Want Some Answers ???


Thanks for the unexpected reply. Hope you have some depth to your convictions and continue writing. But suspect you will disappear quickly.

>>Thank you for taking some of your valuable life time to reading something that just might have been of value to you. I suspect, however that we were simply a target for your spleen.<<

Not exactly. Unfortunately agnostics or atheists don't make a effort to know if there is a God, or consider it important. Many won't defend their unbelief. If you know someone who will, let me know. Your website has made many "a target for your spleen" and apparently [reading your email] you're unable to provide reason for doing so.

>>I will take some of my valuable life time to reply to your email but no more than this.<<

Wouldn't be surprised if you spent even less "
time" valuating material from "Answers in Genesis". But yes, you don't have much "time" for those who read your website and challenge the information you "wholly endorse." For you "time" is so short with the despair of the grave just around the corner and no hope.

>>I was webmaster for the site you criticised for a brief time - I am relocating. If you had checked out the site well you would have realised that the owner of the site is john stear whose address if you want it isstear@onthenet.com.au.<<

I emailed John but John is timid facing questions. I see why you John distance yourself from John. But hope that either of you might share that Big Bang knowledge [that YOUR website pretends to have] and explain why there's "no answers in Genesis" and evolution is the "answer". But no, you can't write a word about that because you haven't a clue. If you are going to master a website like that expect to face the music.

>>All of the items were originally placed there by john but I wholly endorse it and his other site No answers in Genesis.<<

Your "endorsement" is empty. Hope you 'find time' to say why you endorse it. Do you have some facts the rest of us don't, that prove there's no God? Some facts that show people are irrational if they believe evolutionary theory is a shambles?

>>I notice that your qualification of Ph. D. suggests an interest in Philosophy so in view of the problems you have with our site I can only recommend http://go.webring.yahoo.com/go?ring=darwinsring&id=24&go This should help you to get to grips with your problem. It is a site I recommend to all people who do not understand us or claim things about us that are untrue.<<

I'll look. But its ironic people who insist there's "no Answers in Genesis" have no answers themselves and suggest, 'find another website'. And ironic when a PhD questions their website is said to have a "problem" and doesn't "understand". If I wrote things "untrue", please explain. To say there's "no answers in Genesis" is "untrue". Genesis says, "God created the world" - if that isn't an "answer", what is?

>>My reply is short because my life is short and I intend to live it my way not the way anyone else tells me to live it.<<

Yes you "intend" to believe what you want and no one can change your mind. The dilemma of humanism is that man alone is autonomous. And he has no way to say certain things are right and certain things are wrong. He makes his own ideas about life with no final authority. Humanism ends in despair, it has no meaning for man in moral things. If you begin with that which is finite you can never reach an absolute no matter how far you project it. But I guarantee, you are 'living life the way someone tells you' whether realized or not.

>>If you understand the scientific methods, if you learn the thinking processes of rational men and can use your language carefully and accurately and spend many years developing and honing your thought processes you too may get a lot out of this life.<<

Just the reason I write. If you understood "scientific methods" you wouldn't hold with Atheistic evolution. Real science can only deal with things that can be observed or measured. It depends on measuring or watching something happen, and checking it by doing it again. Evolution as Darwin believed, cannot be detected within a lifetime of a single observer. How is it you don't know this?

It's a scientific fact, life can only come from pre-existent life not from matter alone. The bases for atheism is that matter and chance produced life. Matter is not eternal. It must have originated in the past by a method equivalent to creation. You must either say, in the beginning God or in the beginning nothing. How can nothing produce matter and matter produce life? Even the simplest living things are amazingly complex. How can non-living matter can jump the many hurdles required to form living cells?

That's why atheism has no explanation for life. Can life come from nothing and develop itself? No! It makes more sense to believe "in the beginning God created the heavens and earth" than in the beginning nothing produced something, millions of atoms fell together by themselves without a blueprint and made a cell.

There must be an intelligence to start with, to direct the atoms. All things left to themselves fall apart, not together. Computers don't happen by chance and matter, it takes intelligence to produce something intelligent. How can matter and chance (both void of intelligence) ultimately produce something as complex as the human brain?

You say, '
I'm not interested, I don't care'. Yes true. It's that disinterest and pretence that makes your website a sham. You don't want to research the truth regarding the material on your website. For you nothing is certain, knowable, there's no answers, just pointlessness. If you are ever sincere about getting "a lot out of life" let me know.

>>Remember: Only Sheep need a Shepherd.<<

And only a fool says 'there's no God'. But this coming from you who believes "life" has no explanation? And what's the use of a man if the world doesn't make sense? If there's no Absolute to give a the measure of right and wrong, we are all lost sheep.

Mark Purchase

Remember - "Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless" (Prof. L Bounoure Ph.D The Advocate, 8 Mar.1984 p.17)