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Email exchanged with a geologist (Greg Neyman USA). His website Old Earth Ministries (once called "Answers in Creation" renamed "Old Earth Ministries") insists the earth is millions of years old and he rubbishes scientists who disagree. His website "Answers in Creation" has one purpose, target those who question the 'millions' or believe in a young earth. Greg says the bible is wrong.

What a sad person you must be.

Why don't you link with "No Answers in Genesis" website and all the other 'Christ' hater websites? You have so much in common. You are against Christians and the bible and doing more harm than ever AiG or CMI have ever done.

I read your website carefully thinking perhaps you might have something to say. What a waste of time. I found nothing, totally nothing in all your ranting. What great truth can you hold up as true? Your links to atheistic websites - back-up your evidence! Your words lack detail and substance! You have nothing to encourage Christians about. You want the reader to reject the bible. That's what's really sad, and you can't see it. No, you will never understand that fact either, because you don't want to.

Nothing you write is worth defending because it's not worth believing. Oh yes, you don't answer and get into 'email debates' because you are not an authority or expert. Nothing you write stands up under questioning. Who knows how many young Christian's faith you have destroyed. You're doing more damage to the Christian faith than good. The Devil wants you to keep your head in the sand mate. No doubt you will. Find out whose side you are on.

Mark Purchase Th.D Ph.D

Reply -

Dr. Purchase,

I can understand your position. When you have believed something all your life, and then read that it may not be true, one cannot help but have an emotional response that includes denial. Unfortunately, this is the reaction of most young earth creationists who visit the website.

Fortunately, there are just as many positive emails from people who have been helped by the website. They have had their Christian faith strengthened, and they encourage me to continue my work. The website is for their benefit. Because I take the old earth position, I expect the young earth believers to be upset at me...it goes with the territory.

I have found from experience that email debates end up going nowhere, based on the emotional element. Based on your email, it would be hard for me to believe that you would listen to my reasoning, no matter how much it made sense. Years of indoctrination in the young earth system usually makes people ignore reason. This is explained in the article "Morton's Demon," written by a former young earth creationist www.answersincreation.org/mortond.htm

God Bless,
Greg Neyman

Answers In Creation

My reply -

Greg I had to be blunt to get a response.

I needed to wake you up and get your attention. But you couldn't muster any passion for your cause, you are trying to get people to trash the bible. Those who write against - AiG/CMI/CR/ICR are showing people it's true and believable – there's the difference. The "Answers (are not) in Creation" Greg, the answers are in the bible!!

Listen carefully, I counsel guys who fall away from the Christian faith because of people like you. Others go to websites like yours to get ammo against the bible. They are the hardest to win back!! Do you understand that? And I defend the faith with atheists, skeptics, agnostics and mockers who need websites like yours for their attack against the bible. Yes straight from your nasty little effort to rubbish 'young earthers' as you call them. Not to mention the decent Christians on the web who get messed up by reading your comments. How much do you think peoples souls are worth? Nothing!! What's a wasted life or two for a person like you? God regards their "faith more precious than gold" (1 Pe.1:7) but you couldn't care less.

Don't pretend it's some kind of "emotional thing" or my problem. Your whole website is all about NOT believing what the bible clearly says. Don't think everybody is stupid Greg, people can work out what you're doing. Which side are you on?

In our country, there's headlines in our Christian papers about young Christians falling away from the faith in their droves. Just the other week 'Challenge Weekly' [p.6] - "Group aims to curb student dropout rate". This is typical of the articles I've read in magazines, newspapers, newsletters and books. When Christian kids go to university they are faced with the evolutionary hype of an old earth claimed to be billions of years. They KNOW the bible's history is different. But they have no answers because we ignore the problem. So they fall away. Not one or two - but dozens EVERY YEAR!! The millions of years cannot fit with the bible. Yes Greg GOOD PEOPLE GIVE UP the Christian faith because of what you teach.

The famous evangelist Charles Templeton's book, “Farewell to God – my reasons for rejecting the Christian faith”. He had doubts about the short history of Genesis which seemed to contradict 'science'. He wrote, “It’s simply not possible any longer to believe, for instance, the biblical account of creation. The world wasn’t created over a period of days a few thousand years ago; it has evolved over millions of years. It’s not a matter of speculation; its demonstrable fact”. (p7 Farwell to God. McClelland & Stewart Inc. NY 1991). So sadly he became another example of those who give up when faced with long age myths. Today we have good answers for every reason he gave.

R.L. Numbers (a great historian) “I vividly remember the evening I attended an illustrated lecture on the famous sequence of fossil forests in Yellowstone National Park and then stayed up most of the night … agonizing over, then accepting, the disturbing likelihood that the earth was at least thirty thousand years old. Having thus decided to follow science rather than Scripture on the subject of origins, I quickly, though not painlessly, slid down the proverbial slippery slope toward unbelief.” (p. xvi. The Creationists: The Evolution of Scientific Creationism, Univ of California Press, 1992). Now he's anti-Christian etc.

Lloyd Geering (ordained preacher, now bitter enemy of Christianity) "If Darwin was right then the opening chapters of the Bible were false and misleading. If the Bible was found wanting in its account of Creation, how could one be sure of it anywhere? …Life on this planet stretches back three billion years" (p.40, 75-76) "The World to Come from Christian past to global future". (Publ. Bridget William Books. Wellington, NZ 1999).

Not mention J.S.Spong R.W.Funk etc. I've corresponded with anti-Christian websites. Run by ex-Christians who figured out what you just can't seem to understand. The reasons for rejecting the faith are all over your website, read by those who become bitter enemies of the faith.

Today there are plenty of highly
qualified scientists who reject the billions of years demanded by evolutionists solely on scientific grounds. You rubbish their books. They for biblical reasons and good evidence reject the nebulous billions of years. And you rubbish their faith.

Plenty of evidence indicates a young earth. When we realize evidence for Noah's flood explains what we see better than the suggested billions of years, it's easy to understand why scientific evidence favors a young earth. ie (1) The continents are eroding too quickly. (2) Not enough helium in the atmosphere. (3) Many fossils indicate that they must have formed quickly, (4) Many processes, which we have been told take millions of years, don't need such time-spans. (5) Galaxies wind themselves up too fast. (6) Comets disintegrate too quickly. (7) Not enough mud on the sea floor. (8) Not enough sodium in the sea. (9) The earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast. (10) Many strata are too tightly bent. (11) Injected sandstone shortens geologic "ages." (12) Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic "ages" to a few years. (13) Helium in the wrong places. (14) Not enough stone-age skeletons. (15) Agriculture is too recent. (16) History is too short.

Sure 'evidence' is interpreted. But for us God's Word should be THE final authority. The bible should be trusted - just as written. Not made to fit the ideas of men. The issue at stake is more than just 'science' it's about the authority of God's Word - which should govern our thinking in every area. Who do we believe? Men who don't know everything, who weren't there in the beginning, or God who was there and knows all things? The foundation and authority of the bible is what you are attacking. I stand fast on the literal plain meaning of Scripture. When defending the faith over the internet, the age of the earth is important area to defend the truth. Don't ever think otherwise.

The "billions of years" idea is man made. The length increased over the years to fit the changing theory. They're needed to make plausible what's clearly impossible ie., if you just give the universe and life enough time, chance and change, it involves without God.

The only good your website did me was to show your "reasoning" was lacking, and arguments poor. But go ahead "
without emotion" lets discuss these books. Stick with the facts, show their error. Pick one, I can check what you say. Please go ahead -

(1) "Thousand… Not Millions" (Dr D DeYoung –Physics Professor)
(2) "Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth" (Dr L Vardiman Dr. A Snelling Dr E.F. Chaffin)
(3) "The Great Divide - Christianity or Evolution" (G Berghoff L.Dekoster. A scriptural study showing the of millions of years to be unscriptural)
(4) "It’s a Young World After All – Exciting Evidences for Recent Creation" (Dr P.D Ackerman)
(5) "15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History" (Dr D. Batten Dr J. Sarfati.)
(6) "The Origin of the Universe" (Dr. H.S Slusher)
(7) "Age of the Cosmos" (Dr. H.S Slusher)
(8) "Star Light and Time" (Dr R. Humphreys. Else where he mentions there are as much as 200 scientific evidences for a young earth)
(9) "Dismantling the Big Bang" (A Williams Dr. J Hartnett)
(10) "Refuting Compromise" (Dr. J Sarfati).
(11) "The Answers Book" ('Creation Ministries' scientists)
(12) "In the Minds of Men" (Dr. I T Taylor)
(13) "Flood Geology" (Dr. J Woodmorappe)
(14) "The Young Earth" (Dr J.D. Morris)
(15) "The Annals of The World" (J. Ussher)

Or how about -
(16) "Creation of Time" (H Ross). Open that, and reveal it's truth. If you have the truth, the truth has nothing to fear.

What we will find is that you are in a corner and entrenched in a human belief, not the Bible. That's why you are wrong and putting people wrong and need to be told.