Want Some Answers ???


Hi Robert & Mark W.

My position.

(1) In the real world, there has never been one single contact with an 'extra-terrestrial'. In 1990 the French Academy of Science offered 100,000 francs for anyone to provide proof of aliens. No one has collected the money. The SETI program revealed nothing as well.

(2) Conditions must be 'just right'. There are very stringent requirements for a planet to support life. But the distances in solar systems of planets are so huge yet so vital, the odds jumps beyond numbers we work with.

(3) Life cannot form spontaneously anyway. Without intelligent creative input lifeless chemicals cannot form into life. Without this unfounded evolutionary idea (that they can form into life) we would not even be discussing this issue.

(4) Vast Distances. Both of you still have no concept of the unimaginable vast distances. The closest star is 40.7 million million Kil (25 million million miles). The power needed to accelerate to just one-tenth the speed of light is the equivalent to the electricity consumption of the entire world for a month. It's estimated 100,000 dust particles in every cubic Kilometer of space. One dust particle at that speed would destroy the space ship.

(5) The bible as 'God's Word' mentions no alien visits. It teaches life is only possible through a process of creation. Thus with even a million times a million planets just like earth life could only occur if a Creator made it so. And stars were created for man (not for alien life), for signs, seasons, days and years (Gen.1:14).

(6) Good evidence suggests the universe is NOT billions of years old. Bible history and other scientific methods reveal a young age. Bible history would suggest no older than 10,000 years (which is really old). Evolution theory demands billions of years. Neither of you have addressed my reasons for a young earth. So-called aliens could not have time to travel, nor evolve, nor advance in science.

>>I would like you to consider this. Imagine that you had been brought up to believe that we were created by advanced scientists who came from another planet and who created us, thanks to science and genetic engineering. (Quite plausible, yes? We are beginning to create life and we are starting to travel in space, NASA has plans to terraform Mars - one only has to have foresight to understand what our potential future holds.) Then in later life, someone told you, "No this is not true ...in fact you were actually here as the result of a supernatural, all powerful being called 'God" (And incidentally, he resides nowhere and yet is everywhere and he can create something from nothing!) Would you not find this absurd?!! A fairytale perhaps?! It could even be described as 'mystical delirium!'<<

Your two hypothetical stories are '
fairytales'. "What if" stories from Dream World. Stories can make anything into nonsense, even reality. Most "what if" stories are normally absurd and end in nonsense.

Secondly, you still have no explanation for earth's existence, the universe, laws of nature, physics, or morals, etc. You desire we imagine something not true to prove an idea from a hypothetical story. So to play your game, 'what if' you are wrong about God? Imagine the serious trouble you are in? God doesn't play games. Jesus said, "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mt.16:27). "Don't be deceived God is not mocked for whatever a man sows that he shall reap' (Gal.6:7). Don't worry about Ezekiel, start with these bible verses you can understand.

So God has already revealed that He made everything. Its 'absurd' to think aliens only made life. Thirdly, how about answering my last letter to you? Do some serious thinking. You haven't attempted to answer my points for God's existence. That says you are all talk and no substance.

I repeat, even the atheistic evolutionist believe '
something' came from 'nothing' (all by itself). And that 'something' turned into everything (all by itself). That's blind faith. Its so easy to accept an all powerful Creator with huge information created 'from nothing'. That's not absurd scientifically. Ie we don't see steel turn into cars all by itself without 'someone' (according to 'science')

>>The Bible is ALL ABOUT extraterrestrial intervention. (And not just the Bible, but many other ancient texts refer to beings who came from the stars.) Our primitive ancestors, were not unable to comprehend the technology of these beings coming from the sky. They used their terminology to describe what they saw- eg: 'chariots,' 'whirlwinds' and 'wheels within wheels.' (There are MANY references to these human like creatures who were able to fly in metallic craft. The book of Ezekial, chapter 1 beginning at verse 4 is just one example of many.) <<

All your evidence is interpreted, read into the text with the imagination. Also, our ancestors weren't primitive. Secondly, the bible is NOT about alien intervention, it's about God's salvation plan for His fallen creatures, and the Creator coming to earth as a man. "He was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not" (Jn.1:10). He did not come '
from the stars', but heaven. I would not expect you to understand Ezekiel ch.1 which has nothing to do with 'human like creatures able to fly in metallic craft' (Ez.1:1-3 2:1-10). Jesus said, "If I have told you earthly things, and you believe not, how shall you believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?" (Jn.3:12). Those who refuse to believe in God, do not believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

>>The Bible is the oldest ATHEIST book in the world. The basic essence of the Bible has been preserved. Read between the lines in light of technological advances...We no longer have to be mystical, to believe or have 'faith'. For the 1st time in history, we have the privilege to be able to UNDERSTAND thanks to science. Now we have no excuses. As it was written in Revelations: 10:7: "The Mystery of God will be over, just as he has declared to his servants the prophets."<<

You are in the 'realms of fantasy Jones'. What crazy statements.

Go back to the ABC's. As technology advances it has proven the bible accurate. The bible is not still waiting to be verified by science. Geological research is a slow and devious method testing the Bible. Science changes, manís knowledge is limited and men misread facts, yet the Bible has proven true prophetically, geographically and historically. They have been to the sites and dug up the cites the bible speaks of. It's history is proven with evidence. Instead of modernism destroying the Bible, it caused men to fervently study and research MSS and new discoveries (Dead Sea scrolls) and thus verify the faithfulness of God in giving us and 'preserving' for us His infallible Word. So God has 'preserved' the Bible by its enemies and friends, by circumstances and calamities as no other writing has ever been 'preserved'. The result is that today you and I have less excuse than ever before in history for rejecting the Bible.

Not only so, but consider this. You still believe 'there is no Creator' thatís a belief. To believe in the beginning was nothing, and from nothing came everything is a belief hypothesis that excludes 'rational reasoning'. I base what I believe on what I know, not on what I don't know. I know the world and life has all the signs of been created, not happening by chance.

An all powerful God is a common sense explanation. Where are your supernatural aliens that travel space faster than light? There's plenty of 'proof' for a Great Designer of everything and it's reasonable. But I suspect you believe what you want, regardless of evidence.

>>The human attributes given to 'God' in the Bible and other texts are those of the 'Elohim.' At every epoch they sent messengers to reveal the truth about our origins. Over time their messages became distorted and the belief in 'God' was used for political gain, fear and control. The creation of the notion of 'God' could be described as one of the greatest deceptions in the history of mankind.<<

You have fallen for the alien deception, I doubt you are able to use common sense. There has been no distortion '
over time', but the opposite. God and men have communicated as God revealed Himself His message became clearer. A message founded on 1,000's of years of history and in the lives of 1,000's of men. All readable in the bible.

Besides you can't even insist there's 'no God'. An absolute non-provable statement by one who must know everything. No human has all knowledge (so - no proof for atheism). It is just simply impossible to disprove God. To say 'God does not exist' is a universal negative. It's impossible to prove a universal negative, so atheism is false and impossible to defend [unless you have complete knowledge of everything]. To say there is a God, can only be silenced by facts or evidence proving there isn't. Atheism can only exist and is only intelligible in a theistic context. It can only be seen as real where God has been seen as real.

>>It is time we got back to the original truth about who we are and where we come from. If you are happy to believe in mysticism, the belief in 'God', 'angels', 'spirits' etc, that is your prerogative. I am not here to convince you otherwise.<<

You have no idea '
where we came from'. Just 'what if' stories. The reality of God's existence developed after I became a born-again Christian. I accepted what the Bible said was true. Knew I was a sinner who rebelled against God. I knew something was wrong on earth (earthquakes, wars, storms, death, suffering) and it was because our first parents turned away from God. And now rebellion now rules the hearts of men. Atheism/aliens is no answer to the why of suffering, or right or wrong. But when God's Spirit entered heart, my eyes were opened; a burden lifted from my shoulders. Without a spiritual birth, you are dead to God, you cannot know God personally, but only live in rebellion ignorant of the truth.

You don't know what "Truth" is. If there is no God, there is no absolute truth. Thereís no ultimate moral law, no freedom, no justice, nothings really right or wrong in atheism. Without an Absolute Moral Being, nothing is absolutely wrong and nothing absolutely right. Atheism is happy with intellectual suicide. Man needs absolutes, universals, something by which to judge. If one has no basis on which to judge then reality falls apart, fantasy is indistinguishable from reality. There's no value for the human individual or his life, he has no meaning.

>>I respect your belief in 'God' and I hope you will respect my conclusions also. I believe that soon enough the scientific evidence will be insurmountable and the evidence will speak for itself.<<

But there is enough evidence already. All you need is eyes that can see and a brain that works to accept the reality of God's existence. Base what you believe on what you can see around you, not on what you don't know. Our minds always link design to construction and a product of a mind, not chance. It's silly to talk of ďRandom designĒ. Design must have a Designer. The earth is astonishingly well designed and suited for highly conscious beings like men. It's not outrageous that design is the reason. Belief in a God is not a religious idea based on a nebulous 'belief', but based on what we know. To say "I believe there is a God" is a statement based on facts. As I said, you believe in something like it or not. Atheism is a belief. A belief like any, but religiously held to regardless of contrary evidence. It has wrong concepts with serious social consequences for which we all suffer.

>>All truth passes through 3 stages 1st it is ridiculed 2nd It is violently opposed 3rd -it is accepted as self evident. -Arthur Schopenhauer -Regards Mark Woodgate<<

Yes but the atheist doesn't know what's true. In the end, all he can say is he 'doesn't know'. He can't be certain about anything or offer anything, but just ridicule. It's rightly said, "Atheism can benefit no class of people, --neither the unfortunate, whom it bereaves of hope, nor the prosperous, whose joys it renders insipid." And I add, it robs a man his value, and lets him die like an animal.

Thank you for taking the time to reveal you do 'not know' what the Truth is. The problem is you can't be sure of what you say. Truth according atheism is unknowable. So are you interested in the truth? All you have is unbelief, and I have confidence to have found the truth. Or rather, that God found me. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, He will, He delights to answer that prayer.

Mark P.