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Monday, February 23, 2009 1:31 PM

A bit more about Comets. Before telescopes were specifically looking for new comets, we found new comets every single year.

"Five or six comets are picked up each year in the average, and two thirds of them have not been previously recorded" Robert H. Baker and Laurence W. Frederick, An Introduction to Astronomy, (Princeton: D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc., 1968), p.159.

This has been known since I was in college and before, but, your YEC leaders never tell you this. The above is from my freshman astronomy textbook. Now we are finding up to 140 new, previously undectected comets every year.

The picture I sent and well send again show how silly most of the YEC arguments are. You guys don't care about the truth. You love .darkness

Also included an attachment - a chart on comet observations. Glenn titled this "new comets". This was deceitful. (There is a difference between observing an existing comet and discovery of a "new comet")

Hi Glenn

Thanks for the mail about comets.

Just before I comment, one more point re. Noah’s Flood.

Many cultures all over the world retain a memory of an ancient flood. Several Nth American tribes have global flood stories. In Hawaii there is a legend of a great flood and great canoe and all died not on the canoe. Ancient Chinese writings refer to a catastrophe and flood the covered the highest mountains. The Indians of Mexico have a similar story. The Australian aboriginals have another and the epic of Gilgamish has another ancient story. There are hundreds of similar flood stories. This also supports the bible’s account. So if you take Gen.1-3 literal why not ch.6-9?

You say, “
your YEC leaders never tell you this”. But they have -

Each year a number of new comets are discovered (recently this has been about two dozen per year). Most of these comets are relatively faint, but occasionally a brighter one is found. Two recent bright comets were Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997. These two comets were the brightest ones seen in 20 years….” D.R. Faulkner Prof. of Astronomy (BS Math), MS Physics), MA & PhD Astronomy, Indiana Univ.). Prof. Univ. Sth Carolina — Lancaster, teaches physics & astronomy).


He says "two dozen". You say "140 new previously undetected comets every year". Prove your figure. Perhaps an increase of those observed, relates to better observation. According to long agers comets are the same age as the solar system – 5 billion years. The problem is they cannot last longer than 10,000 years. Remarkable there's so many, when there should be none. Does the Oort cloud make them?

Faulkner, “….it must be emphasized that the Oort cloud has not been observed, nor is it likely to be observable for some time to come. Consider this quote from Sagan and Druyan: ‘Many scientific papers are written each year about the Oort Cloud, its properties, its origin, its evolution. Yet there is not yet a shred of direct observational evidence for its existence.[Sagan, C. and Druyan, A., 1985. Comets, Random House, New York, p 201]. ".....It is concluded that the existence of comets is still a valid argument for a recent creation of the Solar System." (Faulkner)

Thanks for the mail.

Two Replies from Glenn -

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:05 AM

I will stand corrected with Faulkner. But I bet you can't find an earlier statement by any creationist to that. Back when I read everything YECs wrote, I never saw that.

I would also note that Faulkner's statement totally destroys the comet argument you presented. If we find 12 new ones each year, then one can't claim that the comets are running out. Indeed, the number of known comets is increasing. Logic demands that. So, your citing Faulkner is sufficient data to know that your comet argument is trash.

Here is the list of comets http://www.comethunter.de/cat2002/com_disc.txt

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 3:02 PM

What is always amazing to me is that if you YECs had the slightest amount of curiousity you could find out things like this. But you guys don't know enough science to even know how to do a google search! This is a list from Harvard of the comets discovered in the past year. I count 198 in this list. http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/iau/lists/LastYear.html Of course, you YECs know so much better than everyone else that the solar system is young and that there are NO new comets. (eg)

PK08Y010 P/2008 Y1 Boattini
CK08X060 C/2008 X6 SOHO
CK08X050 C/2008 X5 SOHO
0210P 210P/2008 X4 Christensen
CK08X030 C/2008 X3 LINEAR
0209P 209P/2008 X2 LINEAR
0211P 211P/2008 X1 Hill
PK08W96Z P/2008 WZ96 LINEAR
CK08W110 C/2008 W11 SOHO
CK08W100 C/2008 W10 SOHO
CK08W090 C/2008 W9 SOHO
CK08W080 C/2008 W8 SOHO
CK08W070 C/2008 W7 SOHO
CK08W060 C/2008 W6 SOHO
CK08W050 C/2008 W5 SOHO
CK08W040 C/2008 W4 SOHO
CK08W030 C/2008 W3 SOHO
CK08W020 C/2008 W2 SOHO
CK08W010 C/2008 W1 STEREO
CK08V060 C/2008 V6 SOHO
CK08V050 C/2008 V5 SOHO
CK08V040 C/2008 V4 SOHO
CK08V030 C/2008 V3 SOHO
CK08V020 C/2008 V2 SOHO
CK08V010 C/2008 V1 SOHO
CK08U160 C/2008 U16 SOHO
CK08U150 C/2008 U15 SOHO
CK08U140 C/2008 U14 SOHO
CK08U130 C/2008 U13 SOHO
CK08U120 C/2008 U12 SOHO
CK08U110 C/2008 U11 SOHO
CK08U100 C/2008 U10 SOHO
CK08U090 C/2008 U9 SOHO
CK08U080 C/2008 U8 SOHO
CK08U070 C/2008 U7 SOHO
CK08U060 C/2008 U6 SOHO
CK08U050 C/2008 U5 SOHO
CK08U040 C/2008 U4 SOHO
CK08U030 C/2008 U3 SOHO
CK08U020 C/2008 U2 SOHO
0208P 208P/2008 U1 McMillan
CK08T120 C/2008 T12 SOHO

Reply -

Hi Glenn

Look at the table chart you sent. There's no so-called increase until around 1997-98. Note those dates. There is no conspiracy, why would you expect biblical creationists (in particular) to refer to an increase but no one else? How can there possibly be ANY “
earlier statement” by ANY one?

The date of Faulkner’s article is Dec. 1997. Not only on the internet, but in a Journal Vol.11 (part3) print no. ISSN 1036-2916. You said “
YEC leaders never tell you this”. Nonsense, it's there for all to read, in print and on the web. You said, “you guys don’t care about the truth. You love darkness”. A foolish comment, why not reserve judgment till you have all the facts.

I could also say if you “
had the slightest amount of curiosity you could find out things like this” yourself. Your problem Glenn is you don’t let the facts get in the way of your own animosity.

You stress the idea of hundreds comets per-year, but experts don't. You ignore the fact more people are looking and reporting. When one is seen, its reported. You count “
198 in this list”. eg

Designation / Date / Name

CK08U070 C/2008 U7 SOHO
CK08U060 C/2008 U6 SOHO
CK08U050 C/2008 U5 SOHO
CK08U040 C/2008 U4 SOHO
CK08U030 C/2008 U3 SOHO
CK08U020 C/2008 U2 SOHO
0208P 208 P/ 2008 U1 McMillan
CK08T120 C/2008 T12 SOHO

At the website they are reported “astrometric observations”, shown by "dates", designation and "name”. The name is the last word. Looks like you counted the same comet(s) many times over. Some counted up to 10-30 times. Is this the way you do science?

Are you trying to prove the existence of an 'Oord cloud'? It won’t be found because it was always just an idea. Even if found, it wouldn’t prove an old age but comets don’t last long and are replaced. But there is no cloud and in an old-age solar system there should be no comets left. So "It is concluded that the existence of comets is still a valid argument for a recent creation of the Solar System" (Faulkner). No new comets are being made but some observed for the first time. But the point is, given the observed rate of loss and maximum periods they could not have been orbiting the sun for billions of years. As they past the sun they break up, not a false “
claim” but a proven fact.

Kind regards,


I really feel that you are wasting my time with claims like --there is no increase around 1997 or 1998. There is. It is in the chart and why you deny it I don't know. Here is the picture again,. The most charitable thing I can say is that you didn't even bother to open the attachment.

Yes, I know the data of Faulkners article......

The rest of Glenn's reply is deleted. He is dishonest. For this reason I terminated correspondence -

I have finished writing to you Glenn for this reason. You are either dishonest, or a phony.

It was dishonest to email that "
new comet chart" claiming there were "up to 140 new" comets "found every year". Its not true.

It was dishonest to send those stats. Claiming they were "
discovered in the past year" and "count 198". That wasn't true either, you counted the same comets repeatedly.

You are dishonest again -

What did I say.................."There is no so-called increase until around 1997-98."

What did you quote me......
"there is no increase around 1997 or 1998."

A deliberate misquote by changing my words. You didn't know the data of Faulkner's article, now you do, but ignore it. There's just too much deliberate dishonesty Glenn.

"As a rule, none are more bitter enemies of the cross than those who once professed to be followers of Jesus...." (Spurgeon)