined for centuries and survived with greater dependability. We can discuss the dates of the gospels, and your claims if you want.

Biblical accuracy is not waiting to be verified by science. In fact, geological research is a slow and devious method testing the Bible. Science changes, man’s knowledge is limited and men misread facts, yet the Bible has proven true prophetically, geographically and historically.

There's thousands of ancient documents to check the bible. For the NT - 5300 Greek manuscripts. 267 uncials, 2768 minuscule manuscripts. 2146 Greek lectionaries. 81 papyri NT portions. So, when it comes to checking text, it's the most historically attested work of the ancient world. Usually those who don’t believe the Bible is true are those who have never studied it. And those who don't know much about the Bible, don't know much about God. It makes more sense than your alien legends and stories. So I believe there is a God.

>>Please send me the evidence to support proof of God's existence.<<

Send me evidence aliens exist. For creation we expect to see design, order, laws, and information codes all evidence of a Creator. Only a closed mind denies that. But the bible says, "since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so men are without excuse" (Rom.1.20).

According to the bible I don't need to send anything. Because every watch has a designer. One can't even prove man's existence with a paper-clip, it only suggests a designer. Belief in a Designer is not a religious idea from a nebulous 'faith', but based on knowledge. So when I say, "I believe there is a God" it's a statement based on facts. And all you need is eyes that can see and a brain that works. The odds against that are very high considering your conviction about aliens. But I know the odds against a naturalistic development of design are virtually infinity to one.

>>Based on the above, I am assuming that you are Christian? (I was also up until 10 years ago and then started doing my own research) It is important to be openminded to other schools of thought and not one paradigm. It is important to make assumptions based on all the available evidence - not because we have been indoctrinated or born into a particular belief system.<<

I don't believe you are making 'assumptions on all the available evidence'. You profess you were once a Christian. I submit you weren't. Because if you really met God at the cross and invited Christ into your heart and received the Holy Spirit you would know there is a God and the bible is His Word. You would KNOW Him, but you do not – your confession wasn't real. Jesus Christ is a Person. Those who have personally met Him know what I'm talking about.

But how can I be
'open minded' on worldviews that contradict? That's relativism. That kind of 'open mindedness' loses all possible meaning of what is right. One can be so 'open minded' no school of thought is accepted as true. Tolerance can compromise the truth. Truth (by definition) is very narrow in order to be true.

Also ideas have consequences. The way a person thinks influences the way they relate to society, self and God. Alien ideas do nothing for self-worth, fulfillment or purpose in life but leave you to make up your own rules. There is no ultimate right or wrong and no standards, just confusion. So when a man kills a man, he is only removing a product made by aliens.

I wouldn't play games with God. In life if you do not have a sufficient base to stand on you will crash under a heavy weight. If your standards are only those of society or yourself you are limited. Nothing humanistic provides a strong base for society or the individual. In the bible we have absolute truth in contrast to humanistic truth which is relative, finite and limited. Humanism ends in disappear. When you start with the finite you can't find absolute truth no matter how far forward you project it.

Until next time,

Mark Purchase

PS A real biblical Christian is someone who has been 'born' into God's family (not a system). A spiritual birth (Jn.3:3). If you became one of His children you would know He exists. Its hard to convince someone 'God doesn't exist' when they know Him personally. And they walk and talk together. You never had a living, real relationship with God, as a child with his dad.

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