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(Atheist from the Friendly Sceptic Society)

Hi there,

Thanks for writing,

>>I noticed your willingness to debate with atheists on the Skeptic Friends Network.<<

[He read this email] Yes I hit a raw nerve. Mind you they had some stuff on their website that was wrong and they knew it.

>>At this time I am an atheist, but I am still on a mission to the The Truth<<

Strange, you claim to be looking for it but deny truth exists? "Jesus said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” [Jn.14:6]. I’m confident to have found ‘the Truth’ and believe there's satisfactory evidence, for anyone searching; that the earth is God's handy work.

>>I would really enjoy a lively discussion with someone like you.<<

I’m happy to talk. You wrote,

>>I firmly believe in evolution and the 'scientific materialist' world-view, but I do not yet have a definitive answer to Christianity's view.<<

Evolution has big problems, ie the missing links in the fossil record. If life evolved there should be an abundance of transitional fossils. They haven’t found any and still look. Also, the information on the DNA, supposed to just happened, is another. And the scientific fact, that life only comes from pre-existent life, not matter alone. As Dr Gitt wrote, “....no natural process has ever been observed where information originated spontaneously in matter" [W.Gitt Did God Use Evolution? CKV 2001].

The bases for atheism is that matter and chance produced life. The problem with that is [and we know this today] ‘matter’ is not eternal. Matter originated in the past by a method equivalent to a creation. You must either say, in the beginning God or in the beginning nothing.

If 'nothing' then, how can nothing produce matter and matter produce life? Even the simplest living things are amazingly complex. How can non-living matter jump the many hurdles required to form living cells? That’s why atheism has no explanation for life, because without God life has no sense.

Can life come from nothing and develop itself? It makes more sense to believe that “in the beginning God created the heavens and earth” than in the beginning nothing produced everything. There must be intelligence and information to start with, to direct the atoms. All things left to themselves fall apart, not together. Computers don’t happen by chance and matter, it takes intelligence to produce something intelligent. How can matter and chance (both void of intelligence) ultimately produce something as complex as the human brain?

Information is stored on DNA code, but the code itself not intelligent nor improved by random chance. Genetic defects, accidents or mutations never improve DNA only destroy or damage it. The problem with things left to ‘chance’ is that the odds are too great. Chance is a non-answer, chance is something we apply to something we don’t have a sensible explanation for. So then, ‘why is there something instead of nothing?

>>The Bible seems a little too internally consistent for it to be a big sham or anything<<

Tell your friends the sceptics.  I’m convinced it's ‘
consistent’ and genuine. What amazes me, sceptics, find hoaxes and shams etc, yet consistently fail to find ANY fault with evolution. And concerning the Bible, they (who are not friendly) mislead people as to what it says.

>>I also noticed that your address is in NZ. I'm at XXXX University. How about you?<<

I live in Auckland. Thanks for writing.

Below, a list of helpful books.

"Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" Dr.M. Denton.
"Darwin's Black Box". Pro.M.J. Behe.
"Bones of Contention". M. Lubenow.
"Not A Change" Dr. Lee Spetner.
"Evolution: the fossils STILL say NO!" Dr. D.Gish.
"Darwin on Trial" P.E. Johnson.
"In the Beginning Was Information” Dr.W.Gitt.
“Darwin's Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems" L.D. Sunderland
"Collapse of Evolution" S.Huse.
"The Young Earth" Dr.J.D Morris.
"In the Minds of Men; Darwin and the New World Order" Pro.I.T.Taylor.
"Early Earth" Dr. J.C.Whitcomb
"The Fossil Evidence" Dr.G.Parker
"The Biotic Message" W.J.ReMine
"Starlight and Time" Dr.R. Humphreys
"In Six Days" Ed. J.F.Ashton - 50 chapters written by 50 Ph.D scientists.