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Glenn claims to be "Christian" but he's bitter with those who believe the bible (as written).

Hi Glenn

Hope you donít mind me commenting. Just been reading your website. It's amazing someone can spend so much time and effort against Christians. I see you are highly recommended on sceptic and atheistic websites. They love you. Your website has so much in common. You both attack the same people, with the same arguments, believe the same ideas. And you are the one the wrote that ĎMortonís Demoní


I reject your evolution-creation mix-up for 3 reasons Ė

(1) Its anti-bible. It doesnít do justice to the bible. Ignores the text, makes it unbelievable and untrustworthy. The bible is re interpreted according to evolutionary ideas. Genesis 1-11 is history and was always intended to be regarded as such. As Jesus and Paul.

(2) Its anti-Gospel. The concept destroys the gospel. It makes God to blame for death and suffering, the shedding of blood for the remission of sin becomes a contradiction. Death and suffering become Godís will not punishment.

(3) Its anti-God. Godís nature of perfection and love is destroyed. God becomes the devil who enjoys suffering and death. He becomes Allah afar off uncaring. It insults His wisdom and power.

And of course, many expert scientists for scientific reasons wonít have a bar of evolution. So unlike you, I haven't found any reason for throwing away what I know is true to embrace what I know is not true.

Kind regards, Mark

Note; Glenn doesn't answer, he avoids -

>>Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:39 AM

I am amazed that your note made it past my spam filter. I get Your website spam by the bucketload which are advertisements. Glad you made it through

I do want to make a correction to your note below. I am a Christian. I am not working against Christianity. I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I merely have a different Biblical interpretation than you do, (and don't think that it removes historicity from the Scripture). I believe in a literal Adam and Eve, a talking snake, a real Fall. So, when you read my site, please have the courtesy to know where I am coming from.<<

Below, another he doesn't properly answer -


You need to ask yourself whose side are you on. The enemies of Christ praise you and use YOUR words against Godís people to destroy THEIR faith. God regards their faith as more precious than gold, DO YOU?

Evolution and its millions of years have caused many Christians to leave the faith. Some become Godís enemies and run websites like yours. You sell the ammo for sceptics, atheists and any anti-Christian. The souls of men become lost because of people like you. Your money is dirty.... it stinks.

You profess faith. But nothing in your actions and words reveal genuine faith. "By their works shall you know them". You donít accept the bible as a real Christian because the philosophy of evolution won't allow. Itís not Ďa different interpretationí. What you write is not another part of Christianity, but a contradiction to it. You use the bible to accommodate and prove evolutionary philosophy. In the end your website removes the readerís confidence and trust in the bible.

You are playing with a Christ dishonouring atheistic philosophy and trying to drag it into the bible. So with all your words and articles the fact remains Ė your philosophy is anti-Bible. You pretend to be Christian but evolutionary philosophy (not the bible) controls your thinking in every area.

You have the wrong glasses on when looking at the bible, so you get the wrong picture. For you, "YEC" are demon possessed because they believe the bible. For you they are Godís enemies. Jesus said, "By this shall all men know you are my disciples if you have love one for another".

Today there is far more scientific evidence than ever before that the world was created as Genesis describes. The days were 24 hr periods. The fossil and geological evidence shows there was a world-wide flood. While the theory of evolution is unworkable, unscientific and based on assumptions and story telling. How can you support it?

You have attempted to be scientific and critical in the way you write, but fail. You fail because you lost the source, the content and the critique of all theology Ė Godís WORD. Without that you have no principle to organize theology. In the bible GOD is speaking, not man as the religious quester. Your message is empty preaching, nothing more than the spirit of man, there is no proclamation of Godís Word. You are religious and talking about religious topics, and lost in rank individualism.

Because you reject God (& His Word) as the controlling normative source of Christian dogma, you cannot progress or advance beyond evolutionary philosophy. The foundation of REAL biblical interpretation is the command of God. The right God makes the right commands and the authoritative God has the right to declare how He created or He would be less than God. You use scripture, but you give it no binding authority in theological assertions unless trying to prove evolution.

The bible should be trusted - as written. Not made to fit man's ideas. The issue more than just 'science' it's about the authority of God's Word - which should govern our thinking in every area. Who do you believe? Men who don't know everything, who weren't there in the beginning, or God who was there and knows all things?

The foundation and authority of the bible is what you attack. Evolution undermines the whole biblical message at the start. It teaches Ė

(1) Death is NOT the wages of sin.
(2) Man is NOT a fallen image but a risen ape.
(3) The law is obviously mythical (Ex.20:11) all things were NOT created in 6 days.
(4) Sinful behaviour is the result of animal ancestry.
(5) The bible cannot be trusted.

Most can see a contradiction between evolution and creation. So most prominent vocal atheists say evolution caused them to abandon the faith of their parents. Abandoning Genesis as history leads to heresy and apostasy.

They reject God because the fossil record with all its death, mutations, disease, suffering, bloodshed and violence represents millions of years of Earthís history. And conclude any Ďgodí responsible for this mess of life and death could not be all-powerful, all-knowing, but a sadist.

Your website is indefensible and unthinkable. To be Christian and teach evolution also blames Jesus (the Creator) for millions of years of death and killing. He's blamed for the pointless trial and error, dead ends and blind alleys. Even He becomes the end product of a long line of evolutionary developments. Yet evolution was always nonsense because -

(1) The transition fossils are STILL missing; there has never BEEN any evolution,
(2) Thereís good evidence the earth is young, not billions of years.
(3) The frauds used to support evolution.
(4) Its scientifically impossible,
(5) Many scientists for scientific reasons reject it,
(6) Noahís Flood best explains the fossil evidence.

You claim you "
believe in Jesus Christ as (your) personal saviour". Yet everything Scripture says about salvation through Christ hinges on the literal truth of what Gen.1-3 says. If you believe the origin of the universe occurred 16 billion-years ago, then death, bloodshed and disease existed before Adam and Eve. They are naturally apart of nature. So if death and bloodshed existed before sin, this destroys the need and basis of Christ's atonement. Death and suffering become Godís will, not punishment.

The Good News to be correctly understood depends on correctly understanding the bad news. Sin is the root cause of human problem, and the curse on the whole of the creation. Evolution denies that, it teaches death & bloodshed are natural on earth, so it makes any talk of Godís love nonsense.

Besides, why wouldn't a perfect God of love create a prefect world? The Bible says He did, it became marred by man's sin. Evolution however needs nature red in tooth and claw with lots of mutations, struggle, death and bloodshed or there is no advancement. More pain the better. Can you see how Godís goodness is destroyed? Godís nature of perfection and love is destroyed. God becomes the devil who enjoys suffering and death over millions of years of failed creations. He becomes Allah afar off uncaring. Evolution insults His wisdom, perfection, love and power.

So "YEC" are telling people to trust the bible, that "God is good", and making stronger Christians. But you are doing the opposite.

Turn around Glenn. You are on the wrong road, doing the wrong work.