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Back Ground.

The Skeptic Friends Network are anything but 'friends'. Their website (by "SFN staff") rubbishes the Bible. So I emailed below. Surely those who tell lies about the bible, don't believe God exists, right? No, they don't know :-) Anyway, only a few of their Network would discuss their webpage. Their replies below.

Dear Sir/Madam, Just been reading some of the articles on the Sceptic Friendly website, your name and email address are there.

I thought the "Sceptics" were intelligent people who asked intelligent questions and based what they believe on scientific facts and proven evidence. I thought they debate the issues and used common sense. But any Sceptic who argues for atheistic evolution destroys any possibility of this.

What proof is there for atheism? You must answer this if you want people rubbish God's Word. It's just simply impossible to disprove God. To say 'God does not exist' is a universal negative. It's impossible to prove a universal negative therefore atheism is false and impossible to defend [unless you have complete knowledge of everything].

Atheism is a self-refuting statement; no one knows enough to be an atheist so there's no logical ground for it. You must have total knowledge of all reality and know all facts and truth of existence. How do you know God is not somewhere you can't see? Is it possible for God to exist outside the knowledge you possess?

After reading the Septic Friends website it's obvious evolution is lacking solid sound evidence. The theory of evolution is NOT a scientific proven theory or fact. If Sceptics honestly valuated the evidence they would KNOW this. If you people want to get into a brick fight, you ought to have a brick. And what's wrong believing there's a God? Are we supposed to hate Christians, laugh at God and mock the Bible like you people? Are Allah and Buddha ok then?

My estimation of the Sceptic Society has taken a 'nose-dive', because atheistic evolutionary theory is a mess. Atheism is essentially a religion based on blind faith - it takes greater faith to be an atheist. One must accept the impossible, believe the ridiculous and trust the absurd. You are asking people to believe -

1. Matter is eternal.
2. Matter without life created life.
3. Matter without mind created mind.
4. Matter without intelligence created intelligence.
5. Matter without morals created morals.
6. Matter without conscience created conscience.
7. Matter without purpose created purpose and order.

Chesterton's dictum is right. 'When people stop believing in God, they do not believe in nothing they believe in anything'. Atheism is rationally impossible, in order to be a atheist -

1. You must prove there is no God.
2. Refute all the evidence for the existence of God.
3. Explain away the reality of Christ.
4. Remove the evidence for the resurrection of Christ.
5. Disprove all the prophecies in the Bible.
6. Demonstrate the Bible is a fraud.
7. Establish the credibility of atheism.

The website fails at this and fails in the face of millions who know intuitively there is a God, which indicates the Sceptic Friends Society is a joke. And after reading the comments there, it sounds more like a Septic Tank Society.

Mark Purchase [Ph.D]

'Atheism is only intelligible in a theistic context. It can only be seen as real where God has been seen as real'