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Parliament Buildings

Dear Mr MP
(the politician requested his name be with-held)

Regarding your comments in the NZ Herald pg.5 Thurs. 18th April and criticism of John Banks. You said –

His outburst effectively says women should not have the right to choose how they should deal with an unwanted pregnancy

Mr Banks did not say that. I wonder if you are grandstanding because you are certainly overlooking the facts.

The facts are that NZ has become a world leader in the number of abortions. Banks highlighted this shameful fact. Do you think this is something to be proud about? Parliament admits there’s no need for such a high number and “...
shortly hopes to undertake a major strategy to reduce the number of abortions” (Shipley).

You speak of the mother’s right to abort. Do you ever hear a mother say, “Take this new-born baby from me, otherwise I'll kill it myself”? No, she says “Is the baby all right ?” Women are been encouraged by a part of the medical profession to be a taker of life instead a giver of life. Do you think in NZ that we have a very weak womanhood ? And a few months into pregnancy mothers are likely to become mentally sick and in danger of taking their own lives?

You speak of the
‘right to choose’. In 1970 the law allowed abortion only to save the life of the mother. The first clinic opened in 1974 but the law became abused. Since 1968 there have been nearly 160,000 unborn New Zealanders destroyed. Write and tell me, what law protects the unborn child? When will the Abortion Supervisory Committee or Parliament spell out the RIGHTS of the unborn child ? Do unborn children have any rights? No right to life? You seen to think that if the baby is not wanted the best solution is kill it.

Mr Banks is concerned about the large number of abortions and those who profit from them. There are about 50 homicides in NZ each year & about 500 die on the roads but there are about 13,000 abortions each year. And at $500.00 each this certainly affects our health services & tax.

You appear worried sick what Mr Banks might do the
“...respected members of the medical profession under the cloak of Parliament’s protection...” Mr Banks is more concerned with the weakest and most defenceless member of the human family. You seem to be concerned with winning votes, Mr Banks is concerned with saving lives.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Purchase

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