Want Some Answers ???


(Dawn writes on behalf of the Friendly Sceptic Society. In reply to this.)

Hi Dawn,

>>I've not written to you before this because I have debated people like you before. I don't really see any point to it. I can spend an enormous amount of time composing letters, like you and Tommy do, only to have it achieve nothing in the end. You're not going to accept Tommy's arguments and points to proof, and he's not going to accept your arguments and appeals to the Bible as the ultimate authority. You and Tommy, or you and those others you write e-mails to, can do this dance, but I prefer to stay out of it. I have other things to do besides engage in fruitless e-mail battles. I DO understand why the two of you do it, but I exhausted myself a few years ago in these kinds of "debates."<<

I agree. No point in debating with you either. But it must be difficult to 'stay out of it' with your details on that website. The Bible might be a joke to you but I would be surprised if no one complains. Personally, I believe the Bible has message that is not only worth believing but is worth defending.

>>So if you want to debate evolution with me, you're out of luck.... [snip]<<

I agree. The rest of your letter was more concerned with personal criticism of me and way off topic. So there's no need for me to comment on that part, you have lots to say about me, ie, - "nit-picking", foolish, "silly", unfair etc. I must be the worst fellow Sceptics ever encountered. Said to be rude, dishonest, cowardly, misleading, deceitful etc. Wow!! Sceptics sure don't like Christians! Particularly those who take the Bible seriously or believe creation.

>>If you're referring to the "Bible's Bad Fruits" article, please read the intro on that article again. We are not mocking the Bible. We are making a point about taking quotes out of context. I thought we were very clear about that. If not, I guess I'll have to re-write the introduction.<<

It's hard to believe that article and the twisting of those verses will ever do justice to the truth the Bible teaches. I doubt the truth matters to Sceptics. When it comes to the Bible, Sceptics are like barbarians trying to understand mathematics. The evidence against evolution is so persuasive, why refuse to accept there is another explanation that makes sense? Amazing even when faced with an obvious truth, Sceptics refuse it. And won't accept anything people say on principle. So I won't "spend an enormous amount of time composing letters" to you, "only to have it achieve nothing in the end".