Want Some Answers ???


Hi Robert & Mark W.

I trust everyone is keeping well. Thanks for the mail Robert.

>>Hi Mark P and Mark W, I have read your discussion and it is very interesting. My viewpoint appears to be different from your both, yet I share some similarities with you both too. First, I'll state my beliefs, then a couple of my favourite pieces of evidence: 1. I am open minded, and therefore prefer to base my decisions/ideas on rational evidence. 2. I have faith in God and Jesus. Although I never went to church as a child, and have minimal evidence to support this belief, I feel that there is enough evidence for this for me to be happy with this position. I am however, actively looking for more evidence.<<

For me, the bible is the determining authority. God's speaks and guides into truth and reveals the errors of men. My last email (to Mark W) had plenty of '
rational evidence' to challenge your statement of 'beliefs' and unanswered as yet.

When you say that you have nothing to do with
church and "minimal evidence to support" your belief in God, that sounds like you are a professing rather than a genuine Christian. This would explain your belief in UFOs. A genuine Christian who knows God personally yet believes in aliens is oblivious to the bible (ie 2 Tim.4:3-4).

>>3. I am sceptical about the accuracy and intention of anything created by humans. I've learned enough about power, greed and manipulation to know that these influences have affected our world and orchistrated aspects of our historical accounts. 4. Due to #3, I do not subscribe to any organised religion.<<

Been skeptical can be good but you fell for aliens in the Top Ten of deceptions. And '
skeptical about accuracy of "anything created by humans" doesn't apply to those webpages you provided? Why not? UFO stories make big bucks. Books, movies, TV shows don't care about accuracy but heaps about greed, manipulation and influence.

There are countless UFO sightings yet no Museums displaying parts of UFO's. With all the video & cell phone cameras, modern news media and experts photographing stars yet what have we? - Nothing convincing, plenty of frauds, blurred pictures and nothing consistent.

>>5. I believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that extra-terrestrials exist. 6. I believe that scientific theories are not infalible and are still developing. We don't know it "all" yet. And what we don't know could be fundamentally important. (Dark matter interests me).<<

The evidence is, people believe what they want. UFO's are "A sign of a godless society needing to reinvent what it denies". And science is not inadequate to blame for lack of evidence. You base your belief on what you 'don't know'. I'd rather go for 'what we know'. The whole alien thing is recent. Not news in 1913 1918 1945 1955, but today thousands of claims. Movies and TV partly to blame.

Dark matter: This issue started when they discovered there were serious problems with Big Bang theory. Distant galaxies are clustered like cosmic continents beyond nearly empty reaches of space. The Big Bang was shaken by this discovery for visible galaxies don't contain enough mass to explain the existence and distribution of these structures. So the existence of a mysterious, unknown and unseen form of matter (dark matter) was postulated (without any evidence for its existence to save the big bang). A few experts are unhappy about it all New Scientist, May 22, 2004.

>>7. A theory that believes in extra-terrestrials does not need to immediately disprove the existance of God, both entities could co-exist, and is this all semantics in the end?<<

I say incompatible. Belief in aliens developed in our Western world brainwashed by evolutionary theory. The idea was that if life evolved on earth by random chance processes, it evolved elsewhere.

Alien belief fits 3 predictions in the evolutionary model. (1) Aliens, a new species. (2) Aliens had beneficial mutations (3) They are proof things get better. The Creation model runs contrary. Since the Fall of Adam there would be (1) an extinction of species. (2) No new species develop, systems run down. (3) Man only created in God's image.

I can't find a bible verse that says God created aliens on other planets. If it's "God's Word", God would know if He did. Angels don't live on other planets but in a spiritual dimension and don't fit the stories. As God's Word, the bible reveals things we don't know otherwise and explains everything we need to know. Aliens would be a problem for bible students and question the bible. Or suggest God is deceptive.

>>Evidence: Sumerian artifact showing knowledge of the solar system. (i.e. How did they know?)
http://ancient-astronaut.tripod.com/sumerian.jpg <<

There is always someone who will base their belief on a mystery. The star image may symbolize their god "Nanna". They used various stars to symbolize many things (god's, people, cities). True, it does look like a sun and planets but doesn't accurately display the
solar system we know.

How did WE "
know" about our 'solar system'? By aliens telling us? No! So I wouldn't say this supports our modern-day obsession with aliens. So 'How did they know?' Not necessarily by aliens, if it's a "solar system" it might be explained better by ancient technology. Although the Sumerian's believed the earth was a flat disk many early civilizations had remarkable skills and abilities. Some early men might be called 'pagan', but NOT primitive savage ape-like creatures. Consider the Nazcas, Minoan, Incas, Egypt, Nimrod's kingdom, Mayan, or those in Zimbabwe. All had advanced knowledge and skills in many areas. Not from aliens but inherited from previous generations and lost when they died out. We would expect this if the bible is true. The closer historically to Adam we go, the cleverer mankind becomes. The bible has examples of this.

Note in Sumerian records "three main topics appear to have convincing parallels: Creation, the Flood and the tower of Babel" (Encyclo). This has support the biblical accounts of these events, but the bible is still a better record. It's kept and inspired by God, and God speaks through it.

>>UFO Report. (This particular incident appears a lot on the internet)
http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc408.htm <<

There are thousands of incidents. Unidentified Flying Objects are often fabricated, exaggerated, unknown, unexplained, or stories that are just plain lies. This whole area has a long proven history of fraud and deception. And the 'open-minded' all through history have been fooled. The best stories are the unidentified and unsubstantiated. Popular because they catch the imagination.

The UFO shapes, sizes, colours and sounds are always inconsistent. And the story teller(s) endeavor to be more convincing than others because the huge number of fakes and trickery that abounds. Perhaps you are not skeptical enough.

I wouldn't base belief on those webpage's. What if they are all a clever deception and the bible is what it claims? Then you have been searching in the wrong places for truth. I don't know about you, but one needs certainty in life not questionable myths, stories and legends.