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Hi Tom

Thanks for the reply. You wrote,

>>Science is in the business of doing science; explaining or describing the natural world and NOT explaining God.<<

Depends on what you call 'doing science'. Most fields of science today are research into the unknown and unseen. Scientist don't pretend to have all the answers. But I base what I believe on what is 'explained', not on what isn't. And scientists who believe in God have no fight with science. In fact for many it's the facts of science that convince them creation is more credible than evolution. The battle is with a faith in evolutionary philosophy, not science. I wrote, "God's existence is not proven by a laboratory experiment" but proven real in a practical sense in life. God's existence is the only reasonable explanation for life on earth.

But no theory of origins-evolution or special creation or anything else can possibly be scientific. "
Science" means "knowledge" and by definition means that which we actually know concerning the facts of nature and their interrelationships. The very heart of the "scientific explanation" is the reproducibility of experiments. That is, if a certain process is observed and measured today, and then the experiment is conducted again the same way tomorrow. The same results should be obtained. So, by experimental repetition and verification, a scientific description of the process is eventually developed. Since it's impossible for us to repeat the supposed evolutionary world history and its inhabitants, and since no human observers were present to observe and record the supposed evolutionary changes of the past, its clear that evolution in the broad sense is beyond the reach of the scientific method. The theory of evolution is, therefore, not science at all. You wrote,

>>I do not believe in the biblical God because it is all collective hallucination and dreams at best. However, I do believe in an organization that was put in motion when the universe came into existence. Infinite energy WAS organized and frozen into space-time and matter. Even God is a prisoner of physical law. He did not mastermind gravity, or the other 3 fundamental forces, they just unfolded. He did play dice and came up a winner!! Maybe even He was amazed it all happened the way the universe did.<<

But you wrote, 'science does NOT explain the biblical God' yet here you use science [gravity/matter/energy] to explain your god. Your god is 'a prisoner' who can't mastermind anything but struggles in weakness. Not the true God but a "hallucination" of your imagination. You have a small minded view of a small minded god. You wrote,

>>There is no doubt that complexity and organization abounds but science and religion can never be spoken of in the same breath...never! This is because a whole can of contractions will undoubtedly arise.<<

The 'complexity and organization' that 'abounds' is proof of God. This might seem religious but only because you hate to acknowledge the Biblical God. No doubt there is design, order and laws which abound and these don't happen by chance. No design without a Designer, or order without putting things in order. Design is not a religious idea but fact. We understand these in the mind, which indicates there is a Greater Mind. One doesn't need to be religious to understand this.

I wrote that 'there is no other way to come to God but on His terms. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me' [Jn.14:6]. You reply,

>>LOL....this is all such a crock because you, me and all them other "christians" take great delight in reaping all the benefits of science in this society...travel, medicine, technology, food science...etc. etc. You would be much better off in spending your time helping to re-write the whole bible Who knows, since your such a fine example of a righteous man, He may even help you! TA!!<<

There's plenty of great scientists of the past who were Christians and modern science is based on their discoveries. It was the Biblical concept of nature and Creation that caused a true scientific enterprise to develop in the Middle Ages in Christian Europe [See Hodgson P.F. Science needed Christianity (Book Review of Jakis science & Creation) Nature 251:747 1974].

As for me '
rewriting the Bible'. With your idea of a 'prisoner god' in time and space, and no proof, why not 'rewrite' your own. The real Biblical God is in the business of helping people see the truth and light. And you "would be much better off in spending your time" reading the Bible to discover what He's really like. And cheer-up because He can help anyone, even you.

Mark Purchase