Want Some Answers ???


Just been reading your website, links and 'Answers in Genesis' stuff.

Until now I was under the impression "Sceptics" were intelligent people who asked intelligent questions and base what they believe on scientific facts and proven evidence. I thought Sceptics were people who debate issues and use common sense. But any Sceptic who argues for evolution destroys any possibility of this.

I would have thought that anybody who has done a study on "Answers in Genesis" in what they write and believe would recognize that overall their stand on evolution is in fact correct. The theory of evolution is NOT a scientific proven theory or fact. If Sceptics honestly valuated the evidence they would KNOW this.

My estimation of the Sceptic Society has taken a 'nose-dive'. Not only is evolutionary theory a mess, but also there is no conclusive proof that there is no God. In fact its impossible to prove there's no God. And why is it wrong to believe there is a God?

Fact is, men have an intuition about God. They KNOW intuitively there is a God; they're born with the knowledge, part of their nature. It's an understanding or knowledge without the process of reasoning or IQ. A religious instinct that makes men worship something or someone. When men deny their intuitive knowledge they try to satisfy their spiritual vacuum with anything. You can't tell me there's no wrong or right, or the person on the deathbed or in the foxhole there's no God. So to argue evolution in the face of billions who know intuitively there's a God indicates the Sceptic Society is a joke.


Mark Purchase [PhD]