Want Some Answers ???


Email sent to Dr Craig Millar (Auckland University). A world expert in the evolution of 'Penguins' (he set out to provide the 'first empirical test' for evolution). Either he cannot answer (defend his research), is too busy (proving evolution) or simply ignoring anything to the contrary of evolution.

So it was also sent to Prof David Lambert (Massey University Albany). The '
principle investigator' of evolution. With 'over 25 years experience' proving and a 'particular interest' in evolution. He 'collaborates expensively' with Dr Millar. But apparently after 25 years of study neither could answer, defend their evolutionary belief OR EVEN REPLY.

Hi Dr Lambert

Noticed your details at http://awcmee.massey.ac.nz/contacts_professors.htm

I emailed this to an 'evolution' expert Dr Millar, (AKL Univ) he was either unable or too busy to respond.

Regarding the DNA research on penguins and the rate of evolution. Is it not a fact 90% of mutations are not beneficial. And few confer any advantage (which is not real evolution) but no one has ever observed a mutation that increases genetic information, and that would be real evolution.

Anyone can argue mutations occur in Adelie penguins, but whether the Yellow-eyed, African, Royal, Emperor, King, Gentoo penguin etc., this speciation is within the ‘kind’ and involves no new genetic information. No matter what rate of mutations, the penguin is a penguin.

Its very simple. This indicates the whole idea that all organisms which have existed throughout history were generated by the accumulation of entirely undirected mutations is an entirely unsubstantiated belief for which there is not the slightest evidence. When will our universities teach the truth about the philosophy of evolution?

Mark Purchase