Want Some Answers ???


Hello again.

>>You arrogant man. Everything you say you would be surprised about is true. I have read - I have studied -I have weighed - I have done everything you implied or stated I might not have done and I find NO need or reason to have a god in any shape or form<<

I doubt you have "read and studied" because evolution has major problems before it can be accepted as creditable. These you apparently know nothing of, and so I'm "surprised". These 'problems' are not a narrow personal observation but known among many who have "studied". Those who "have studied", two things are obvious [1] They're delighted to share what they know [2] And help others who have misunderstandings about what they know. You have done none of these. 'Arrogance' claims to 'know', but reveals otherwise.

>>History easily shows that most wars throughout recoerded time has been either about territory or religion. One I can understand the other I find reprehensible.<<

This is not 'study', but a personal gripe. Is this the information that reveals "Answers In Genesis" to be in error regarding evolution and science?

>>I know you did not read my letter because I told you I was no longer the webmaster, I did not produce the site, it is not MY site but I agree with it 100 % or I would not have taken it on.<<

Interesting John how you distance yourself from the site, yet "
agree with it 100%". And pretend to have the 'study' to defend it, yet are unable.

>>Do not waste your poor life on people like me I find the world easy to explain<<

But atheism says the world has no explanation. Yet we know of nothing without an explanation behind its existence, even if we don't yet know the explanation. So there must be a cause behind the world. Our minds can't make sense of anything without a cause behind its existence. The First Cause must have intelligence because there are intelligent beings in the world and it's capable of being 'studied' and described intelligently.

>>unfortunately religion comes into that understanding in a completely different way to the way you see it.<<

I'm not pushing "
religion" I emailed your website John. This goes to you. For someone who says, "the world is easy to explain" you lack an explanation. I was hoping you would "explain" evolution and the errors of Answers in Genesis. You are way off topic. But if you know the answers (as you suggest) I'm 'all ears'.

>>I am an atheist, an objectivist, a scientist, an evolutionist, a rationalist and any other of the epithets someone like you can find for me<<

I wonder if you really know what you believe. You can't hold the position of "
atheist" dogmatically. The claim God doesn't exist crumbles under examination. To "declare" there's "NO god", is done in ignorance. You would have to know the universe in its entirety and possess all knowledge. If you did, then you would be God. Since you are not all knowing, you cannot deny God's existence.

You can express uncertainty, (agnosticism). So are there any absolutes or not? If there's no God, there's no absolutes. But there is a God and there are absolutes. You would contradict yourself insisting there is absolutely no God.

>>and I am proud of the non stop study I have undertaken all my life to reach these conclusions<<

At the moment your words are empty and arguments lack substance. Your "
study" is not obvious. One who has a "life" of study "non stop" in a particular field is both a pleasure to hear and eager to share their study (almost impossible to stop them). You appear more interested in avoiding the matter.

>>but most of all I am proud of the times I have changed my mind based on evidence and in particular that day I stopped sitting on the fence and declared for NO god (Thank you Isaac Asimov).<<

What changed your mind about the following books? Have you read them John? If you can give some "
evidence" to the error of these books it would be VERY remarkable, please do -

"Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" Dr.Michael Denton.
"Darwin's Black Box". Pro.M.J. Behe.
"Bones of Contention". Mavin Lubenow.
"Not A Change" Dr. Lee Spetner.
"Evolution: the fossils STILL say NO!" Dr. D.T. Gish.
"Darwin on Trial" P.E. Johnson.
"Darwin's Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems" L.D. Sunderland.
"Collapse of Evolution" S.Huse.
"The Young Earth" Dr.J.D Morris.
"In the Minds of Men; Darwin and the New World Order" Pro.I.T.Taylor.
"Early Earth" Dr. J.C.Whitcomb
"The Fossil Evidence" Dr.G.Parker
"The Biotic Message" W.J.ReMine
"Starlight and Time" Dr.R. Humphreys
"In Six Days" Ed. J.F.Ashton - 50 chapters written by 50 Ph.D scientists.

>>I thank you for showing me once again that there is no greater intolerance to others than that shown by, in particular, Christians but any fundamentalists in general.<<

But you are wrong. I'm open to read and listen. But you are rude with no time for any who challenge the '
no answers' you "wholly endorse" on your website. You "intend" to believe what you want, and none can change your mind. Those who find security in a false belief system fail to see the facts, and the truth makes no difference. If you have a tolerant open mind and years of 'study', why not defend your study? If you know the truth, why so afraid?

Mark Purchase PhD

"The fossils that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than specimens. The remarkable fact is that all the physical evidence we have for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin" [Dr L.Watson Science Digest, vol.90 May 1982 pg.44]