Want Some Answers ???


Hi Aaron,

Nice of you to comment,

>>You seem more then willing to stand up and shout how evolution does not exsist. How do you think the universe was created? and how life developed?<<

The common sense explanation is 'God'. How could life develop itself, even the simplest life-forms are extremely complex. Besides, the fact is, life always comes from pre-existent life, never non-life.

>>If your wondering why generally atheisits don't stand up for their 'beliefs' its because it is a futile battle.<<

Yes, because they can't be totally sure there's no God. Atheism is rationally impossible. What proof is there for it? You must answer this if you want people embrace atheism. It's just simply impossible to disprove God. To say 'God does not exist' is a universal negative. It's impossible to prove a universal negative therefore atheism is false and impossible to defend.

>>You cant argue anything in the bible because the reply is "Its just true, it happened, its fact" no proof, nothing even if it goes against all logic. All the quotes are 100% correct, there must have been people running around with pen and paper writing everything down. And magical scribes writing stuff down for the events which had no witnesses. The entire bible is just written by people, translated numerous times from language to language, it amases me people see it as fact. There are older texts in existence why are those not more creditable?<<

Well, the evidence supporting the bible is very convincing. There's plenty of 'proof' and it's reasonable. But I suspect you believe what you want, regardless of evidence.

If there's an Almighty Creator why couldn't He inspire scribes and preserve their writing? There are plenty of historical records, manuscripts and traditions among the nations that witness to Bible events. The life of Jesus is one historical event easily researched at the local library.

Bible characters, events, places, dates, languages, have been studied by historians and scholars and proved real. In fact, the historical accuracy of the Bible is far superior to the written records of Egypt, Assyria, and other early nations.

Because the Bible is the worlds most translated book, this guarantees its creditability. It can be checked for accuracy in every verse. Instead of uncertainty (as you suggest) translating it has protected and increased its authenticity.

It's been carefully and critically studied from every angle, yet survived with greater dependability. No other ancient book is witnessed by such a vast number of manuscripts. There's thousands and they prove its genuineness. For years experts have poured over the texts for copy errors. So today, we have less excuse for ignoring the Bible than any other time in history.

>>You argue the evolution theory, which I freely admit is still a theory, but so is gravity.<<

And I admit those who believe God created donít have all the answers either. Itís mater of which explanation for the origins of life is the best. I believe the creation model is better.

But gravity isn't a theory, itís a scientific law tested by real science. Real science can only deal with things observed or measured. By measuring or watching something happen, and checking and doing it again. Evolution (as Darwin described) cannot be tested or detected within the lifetime of a single observer. Evolution is only stories of how one form gave rise to another, stories that are not real science.

>>But to say god created everything 5000 years ago is a bit far. It means you believe in a 'trickster' god which has set stuff up to appear to be older then it really is. Fossils, cosmic particles etc.<<

Or are the 'tricksters' saying stuff is older than what it really is? Only evolutionary theory demands 'billions of years'. The Bible indicates the original creation and creatures were created mature and full-grown (ie. A man - 30yrs. A tree - 100ys). But there are dozens of natural phenomena conflicting with the so-called 'billions of years' -

Galaxies wind themselves up too fast. Comets disintegrate too quickly. Not enough mud on the sea floor. Not enough sodium in the sea. The earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast. Many strata are too tightly bent. Injected sandstone shortens geologic "ages". Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic "ages" to a few years. Helium in the wrong places. Not enough Stone Age skeletons. Agriculture is too recent. History is too short.

As for fossils they don't come with labels and dates indicating age. Evolutionists date the rocks by the fossils and the fossils by the theory. And yet often the fossils are not even in the assumed evolutionary order.

Cosmic particles'. The assumptions when determining their age are assumptions based on assumptions. In the end the theory has them coming from hydrogen and forming stars and planets.

Detailed analysis indicates they could not form from interstellar gas clouds (1) To do so, either by first forming dust particles (2) of by direct gravitational collapse of the gas (3) would require vastly more time than the alleged age of the universe. The obvious alternative is that stars and planets were created. (4) You wrote,

>>Anything an atheist says is countered with "thats just how god made it/ wanted it/" or "it just is". Shouldnt it be more up the reglious people to prove there is a god rather then the other way?<<

I've given a reasonable explanation for my faith (website). Now can you give a reasonable explanation for your unbelief? Then prove matter is eternal. And matter without life created life. And matter without mind created mind. And matter without intelligence created intelligence. And matter without morals created morals. And matter without conscience created conscience. And matter without purpose created purpose and order. If you can't, I conclude, 'When people stop believing in God, they do not believe in nothing they believe in anything'.

>>Aside: Do you live in fear, because you are religious? I cant see how you could not. You believe there is a heaven and a hell. Would you not be doing _everything_ your power to make sure you ended up in heaven? giving _all_ your possessions away to the needy, volunteering to something every spare moment of your time? Aaron<<

Correct, the most important thing is to be right with God, because death is not the end.

But no I don't '
live in fear'. The Bible is all about a wonderful peace between God and man that we can enjoy. That's why Christ came - "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God" (Rom 5:1-2).

So, what if you are wrong and there is a God? Where does that leave you? If I were you, I would use '
every spare moment' finding out just what God said. And be willing to give up 'all' you consider valuable and obey Him (Jn.3:3 Acts 4:12). Not just because of fear, but because God is good. If the original earth was a paradise, then heaven must be wonderful, almost beyond words.


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