Want Some Answers ???


(Tommy is (or was) chief spokesman on behalf of the Sceptics Society)

Hi Tommy, You wrote,

>>Dear Doctor Coward, Since you're "AFRAID" to open the enclosure I sent you, I posted my rebuttal to your last email at http://www.skepticfriends.org/letter53.html Furthermore, I posted ALL your correspondence to SFN, verbatim, instead of just my "reply" to your email. Unlike you, I'm not afraid to let others witness firsthand your lies, distortions, and misrepresentations<<

Because you respond with strong and angry tones. The words "
Doctor Coward" prove that. So I don't open attachments, nothing personal, just common sense. And as you know, I also don't publish all your 'four letter words'. Post your 'rebuttal' to me if you want my attention or people will think you are a "coward" (text only).

Me '
lying'?. One thing I know, evolution is a lie. Its amazing, Sceptics are supposed to be thinkers, readers and searchers of truth and yet they don't CARE for truth. I published all "your email" so others can follow "firsthand" the discussion and judge for themselves regarding "distortions". Parts of your last letter were distortions. You are the one 'misrepresenting' the Bible, and scientists particularly those who are creationists. Eg, Dr. Morris and Dr Gish. You wrote,

>>You did, in fact, have a good reason to "fear" opening my enclosure, but not for the reasons you offered. After you read my rebuttal, you'll WISH that the only thing you had to fear was a possible virus.<<

My website says "no attachments" see "Introduction Page" - written long before you wrote. Nothing makes me more 'afraid', than you Tommy. :-) I don't know how old you are, but I hate to see you treat God's Word with contempt, only to face Him one day. Plato was right 'Atheism is a disease of the soul before it is an error of the mind' [Readings In Natural Theology ed. J.A.Baisnee (Westminster Newland Press) 1964 pg.149].

Yes I know Larry said '
there's no atheists on the SFN staff'. But listen to you guys defend evolution and rubbish the Bible!!! David didn't even know atheism and evolutionism go together. You think we have the 'missing links'. Really? One really has a blind faith to believe nothing produced something as marvellous and complex as the brain of man. To argue everything just happened by natural processes, chance and time is denying reality. I believe there's more to life than just a material body, there are things we can't see.

And the only way for Sceptics to be absolutely sure there's no God is to know everything about everything. In order to prove there's no God Sceptics must become the very God they are seek to deny.

When denying God's existence one has no reference for a correct understanding of the world or oneself. Sceptics of course have no intention of accepting anything I say simply on principle. For once they start, the whole evolution shambles collapses. For sceptics, truth doesn't matter, reason doesn't matter, science, logic and facts are ignored [if necessary] to maintain the hapless evolution charade. Sceptics have no excuse for embracing evolution and rejecting the Creator, because God has given enough visible proofs of His existence. You wrote,

>>I also request that you post a link to my other response to you, instead of just your "reply" to it.<<

You won't be 'requesting' me to jump at your command. Its my call, not yours. If you want answers to mail, follow the rules. You quoted Pro.18:2 -

>>"A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2)<<

Interesting, Sceptics Friends Network treat the Bible like a joke, mocking those who believe it, but are you seriously applying it to me? The Bible also says, "The fool says in his heart there is no God". How does that apply to Sceptics? The fact you call me a liar proves an ultimate right [and a God]. The moment you defend moral ideals as better than others, you're measuring by a standard. If no set of moral ideas were better than another, what's the difference between Christian morality and Nazi morality?

The fact there's a right and wrong cannot be instinct. For we can judge between instinct and what should be obeyed. Because there is a moral law (we are creatures with moral capacities) then God must exist as a moral being capable of ensuring justice. A moral idea cannot exist anywhere but in a mind, and absolute moral idea can exist only in a Mind from which all reality is derived.

Our moral experience points to a transcendent God who is the source and ground of our morality. Our moral values reveal something about the nature and purpose of reality or they are subjective and meaningless. And I can't accept that or live by it. My recognition of an objective moral law drives me to the belief in God. Do you take Proverbs seriously? How about Pro.1:7? How about,

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." [Jn.3:16]

Why take one verse literally and ignore others? Surely John 3:16, has a message? You claimed to have "
accepted Christ" but "been disillusioned" with the "convoluted apologetics". To me, God's is real - Christ is alive, I know Him and walk with Him.

Why don't you ask God to reveal Himself to you? Ask God, 'Are you there? He will answer! He did for me.