Want Some Answers ???


Hi Greg,

Looks like you are in damage control mode. Apparently your emails don't have the same details as your articles. And you haven't read my letters carefully. Perhaps they're too long.

>> You apparently have misread Morton's Demon. It does not suggest that YECs are demon possessed, nor do I believe this.<<

Well, its on your website. You encouraged me to read it TWICE and believed it "
perfectly describes" my situation. Read it -

"…When I was a YEC, I had a demon that did similar things for me….. made me aware that each YEC is a victim of my demon…..The demon makes its victim feel very comfortable…. The demon only lets his victim see what the demon wants him to see…… The demon drives his victim to go to YEC conventions…"

This says demon possession is synonymous with "YEC" and directly related to "YEC". It claims they're 'victims'. That's a totally unbiblical interpretation of demon possession. It's how you "interpret" things.

>>You ask me to show you the evidence from the faulty young earth books? You are free to read the reviews on my website. Unfortunately, the information will not get past your young earth filter, and you will not see my arguments as valid. To save you time, I would not bother reading the book reviews.<<

All I asked was that we work through them together. Why? Your 'reviews' are not always honest. They boast the authors are ignorant and won't answer questions. It all goes unanswered. I also saw blunders revealing a lack of information. Now I'm willing to read with an open mind but I'm not a clone and blindly accept anything. It's precisely because "YEC" have studied the issue in depth that they take a stand.

>>I also regard the OT as God's Word, inerrant and infallible in the original writings. I take Genesis as history, just as you do. However, I "interpret" it differently. As Christians, we are all responsible for interpreting His Word. You are not upset because I don't believe in Genesis...you are upset because I don't believe in your interpretation of Genesis.<<

No you have redefined the words 'inerrant, infallible and God's Word' to mean what you want. Then 'interpret' the clear literal meaning of Genesis into a myth. "Word of God" means God is speaking so has top authority. You reject His authority for that of men.

I am not promoting a private interpretation at all. I am saying Jesus NEVER held your interpretation. If you submit to His Lordship, take your lead from Him. Is Jesus your Lord? He believed the Genesis account as written, so should you.

>>Remember the Middle Ages, when Galileo said the earth was not the center of the universe? He was ridiculed by the church. Now, we know he was right. This shows the condition of our church today.<<

You have many arguments against the bible from the skeptics, evolutionists etc. Why? It was not a case of science vs the Church. This is the usual humanist spin-doctoring on the Galileo affair. Anti-Christian propagandists always mention the conflict between Galileo and the church into religion verses science. Galileo didn’t disprove the Bible. He would have been shocked at the thought. He accepted biblical authority more faithfully than church leaders today.

The big flaw in churches today is when they read (and teach) the scriptures only in the light of whatever the current popular world-view is. In 1940 the earth was 2 billion years old. In 1954 it was 3.2 billion years old in 1964 it was 3.6 billion years old. In 1989 it was 4.6 billion years old. Why not just teach what the bible says?

>>Scientists are saying the earth is old, yet there are some in the church (YEC) who resist this truth. As a result, the church has been pushed further and further into the corner, and is ridiculed more and more each day. Since YEC are the vocal minority in our church, non-church people stereotype the church based on YEC.<<

Firstly scientists are not all "saying the earth is old". The age is not an established fact. Second, the church shouldn't set its standard to what the world says. It should accept the bible as God's Word and interpret evidence accordingly. You think the bible contains God's Word but needing proof by 'science'.

As scientists make new discoveries and their theories change, your attitude to the Bible must change too — you can never be sure of anything.

People push the church into the corner because they think science has proven the bible wrong. They say there was no world-wide flood and evolution has made 'creation' doubtful. So they don't want to trust the bible until 'science' proves it.

>>The world sees the church, with its young earth, and knows that if the Bible teaches a young earth, then the Bible cannot be true. Who can blame them for feeling this way? Because of this, YEC has no chance of reaching the lost with the Gospel. You are not going to reach an educated evolutionist with the Gospel...but with old earth creationism, you can.<<

Those "
YEC" scientists (your website rubbishes) have reached 'educated evolutionists', & won many for Christ and strengthened God's people.

Your old earth belief destroys the gospel. The long ages derived from the belief that sedimentary rock layers on earth represent eons of time. This in turn derived from the dogmatic assumption that there were no special acts of creation or a global flood. So the earth's features must be explained by processes seen to be happening today (all which fulfils 2 Peter 3:3-7). The rock layers contain fossils, since you place these long before the Fall of Adam you undermine the Gospel and the very reason that Christ came to the earth – such as reversing the effects of the Curse. So this issue is inseparably linked to the Gospel and the inerrancy of Scripture.

>>One day, young earth creationism will pass away, just as geocentrism did. And the church will continue, and be better off for it. You need to ask yourself if your counseling sessions with fallen believers would be more successful if you offered them an alternative to believe in old earth creationism. I suspect you would have more success and keep them in the church if you showed them a rationale way they could believe both the Bible and science.<<

As I said in my last email, How can you "counsel" people to accept a contradiction? It disconnects the bible from the real world and makes it irrelevant. Tell them "the earth is old" and they see the contradiction and reject the bible as untrustworthy. They know if the bible isn't true in Genesis, then how can it be true elsewhere?

Why counsel them to embrace what undermines the whole biblical message right at the start? One that leads to heresy and apostasy, destroying their faith! You send them to read atheistic websites ("Talk Origins"). You give them to atheists so atheists can explain the bible. The end result is more enemies of the faith.

>>Offering them YEC is counterproductive to keeping them in the faith. I'm sure you have some success, for which I am thankful. It is always good to salvage their faith, even if it is with YEC. However, in the long run, those you lose are probably lost for good, since they don't know they have the alternative of OEC. Adding old earth creationism to your arguments would greatly increase your abilities.<<

Telling people God created a world filled with frequent death, physical and emotional sufferings, cruelties, extinctions, catastrophes etc - for millions of years is a lie. They get a wrong picture of God and the gospel becomes foolishness.

Are you telling me when wolves eat lambs it's the way things were meant to be by God? Is this what I should teach? Do you honestly believe that? If so, why has God never revealed this? And why does God refer to a future time when the wolf will lie down with the lamb?

Genesis provides a brief but tantalizing description of the wondrous paradise our Creator lovingly designed. It was far unlike our pain-filled and sin-filled world we experience. There is no biblical reason to believe that the pre-Fall world suffered catastrophes, diseases, parasites, plagues, mutations, etc. Earth began as a paradise, not a world of travail.

>>By now you can probably see why I don't carry on debates via email. It merely leads to both of us wasting a lot of time, when we know the other person is not going to change their mind. I prefer to concentrate on the truth seekers who are open. I answer many emails from people, and like most people, my time is limited, so I must focus on those that I can help.<<

No not a waste of time. I believe in free discussion and the right to differ. And believe strongly you need to change your mind. You are playing with the faith of God's people and doing serious damage. If you want to change my mind please do. What is your best argument for the billions of years?

Otherwise I was correct at the start; you don't get into discussion because what you write can't stand questioning.

>>Just this week I helped another YEC switch over to OEC. Fortunately, I get plenty of emails from people who have been helped by the website, or who are honestly trying to discover the truth, and I am all too happy to help them. I constantly pray for His help, and I thank God that He has used me in this way, and I will continue in His service. God Bless, Greg Neyman<<

How can you tell them "God's loves you" when your God created death, suffering and allowed killing and cruelty for millions of years? You commit to something ugly and unbiblical.

Have you been hurt by a "YEC"? You appear bitter and made Christians in God's service your enemies. Wow!! Think about that!! And now you undermine the bible with a message that undermines the gospel. The gospel has no effect or purpose. Please Greg, I beg you, Wake up. Reread my comments about the gospel. Pray about this, I'm convinced you haven't. God cannot answer prayers to help you attack His people or His Word.


"Anyone who has a different teaching does not agree with the true teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that shows the true way to serve God. This person is full of pride and understands nothing, but is sick with a love for arguing and fighting about words. This brings jealousy, fighting, speaking against others, evil mistrust, and constant quarrels from those who have evil minds and have lost the truth.." (1 Tim. 6:3-5).