Want Some Answers ???


Hi John

Thanks for writing.

>>I'll reply to your first e-mail later but can you tell me who you are having the dialogue with?<<

I would be surprised if you have not tracked him down already John. He won't give his name. But an email trace has the same details on all your emails - please explain. You appear agitated and don't like people writing about Sceptics, evolution, Answers in Genesis or you. The impression you give is that you are a professional [study "non-stop"] although I'm not sure about that, with "atheists" truth unimportant. You end your mail saying,

>>"Creationism is not the alternative to Evolution, ignorance is."<<

"Lets face it, students, Hydrogen is a gas which, if left long enough, turns into people...." How's that for "ignorance"? Does the Sceptic Society hear no, see no, examine no evidence contrary to their misconceptions? 'Ignorance is Bliss', or in your case 'dishonest'.

John the 'news is out', evolution is a fraud and the Sceptic Society are the last people to know about it. Use your head John, do some research. Evolution is not universally accepted. Many highly qualified scientists today reject it. In the USA alone, estimated to be over 10,000 professional scientists [most not officially linked to creation organizations] who believe in biblical creation.

I shouldn't be the one providing you with the facts. Ask yourself, why does the scientific community have such a wide radius of thought and not united on evolution? If it's a universal law of nature, why has the scientific community not found one instance of change from one species into another? Where are the missing links in the evolutionary chain from primitive to modern plants? From single cells to invertebrates? Invertebrates to fish? Fish to amphibians? Amphibians to reptiles? Reptiles to birds? Reptiles to mammals? Land mammals to sea mammals? Non-flying mammals to bats? Apes to humans? Please write and tell me won't you.

Millions of fossils have been discovered and identified but those 'missing links' have not turned up. I'm surprised you are 'ignorant' of this. There should be millions of transitional forms between the species. If the Stone Age lasted a 100,000 years, there should be millions of skeletons. Where are they? The idea of a time-scale and any evolutionary sequence is an utter shambles in the fossil record. And that's the facts!

New evidence emerges repeatedly that is devastating to evolutionary hypotheses, none of this finds it way into your head, why not? E.g. Dinosaur bones that are not fossilised have been discovered - proving they cannot be millions of years old. Dinosaur blood cells discovered - blood cells cannot survive millions of years.

Since Darwin the history of science is fill of fake discoveries that promised the missing link but never delivered [Consider E.Haeckel]. Numerous claims of "clear evidence" of evolution yet all failed under examination. Recall "Pithecanthropus Erectus", "Heidelberg Man" , "Lucy", "Neandlberg Man", "Pitdown Man", "Little Foot", "Swanscombe", "Hisperopithectus", "Hesperopithecus" or "Zinjanthropus"? [all fakes and there's others]. Many claims from evolutionist are from palaeontologists who spend their lives picking-up fragments of bones, skulls and jaws bones. They have a strong desire to exaggerate the importance of those fragments. They want so hard to find a hominid any scrap of bone becomes a hominid bone.

How is it you are 'ignorant' about these things? Sceptics should be 'leading the charge' on this one, not in dreamland. I'm very disappointed, Sceptics should expose error not support it.