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Creating Change Conference USA.

Organized and run by LGBT activists. Objectives to promote their life style and agenda. Support them, and you further those.

The Conference:

Activists attend a five-day program of workshops, training-sessions, discussions and events. Website, http://www.creatingchange.org (registered charity). They receive massive public, political, funding, media-support and donations.

Program and Objectives:

Each Conference advertise a program for that year, ie - www.creatingchange.org/downloads/cc15_program_final.pdf

This is highly organized activism which influences every area of society. They will create 'change' in Health, Law, Disability, Hospitality, Schools, pre-schools, Day-care, Universities, Colleges, libraries, media, employment, community groups - Girl Guides, Scouts, sport clubs etc. And spiritual gatherings, Muslim, Christian or Jewish. Intending these become agents of change.

Conference: Classes train students in LGBTQ activism. How to organize, march, rally, argue, words to use, and not to use, material to promote, who to contact, legal advice, and how to fund raise. How to start ‘gay groups’ and ‘Create Gender Diverse Organizations’. How to “explore focus on businesses", those “refusing to sell LGBT customers…. services” How to focus on community centers, elections and campaigns. And change very area of society. All sexual orientations are promoted, and pedophilia is a sexual orientation or preference. This LGBTQ website advertises for and is supported by the Man-Boy organization (NAMBLA).

Conference Objectives: (1) “Affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right” in “all things sexual freedom”. (2) How to break own barriers and change public thinking. (3) All education is a major focus of change. (4) How to 'explore' (confuse) meaning and function in gender, sex, and sexuality “in ways that have not yet been fully addressed” by feminism and “queers”. (5) To promote and encourage all forms of sexual orientations and remove or “overcome shame... break down barriers... LGBTQ movements strive for society to recognize and embrace a spectrum of gender and sexual identities". “Pride is all about – the freedom to be yourself without shame or judgment”. And, “Be positive about all relationships – monogamous, polyamorous, or anything else…….”

Classes or Workshops titled:

Overcoming Shame (remove shame and barriers.)
How To: Gender Inclusive Dorms.
Alternative Relationship Structures.
How to “debunk any study” as Hate ‘research’.
Sexual Liberators Caucus.
Porn This Way: Queering Porn. (Presenter Amber Coyne promotes Feminist porn for all ages and education).
PolyAnarchy (sexual freedom). (“….wait, what if there were no rules? ….life can look like if you throw the rule book out the window")
Butch Femme Dialogue.
Not Your Average Sex Talk.
Transgender Bathrooms.
Global Rights Watch “identifying common adversaries and defending LGBTQ and reproductive rights worldwide"
Remixing Realness for Sex Positively.
Queering Sobriety.
Queering Immigration.
Queering “Islam”.
Queering Christianity. "your church to welcome people of all sexual orientations and Gender Identities"
Queering “Social Media”, the law, healthcare, teaching, scouts, art,
Queering Education (use children to demand more sex education).

Teachers and Leaders:

These are people active in promoting and generally well known as sex-activists. Sex-education teachers, sex-shop owners with a history in activism. They promote homosexuality, prostitution and sexual liberation as good for society. Some run porn websites, some write books.

An internet search doesn't take long to reveal that LGBTQIA community goes side by side with porn, 'sex-work', and social engineering to change society to increase permissiveness. Their books, articles, radio programs, websites, documentaries leave no doubt. Sexual-freedom websites encouraging obscenity, vulgarity, objectionable material. If you go there you risk a visit by the police. If viewing such websites is criminal, why do governments, society leaders, and media promote the LGBTQ ? Apparently they are either ignorant, indifferent or secretly keep quiet about what was once called criminal, perversion and indecent. Western society needs to ask, does it support those wanting a more immoral society, where pedophiles have 'rights', protection, equality and no discrimination.

For example, one conference teacher Jessica VonDyke, (advisory council to the Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit) “Affirming Sexual Freedom as a fundamental right”. Teaches “workshops (that) tackle language and the effect language that communities may find offensive”, she wants to normalize highly offensive acts, words, and behavour, the public need to be re-educated.

Another conference teacher runs, “The Garden” sex-shop, selling sex toys. She is known for shocking “Talks to 18 year boys and girls about sex toys” hosts "the most disgusting workshop of the week…” Sex-shops need a more immoral society to make a profit.


This organization funds overseas activism to change law and culture in other countries, and were instrumental in homosexual marriage in Ireland. 'Sexual freedom' means sex-acts on public beaches, nudity accepted, no restrictions on age, school children using the same changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets, porn in day-care. There are now so many “alternative lifestyles” unheard of in previous generations, sexual orientations unheard of just a few years ago. Shocking new extremes. Zoophile, bestiality. Animal sexual 'play', people dressing up like cats or dogs and behaving just like them. Things like ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’ ('Ecosexuals engage in sex acts with things in nature' Ecosexuality.org) and ‘Polyamory’.

LGBTQ activism is anti-freedom and anti-Christian. The end result are laws changed and intolerance. Any organization that won't change or objects to LGBTQ agenda face fines. Religious intuitions and schools are forced to choose between retaining their non-profit tax status or their beliefs. Schools are required to brainwash students with the new propaganda. People can be jailed, lose their job, their business closed, bank accounts ceased, travel restricted, or not selected for employment. People suffer persecution, harassment, intimidation, or forced into silence, apology, or denial. They either comply with LGBT laws or are prosecuted. There is no middle ground.

The general public fail to realize LGBTQ activism crusades for total moral breakdown. When they say "Sexual freedom" they mean 'total sexual freedom' www.wewantsexualfreedom.com