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Hi there,

I’m asking if anyone had anything on Answers in Genesis that reveals it's fraudulent and evolution is plausible.

>>Any first year Philosophy textbook will suffice to show that the meaning of the way people use the word GOD is inconsistent and not logical or rational.<<

Surely the way atheists take the name of "God" in vain is more inconsistent. Why do so many say “God” “Lord” “Jesus” “Christ” in vain? Yet God’s existence is logical and feasible. In harmony with history, mans mental, moral nature, and the nature of the material universe. Atheism solves no problems and answers no questions, but God's existence is like a magical key that fits the facts of Scripture, knowledge and science. Men who ignore God do so not because science, reason or “first year Philosophy textbooks” require it, but simply because they want to. "They did not like to retain God in their knowledge" ..... "Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man" Rom 1:28, 22-23. For those who desire to know God, however, He has revealed Himself perfectly through His Son and can be known without consulting a ‘Philosophy book’.

>>My belief is that if the very people who are the most strong in their belief of a god cannot be consistent then the concept is at best not very helpful.<<

Why reject “the concept” of 'a God' because those you think “strong in their belief” are inconsistent? If so, why ignore the inconsistency within evolutionary theory? There’s a huge amount of evidence life didn’t evolve from some primordial soup, why ignore that John?

>>Therefore I do not have to worry my head or waste my time considering items that 2000 years of careful thought have not provided sufficient justification for.<<

But you wrote, “I have read - I have studied - I have weighed.….I am proud of the non stop study I have undertaken all my life”. But now, you wouldn’t "worry" your "head" or "waste" your "time" about creation or God. Why not be open-minded?

>>Children appear to be born with no natural belief in a god, that has to be indoctrinated.<<

Many primitive tribes have been discovered (untouched by civilization) who believe in a ‘great spirit’. Why? Their intuition about God is not an understanding based on indoctrination. Nor on the other hand, is it without the process of reasoning or independent of intellect, so it can’t be ‘indoctrinated’. Millions believe in God - an awful lot of skullduggery going on?

Men know intuitively there’s a God it’s apart of their nature from birth. Why? Because men generally worship something or someone or believe in a God or gods and if they don’t find or accept the true God, they can’t satisfy their intuitive knowledge and fill their life with material things that don’t satisfy.

Children are certainly not born with a natural belief in evolution they are
indoctrinated. The public education systems brainwash children in that direction. The media has had a censorship for years regarding news that doesn't support evolution. Newspapers, magazines and journals are 'indoctrinating' evolutionary dogma. They focus on Darwin and neglect such men as Michael Faraday, James Maxwell and William Thomson and Lord Kelvin, who at the time the ‘Origin’ was introduced were the true giants of science. These men had great credibility among scientists of the day and never accepted Darwin’s theory.

>>The specific religion that is based on the life of Christ has caused more schisms and wars than any scientific theory - if we add in the other two "one god" religions, Judaism and Muhamedism, the potential for World War 3 is already in existence.<<

You claimed its “understandable” to kill for “territory” but not ‘religion’, why is that? Alright to have WW3 over “territory”? Schisms and wars don’t deny God’s existence. You know nothing about the ‘life based on Christ’ for someone who claims a “non stop study all life”. True Christianity “based on the life of Christpromotes brotherly love, peace and the sanctity of life.Christ” has changed drug addicts, cheats, murders and liars. Little wonder church organizations worldwide have done more good than any theory of evolution. Christ taught man is made in "God’s image" and so man has dignity. Atheistic evolution teaches, he's just an animal. Since animals kill, naturally men kill. Consider Hitler’s Germany, the Master Race, the stronger survive, while Jews and blacks were regarded as inferior. The atheist Stalin who followed Darwin was perhaps history's greatest mass murder.

>>Finally I append a short series of articles [Included were Web-Page addresses] all readily answering all of the points you have made and selected straight from No Answers in Genesis so you could have spent a little time reading them - the list is not exhaustive and should not take anyone very long to read, I've tried to select only those items relating directly to your problem. In case you did not notice my last email this time it is GOODBYE.<<

I read some websites already and so I wrote. Its ironic those who insist there's "no Answers in Genesis" have no answers and suggest, go 'read' another website, or ‘don’t ask me’ or “GOODBYE”. The problem I have with those websites is their owners are the same as you. They have information on their site they would rather not discuss. They would rather drop the subject. Why?

Most the people who say they believe in evolution, when I ask them to say why, cannot. They can't explain it in a scientific manner, but when they come across someone who can explain Creation in a scientific valid manner they just turn around and walk away.


Dr T.N. Tahmisian (Atomic Energy Commission)
Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining evolution, we do not have one iota of fact