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Brian stood-up after a public church meeting to question and debate Dr Don DeYoung (a speaker on creation). Brian ("Christian"?) rejected the idea of a young earth as if science does. He gave the impression he had much to say, but it turns out... well you can see. I met Brian afterwards; he said his questions weren't answered. And gave his call-card, indicating two science doctorates and the executive of the Auckland Tech., Museum. But he had to rush away, so I emailed to continue the chat -

Hi Brian, I've had an interest in the area of evolution, creation, & age of the earth for sometime. I'm amazed at the wealth of sound scientific research supporting the bible as written. Having examined evidence, I find it reasonable. And say that a Genetics study might suggest ancestors (as you say), but it's not a 'dating method'. Historical science is different to practical science.

My only problem with Don DeYoung - he mentioned 4-5 complicated evidences for a young earth compared to the 100 or so clear processes he could have mentioned. Pro. Humphreys (Ph.D physics) points out, 'Most of the evidence favors a young earth'. All we hear about is the common assumptions of deep time which evolutionary theory demands.

As a theologian I know the idea of death and bloodshed long before Adam is contrary to the bible which indicates death came through sin (Gen.3:19) and all die because of Adam's sin. And if no fall into sin and death resulting, the gospel is purposeless. Christ didn't need to die.

A timeline older than scripture also suggests animals died long before Adam and he was doomed to physical death, regardless of sin - he was created on a graveyard of decaying or fossilized animals.

But the gospel requires physical death as sins penalty, shown by the death of the sacrificial animals (also by those God killed to clothe Adam/Eve). This penalty was verified by the physical deaths of Adam and later, Christ, the perfect sin sacrifice.

The idea of deep time has God creating a world filled with death, suffering, cruelties, extinction & catastrophes etc. So logically, He (not man's sin) is to blame for all the world's death and suffering.

So men look at this suffering and death and say God isn't good, loving or all-powerful. Why create a world like this? But the truth is, God created a perfect world, free from death. Death results from sin, man's rebellion against God. So Christ died in our place and was victorious over death (the Gospel).

Hence the reason I asked if you believed the bible is 'God's Word' - for if wrong about the earth's age, it's deceptive. The gospel truth (ie we can be saved) depends on the truth of the bad news how our ancestor Adam rebelled, breaking that original harmony between God and man [1 Cor.15:21-22]. These matters Adrian and Don DeYoung didn't mention.


His Response -

Hi Brian,

Good to hear from you. You wrote,

>>Thank you for your thoughtful note. Perhaps I may reply by telling you my preferred way of replying if someone asks me if I am a Christian. I reply "No, I'm a follower of Jesus". Most people then say "What's the difference?" I reply, You tell me and then I'll tell you if I am a Christian or not".<<

I would reply to one who undermines biblical accuracy claiming to be '
Christian' differently from one who didn't claim to be. One becomes a Christian because they accept biblical accuracy and take the bible literally. I would expect 'a follower of Christ' to regard Old Testament history and chronology as Christ did – as truth, not symbolic, myth or parable (Mk 10:6; 13:19 Lk.16:31; Jn.5:46-47).

>> think one of the hallmarks of the human race is that we can display tolerance for other people's views. Can you? Kind regards Brian<<

Should we be tolerant if those "views" are contrary to gospel, scripture or science? Someone once said, "Those who demand tolerance in others are often the most intolerant". A church sign read "We Tolerate all Views. And Don't take the Bible Literal". Bible Colleges say they tolerate all views, but won't teach a literal 6 day creation. Universities won't tolerate papers contrary to evolution.

The issue at stake is more than 'views' or 'tolerance'; it's about the authority of God's Word. It should govern our thinking in every area. Many give up the faith when they come to the long-age myths. So I think the bible is worth explaining. Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life” (Jn.14:6). If the foundational book or chapters of God’s revealed word are not true, where does the truth begin?

Kind Regards.

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