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You appear up-set, must I explain myself.

Noah’s Flood is the Death Bell to evolutionary philosophy and long ages. It's also an obvious sign of God’s coming judgment on man’s sin. Evolutionary philosophy denies any punishment for sin.

When you deny the historicity of the global flood you deny eschatology. If the account of God’s judgment in the worldwide flood is not believed, why believe any judgment to come? The Apostle Peter prophesied about people like you (2 Pe.3:3-6). In the last days people would be ‘wilfully ignorant’ God created the world and destroyed it with a flood. In fact, the bible presents Creation and the flood as being so obvious that anyone who denies their reality is “wilfully ignorant” and worthy of God’s judgment (Rom.1:18-39 2 Pe.3:3-7).

So if there is no evidence for the flood, why does God hold unbelievers culpable?

If the flood never happened, the history in Genesis isn’t true. Where does bible truth begin? Does it matter if Jesus actually died and rose again? Theological Liberals say ‘no’ and deny the literal truth of scripture on any issue.

What you do with Genesis is precisely what religious liberals so with all of scripture – reinterpreting it to mean what you want. Modern naturalism does violence to essential doctrines of Christianity.

Evangelicals who accept an old-earth interpretation of Genesis embrace a hermeneutic that’s hostile to a high view of scripture. The process overthrows faith.

>> Let me ask you something. A similar argument above could have been used by a Catholic when Bruno was arguing for the Copernican system. Giordano Bruno was viewed as helping Christs enemies. Today we know he was right.<<

Modern science was born from Christianity. Not in the thoughts of men like “Giordano Bruno”. Bruno’s humanism led him into the occult. Nor did Galileo disprove the Bible. He would have been shocked at the thought. He accepted biblical authority more than you. Astronomers Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton were all creationists, and Herschel and Maunder as well.

Most anti-Christian propagandists make much of the conflict between Galileo and ‘
Catholics’. Galileo thought that the simpler mathematics of Copernican system would best reflect God’s mathematical simplicity (His Tri-unity). The main opponents of Galileo were the scientific establishment, “The Aristotelian professors, seeing their vested interests threatened, united against him…. strove to cast suspicion on him in the eyes of the ecclesiastical authorities because of [alleged] contradictions between the Copernican theory and scriptures” (p638 New Ency. Britannica. 15th ed. 92). Many church leaders allowed themselves to be persuaded by the Aristotelians at the universities, that Galileo was contradicting the bible. So they opposed him. He was condemned by the Inquisition because he adopted the heliocentric system, this system wasn't proved conclusively UNTIL 50 YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH, by Newton. The bible didn't need revision because it never taught the opposite system.

In your case Glenn what you do is provide reasons NOT believing the bible. And so enemies of Christ take YOUR words ridiculing Christians to attack the faith of God’s people.

>>I know whose side I am on--God's and truth. I can tell you that a huge number of atheists started out as young-earth creationists and left the faith after they went into science and saw with their own eyes the utter falsity of the young-earth ideas. After seeing the geologic data, I left young-earth creationism and personally struggled for years about whether or not to leave Christianity because what Christians were telling me didn't match what I saw with my own eyes, so I know why so many atheists are former young-earth creationists. Through what I have done, a few of them have returned to the faith. One is a professor of geology.<<

So your experience confirms what I wrote. Abandoning Genesis as history leads to heresy and apostasy. Evolutionary philosophy is the reason many give up Christianity. It was yours. The 'millions of years' myth has caused many to reject the bible, faith and Saviour. Many turn their backs for ruined lives instead. In effect you did not come back to faith in Christ and His Word but faith in evolutionary philosophy.

Hence you have things in common in atheists - destroy the faith of people, and some will NEVER return. All who accept your worldview have the same risk. So its not ‘
utter falsities of young earth ideas” but the teaching and brainwashing of evolution. Those who spread ‘falsities’ about a young earth destroy faith in Christ too.

>>You mistake why people leave the faith. It is because Christians say things like, there are no overthrusts. (see http://home.entouch.net/dmd/othrust.htm <<

No YOU turn people away [not '
Christians'] and the teaching of long-age evolution in schools and Universities, then they “leave the faith”. Your website persuades people to reject God’s Word [and ‘Christians.’] I’ve never heard anyone giving up because of what Christians say about “over-thrusts” (“Studies in Flood Geology” pg.86-97 J.Woodmorappe - all about over-thrusts)

Faith' should be in God’s Word, not what men say. Biblical “faith” comes from hearing God’s Word (Rom.10:17). When that says the earth was flooded, believe it (Gen.7:21-24). Faith is knowing God does not lie.

>>They say things like all the sedimentary column was deposited in a one year flood but then fail to explain why there are footrpints, tracks and trails from top to bottom of the column, as well as evidence of drought. see http://home.entouch.net/dmd/droughts.htm <<

Your interpretations are governed by uniformitarianism and assumptions reflect this bias. Christians have numerous writings on "the sedimentary column". The evidence best fits Noah’s Flood. What would we expect to find if that was world-wide? Millions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth. That is what we find. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in sedimentary rock. Many rock formations are better explained by Noah’s Flood. The sedimentary layers also show bent, missing columns, and fossil graveyards.

Scientists have shown how the layers form. As water flows, cross beds form underwater in sand waves. The layers are explained best by a catastrophic flood. This is what happened, not one layer per year. Not under air but water. I have watched these layers form with moving water while experts conduct the experiment.

>>And they fail to explain http://home.entouch.net/dmd/termites.htm <<

Why not ask? Think it's a problem? Go to www.Creation.com type in search engine. Contact Dr Tas Walker (geologist). He loves problems in geology.

But these "
termites" don’t deny Noah’s flood occurred. You say they “were living their lives as if a global flood wasn't happening.” That is speculation, not fact. There are assumptions everywhere.

You fail to ‘
explain’ away evidence for the flood, eg fossilized vertical tree trunks that penetrate several rock layers. If the upper sedimentary layers really took millions of years to form, then the top of the tree trunk would have rotted away. Some fossil trees are buried through strata with 1,000's of layers of microscopic skeletons of water creatures.

You ‘
fail’ to explain coal formations [good flood evidence]. The old evolutionary belief is coal forms under quiet swamps. But we have never found a swamp with coal forming under it. And coal doesn’t take millions of years to form. Or ‘explain’ away the fact that diamonds, fossils, rocks and opals can easily be made in the lab in a short period of time.

In fact for a creature to become a fossil it needs to be buried quickly. There are billions of fossil fish in rock layers around the world which are incredibly well-preserved. They frequently show intact fins and often scales, indicating that they were buried rapidly and the rock hardened quickly. In the real world, dead fish are scavenged within 24 hours.

>>If you YECs had good answers, people wouldn't leave the faith because of you<<

YECs’ encourage ‘people’ to believe the bible you encourage them not to. People “leave the faith” because of you.

YECs have a better ‘
answer’ why is there death and suffering in the world. If we take Genesis as history this explains the origin of death and suffering. But a real problem for long age views because according to dating methods accepted by long agers there are human fossils ‘older’ than any possible date for Adam. All through the fossil record there is a record of tumours, pain and killing. What an insult to the loving God of the bible. God said in His book after He made the world “It is very good” (Gen.1:31). None can make a defence of the goodness of God, if long agers are correct. There is only one view of Genesis that provides for a consistent theodicy.

YECs do have “good answers” there is less accuse today for not believing the bible than ever before.

>>I am sorry, but I thought I was Christ's servant, not yours. I don't have to worry about your judgement of me; I do have to worry about Christ's judgement of me.<<

Your website is used to attack the faith of God’s people. God regards their 'faith' more precious than gold. You destroy their 'faith'. Your website convinces me you are not “Christ’s servant”. Ask Him; is it all right to tell kids believing the bible is demonic? What would He say -“Whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and drowned in the sea" (Mt.18:5-7).

>> No, you can't beleive how many emails I have received over the years from struggling college students looking for ways to salvage their faith because they were taught what you want taught, and they over and over tell me that no one in my church has answers for my problems. Many of them remain Christian after reading my stuff and talking with me.<<

Busy telling ‘little ones’ the Genesis flood is not true? The bible is mostly a book of history; by denying Genesis history you disconnect Christianity from the ‘real world’. This means Christianity dies. The bible is regarded as stories (perhaps with a good moral). If Christians divide their thinking into two areas – reality & 'faith' they think ‘faith’ has no connection with reality. So atheists love your website, they encourage such a ‘faith’ it has nothing that challenges their unbelief.

I’ve never heard of
YECs been counselled because they believe the bible. Or had their ‘faith’ destroyed because they trust what God says. So although you confess 'Christianity' it's evolutionary philosophy (not the bible) that controls your thinking in every area. You reply,

>>Well, since you don't know me that is quite a statement. Do you mind read too?<<

But clearly evolutionary philosophy controls your thinking in every area. You are a clone of uniformitarianism. You have the wrong glasses on when looking at the evidence. Scientists are not neutral. There are creationist and evolutionist scientists. When a scientist look at the rocks, fossils, world [and bible] he takes it into his head and interprets it according to his world-view. Scientists all have the same evidence but interpret it according to their worldview. You need to use biblical glasses not atheistic naturalism.

Allow the bible to interpret itself, not uniformitarianism. Allow God to speak. Rather than coming from the view that the bible is wrong.

>>Boy, you don't understand Morton's Demon. That was a play on words of Maxwell's demon, but then, why am I wasting my time with you when nothing I say will change your mind anyway. You aren't interested in actually learning anything, you are only interested in judging others.<<

Yes like judging your hatred of YECs which is disgraceful. Your articles mock Noah’s Flood and YECs who believe the bible [Sceptics love this]. The bible says, “If any man say he loves God yet hate his brother, he a lair” (1 Jn.4:20). You are commanded by Christ to love your “YEC” brother (Jn.13:34). This is how we know if a Christian has the truth. “He that says, I know him, and keeps not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. (1 Jn.2:4)

If the bible is God’s Word to you, why doesn’t it have authority over your mind? Christians should be like Christ. He believed the Genesis Flood, why don’t you? And no “
play on words”. Read what you wrote -

"…When I was a YEC, I had a demon that did similar things for me….. made me aware that each YEC is a victim of my demon…..The demon makes its victim feel very comfortable…. The demon only lets his victim see what the demon wants him to see…… The demon drives his victim to go to YEC conventions…"

This is saying "demon" possession is synonymous with "YECs" and directly relates to "YECs". It claims they are 'victims' 4 times. That's a totally unbiblical interpretation of 'demon' possession. It shows how you interpret the bible.

>>Then explain why there are worm burrows (they only move about an inch a minute through the sediment which the flood would dump in at the rate of 2-5 feet per hour). http://home.entouch.net/dmd/burrows.htm You dont' know how many letters from people like you I get. None of them will answer questions I ask them to explain. Please explain why there are burrows throughout the entire geologic record. Explain http://home.entouch.net/dmd/appalach1.htm <<

You say “YECs have not addressed this problem”. I have seen something here and here. In your view did they burrow when the rock was hard? Search worm burrows Grand Canyon. www.Creation.org thousands of articles there. See also their “TJ”, the “Creation Magazine”. CMI have books by people who study issues like that in detail. Read their literature.

When I wrote, “Because you reject God (& His Word) as the controlling normative source of Christian dogma, you cannot progress or advance beyond evolutionary philosophy” you reply,

>>Oh get off this, you idiot. I beleive in a literal,historical Adam and Eve. Eve was taken from Adam's rib. There was a real talking snake who tempted them. Tell me what evolutionist other than I beleive that? You don't listen to anything anyone says, preferring instead to preach from ignorance a word of falsehood about others.<<

Calm down. Go back and read my comment. You read into the text something not there. What was said - you interpret all evidence according to uniformitarianism (which is governed by evolutionary philosophy).

Evidence for Noah's flood ‘
explains’ what we see better than the suggested billions of years. Could you ‘explain’ away the evidence for a young earth. I mentioned 16 reasons, you reply

>>I agree with that. I beleive that God guided my intepretation--now it is time for you to say 'no it was Satan'. I know all the arguments from the likes of you.<<

What are you talking about? There are 3 whole chapters in Genesis [6-9] about the flood. 3 chapters means it must be pretty important in God’s mind. When Satan tempted Eve to disobey God, he said “Did God really say that? In other words he cast doubt on what God said. Then it was easy to get Eve to ignore what God said.

>>I do trust it just as written. God told the EARTH to bring forth living animals. The EARTH did the bringing forth. Do you know what the SUBJECT of a sentence means? It means that it is the active player, it is the doer. The earth is the bringer forth of animals. Yes, God commanded it but the Earth did it.<<

The earth did not “bring forth” as mistranslated in the AV. Life was not ‘brought forth’ from the earth or waters (as was true for plant life). The consciousness was not capable of development merely by physical elements, it required a new creation.

>>You are ascribing views to me that I don't beleive. Death is the wages of sin. Man is a fallen creature. The six days are pre-temporal. Clearly you don't understand the Talmudic view of the Torah--they beleive it was written before time."The Torah was to God, when he created the world, what the plan is to an architect when he erects a building.<<

Is this the same Talmudic that says, ‘In the first hour his [Adam’s]dust was gathered; in the second it was kneaded into a shapeless mass; in the third, his limbs were shaped; in the fourth, a soul was infused into him”.

Do you believe that? It also claims in the 12th hour Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden. Yet creation was still ‘very good’ at the end of Day 6. It says the earth would exist for 6,000 years and be destroyed on the 7th. See the problem? You continually use out-side sources (Talmudic) and philosophies (uniformitarianism) to interpret the bible.

>>I have found a way to maintain Biblical historicity. But of course, you prefer darkness rather than the light. Hasn't it ever struck you as odd that it was the conservative theologians of Jesus' day who demanded his crucifiction?<<

You don’t “maintain Biblical historicity” but ignore it. The Pharisees (who ignored what God said) demanded ‘his crucifixion’.

>>Clearly you like to rip verses out of the Bible. Go read Isaiah 45:7 "7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Who creates evil? God. The word translated 'evil' is 'ra.7451. ra' Of course, belieiving the Bible isn't your forte--you believe what you were taught not what is in the Bible.<<

Verse 7 does not mean that God creates moral “evil”. This idea is based on the KJV. It's unfortunate the English word that suggests moral wrong (evil) should have been chosen here in 1611. The rendering ‘calamity’ is better in context. English has a wider meaning than Hebrew.

>>Hey dummy. How many times do I have to tell you that I believe in a literal, historical Genesis 1-3. I beleive in a literal Genesis 1-3. Adam lived. God took his side and made Eve. Talking snake tempted them. What kind of nuttery are you into when you don't listen to what I say?<<

Read carefully AGAIN what was written. Nothing specified if you DID or did NOT believe a literal Genesis 1-3.

(Quote) “You claim to "believe in Jesus Christ as (your) personal saviour". Yet everything Scripture says about salvation through Christ hinges on the literal truth of what Gen.1-3 says. If you believe the origin of the universe occurred 16-billion-years ago; then death, bloodshed, and disease existed before Adam & Eve. They are naturally apart of nature. So if death and bloodshed existed before sin, this destroys the need and basis of Christ’s atonement. Death and suffering become God’s will, not punishment." (end quote)

VERY embarrassing rubbishing a '
YEC' over your own mistake. But the point is valid, you do not believe in a "literal Gen.1-3" if you believe in millions of years of death and suffering before Adam's Fall. If this existed before the Fall, it destroys the need and basis of Christ’s atonement. Death and suffering become God’s will, not punishment. To this you reply,

>>Go read Isaiah 45:7 "7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Who creates evil? God. The word translated 'evil' is 'ra. God created it.<<

You blame ‘God’ for ‘evil’, but God didn’t create evil. I thought you “believe in a literal Gen.1-3”? When God had finished creation He called it “very good”. Wouldn’t a perfect loving God create a perfect world? He did. It was through Adam’s disobedience that death entered the world. This world is not the way God intended it to be. Because of sin, no part of creation now exists as God originally made it. Man’s sin has made it this way. God hates sin, that’s why the flood occurred, that’s why Christ died.

One last thought. Unfossilized dinosaur bones have been discovered, with blood cells and fragments of DNA. And also protein preserved in the bones. As with DNA, no proteins should last 75-150 million years. Proving they cannot be millions of years old. Since DNA lasts as long as an ice-cream on a hot footpath this proves dinosaur fossil are not millions of years old. What’s your thoughts about that?

Your "YEC" friend,