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The undeniable sick State of New Zealand

M Purchase BA MA ThD PhD

Avoid our mistakes. Don't become like us. Don't promote radical sexual perversions to your young people as our Government and media.

The New Zealand Labour Government from 2000-08 was the most corrupt government in history (elected for 3 terms - 9 years). New Zealand is a land where the godless rule, sexually perverted are called 'heroes' and people are oblivious to good moral character. When President Clinton committed lewd conduct in Office, people said "long as he does his job, his private life doesn't matter'. So for Heads of State in public Office we voted in alcoholics, de facto's, homosexual activists, gamblers, and transvestites. They love talk but are morally illiterate. But "personal life" does matter, belief effects action -

The corrupt do what they want. They don't care what you say or what the facts are. Regardless if its good or bad, they don't care what anyone says. They have no concern for kids, society, right or wrong. Even if a few are unsure or object strongly, they will lie, swear in your face and change any law and the loopy in society encourage them.

Prostitution: (Now treated as a 'civil right')

Once voted in they rewrite laws. The Prostitution Law Reform Bill promoted by Green's (Green Party blog) and Labour was classic. A private members bill by Labour's Cabinet Minister Tim Barnett (homosexual activist). In parliament when the vote confirmed a law change, parliamentarians shouted for JOY. Yes our Government, CLAPPED and CHEERED when Prostitution was legalized and liberalized.

Parliamentarians said restrictions only drive it "underground". A law change would be "Good for their health" ... "we must remove the stigma". The Prostitute Collective helped Labour rewrite the law. The Labour party don't care if your 16 year old visits or is a prostitute (2003). Law changes have consequences. Now (2012) people commit sex acts on the streets, yet we have more brothels and less restrictions. A flourishing 'industry' with "generous student and worker visa schemes" as never before, now legal. In our 'supercity of sin' CCTV cameras capture "appalling behaviour" and young prostitutes "20%" under age. Labour, National and the Greens don't consider this child abuse.

National Radio (their blog) promote prostitution with FREE air time (National Radio 1/2/2011 10:10am. 35 minutes). This State funded radio [Known by the music they play - mindless trash] sounded absurd when they employed queer-talking news commentators (Mr O'Bryan, Mr Martin). The NZ Herald (their blog) tell us its time to 'put moral values' away. They say, how "farcical" of "the Christian Right" to influence the 2003 law (pA7 "Don't turn the clock back on prostitution" 31/1/2011). Restricting "any manifestation of the sex industry from anywhere" is "draconian" - Brian Rudman (or is it Rubbish Man). Unbelievable !! Because "the Christian right" were NEVER allowed ANY influence of the new law in ANY WAY whatever. Today the Herald newspaper have their "Adult Entertainment" page promoting prostitution, etc. Unheard of a few years ago.

The loony left Green Party leader (Russel Norman) after his 'God bless us this Christmas' speech emailed me saying he's pleased with the new prostitution law, he calls it "Christian". Some in the Auckland City Council think it's now out of control it, "enjoys unrestricted use of public space" with "no constraints". Anyone selling on the street require permits, but not prostitutes. And shop owners in the area, "We quite literally deal with human waste every day". The next generation will consider this normal.

No legal status alters the fact it's a form of slavery - a crime against the human body. Promoting crime, exploitation, disease, broken marriages, abortions, child abuse, drugs, gangs and ruins lives. The old slave-trade with a new face. Only morally bankrupt equate the sale of genitals with the sale of labour. No wonder New Zealand "leads the world in cases of Syphilis" (Radio NZ National 28/9/04 'News at 12')."Syphilis has been on the increase in New Zealand since 2003 with a rise of more than 193% between 2004-6". Homosexuals catch it the easiest.

But with most STD's women suffer the worse. With infection their chance of cancer rise 40%. And who knows if the virus is gone or dormant? (Virus re-activate). Girls pay an awful price for this madness. Today there's dozens of diseases to worry about. While children of prostitutes don't have fathers. And likely isolated, shunned, laughed at, or live a lie or stigmatized. Our media and political parties want more kids like this. Why else promote immorality? The government donates significant financial support from taxpayers to the Prostitute's Collective.

As our country becomes more immoral, brothels increase. So will crime, drug abuse, violence and immorality. And when YOU are sick of violence, GET READY FOR MORE ! Nations that reject God's standards find His blessing hard to find.

They call themselves "Honourable Members". The parliament prayer opens - "Seeking Thy guidance in all things..." In reality, they seek God's guidance in nothing. They believe a person's attitude to sex is the primary criterion for assessing what's right for the public.

They lie claiming they care for kids. Think back to the 1920s and 30s when eugenics was embraced by the elite and all through society. Today we have an equally absurd madness - "Gay marriage" yet, in reality it's all about pedophilia. And there's plenty of evidence.

This country is paying an enormous price for broken marriages and families. "120,000" kids growing up without dads. We need special economic benefits to encourage long term MARRIAGE relationships NOW! All evidence shows MALE and FEMALE parents are best for children and society. All political policies against the traditional family are bad for our country. Marriage is all about purpose, not rights (or is it about rights). But governmental departments ignore the words 'husband/wife' preferring 'care-giver' or 'partner'. Our governments are anti-marriage.

Women can thank women's movement for nothing.

Feminists are Nowhere People, without loyalty to family, community or religious tradition, and create for themselves imagined identities and idiosyncratic belief systems. Although they like to think of themselves as unique individuals, they're really sheep, predictable and ultimately boring. Any politics, as long as it’s not conservative, any religion as long as it’s not Christian, any sexuality as long as it’s not normal.

New Zealand has its anti-family feminist activists. Having more women in Parliament has not arrested a single abuse against women. Now we have more women police officers. The result? They get stabbed in the face, spat at, beat up and it's called 'equality'. Only a small percent of women were bread keepers in the 60's its greater today because most are single mothers. The women's movement got what it wants, now women are men. And can experience the horrors of the front line and get blown to pieces. Our Governments and media [full of homo-fascists, what's that?] encourage anything dishonouring traditional marriage and families. Helen Clark supported and twice attended homosexual parades promoting indecent and obscene behaviour. Why? She said to "celebrate diversity" (or was it 'perversity.') So much for the 'gay victim' image. Our media provided free promotion calling them "Hero Parades" but ignore that 90% of NIV cases are tied to homosexual sex (unnatural). Yes called 'Heroes' honoured by our PM who was disgusted our troops might serve in Iraq for the freedom of others.

It was once illegal in NZ before 1986 and New Zealander's NEVER considered it acceptable before then. But in 2013 the NZ Herald BOASTED they "urged Parliament to" change the law in 1986 to "decriminalise homosexual acts" (150 Years of Great New Zealanders, Fran Wilde, 13 Nov.2013 p.F89). Clearly this opened the door for the flood of 'homosexual acts' with kids and child porn of today. Our Auckland City Council now promote, fund (with tax payers money) and encourage (every way they can) the whole city involved (kids too) in homosexual parades.

In just 28 short-years things have changed that much. By that rate of change, NOTHING consider immorally disgraceful TODAY, could be promoted TOMORROW.

Sex activists talk about "human rights". Nonsense, it's a crime against humanity and anti-human! Its all about taking away 'the rights' of those who have mortality. Walk around a public supermarket or street, homosexuals are not distinguished by race, skin colour or clothes. Its NOT acceptance of a race but a practice and choice. What an example for kids, a homosexual activist as Prime Minister (Helen Clark) for nine years, who "proudly... encourage... promotes" (her words) and endorsed this behaviour. In a video here now strangely removed. This PM New Zealander's voted for and LOVED!! No Journalists complained!!!

Homosexuals can and do change. Yes decide to change. Ask - www.pfox.org & exodusnz@maxnet.co.nz Rock of Life', Lion of Judah. It's NOT genetic or by birth. They are not "born that way", that's impossible. The research is overpowering. There are NO 'ex-blacks' but there are 'EX-gays'.

Civil Unions 2004.

The State should not interfere with the institution of marriage unless to strengthen. Yet 90% of the NZ Labour Party (Labour Party Blog) supported the Bill for "civil unions". And appointed a homosexual activist (Cabinet Minister Chris Carter) Head of the Select Committee who IGNORED the many submissions opposing the Bill. Labour in 9 years ignored 3 MASSIVE petitions of signatures. When the vote past for 'civil unions' in Parliament Labour and Green's CLAPPED and CHEERED as men kissed each other. Our Government also promotes homosexuality by funding TV programs "Queer Nation" and advertising condoms on TV (with public money) ad's featuring young boy's kissing each other. This must be promoted because pedophilia is a major causative factor in their new gender identity and behaviour. As adults they live out their 'victimization' when it suites. Hence our governments are incredibly anti-Christian.

Yet there was not one march anywhere in this country for civil unions, prostitution, casinos, or lowering the drinking age.

In 2005 with the 'Relationships Act' Labour amended over 130 acts - 180 laws changed. To marriage was added 'civil union' and 'defacto'. And so claimed there was perfect legal equality in relationships and nothing gained by redefining marriage. But the activists are NEVER happy, nothing is never enough. Because they cannot convince us homosexualism is "equal" to normal and natural sexuality as real man-woman marriage, or such relationships are 'normal'. Imagine a government with legislation trying to remove all discrimination against homosexuals, transsexuals, and transvestites? And if you break the law, you are fined. How sick is that?

Clearly the big fools of the Green's, Labour and National parties want kids to grow-up confused, ignorant of natural relationships between male and female. With a life of shame and embarrassment with "parents" who are anything but normal. They don't consider that child abuse.

The National Party and PM John Key are disgraceful. He says National is 'modernising' - a "very positive and healthy thing". Is this healthy? The 'Young Nationals' now push homosexual 'marriage and adoption'. Parliament's homosexuals write special laws for themselves. John Key couldn't live with himself if he didn't go to a local "gay day out". Only 2 months in the job he goes (8 Feb 09) and has done annually ever since.

The lies of Civil Unions Bill. 'Oh don't worry we won't change marriage'.

They lied:-
Helen Clark; marriage "will remain as an option only for heterosexual couples" (NZ Herald June 21 2004)
Tim Barnett (Homosexual, Secretary General Labour) "marriage can remain untouched" (1st reading).
Chris Carter (Homosexual, Labour) "I accept that marriage has a traditional and religious heritage" (1st reading).
Margaret Wilson "marriage act applies only to heterosexual couples... the government respects that view.... there is no proposal to change that Act" (1st Reading).
David Benson-Pope "The social, religious and traditional values associated with marriage will remain" (1st reading).
It "remains something available solely to a man and a women" (3rd Reading).
John Key its "institution of the church..." (2006) "I don't think there's a real need to change the current legislation..." (2008).

So they lied, hence our 'Day of Shame' (17/4/13) -

The Homosexual Marriage Bill 2013.

This was forced on the country. If gay marriage is a liberal cause, how come it’s been attended by authoritarianism wherever it’s been introduced? If one says it is a "right", then one can say pedophilia is a "right". The term 'same sex marriage' is an oxymoronic absurdity and denies what it is to be human. The Bill was and remains anti-human, anti-Christian, anti-Children, immoral and a crime against nature. Support this and you support men going to an early grave. It was Labour's Homosexual Louisa Wall MP for Manure. With the passing of the Bill Labour and Green Parties stood CHAPPING and CHEERING - what they are really promoting what they hide. The Select Committee Homosexuals only heard 1% of submissions. Those for, "treated well", with "courtesy and respect". Those against, "interrupted" with name calling - "homophobic", or "pardon?". Treated with "animosity", the committee "pulled faces" walking out for "refreshments", "rolling their eyes". Submitters felt "humiliated, disappointed and frustrated" (Sunday Star Times A2. 27/1/13 "Committee 'menacing' to anti-gay teenager"). Politicians and activists deceitfully use the word 'homophobic'. In medicine 'phobias' are a category of illness. A debilitating irrational, fearfulness and treated by psychopathy and or medicine. So this word hijacks an important word for deceitful purposes. Today (2017) this new law interferes and discriminates against peoples beliefs, conscience and religious freedoms in many ways. People applying to be marriage celebrants are having their applications rejected if they do not want to officiate at same-sex ‘weddings’ due to their personal beliefs or convictions.

20,000 submissions shows the importance given this issue. "8,148" were "muzzled". Hundreds "denied opportunity to make oral submissions" (Challenge Weekly p.3 Feb.18 2013). The Bill was rammed through in 7 months. In the House members of Parliament laughed at the bible's "hellfire and brimstone", those against the bill were called "rednecks and racist" (National Radio 18/4/13. 7:15). Now 14 major Acts need revision. Given the speed of change, what will be the demands for 'acceptance' of the next generation, their lower standards that shock us?

Never, never speak of a same-sex coupling as “marriage.” It is no marriage, and will never be.

By the rate of change in Western societies, NOTHING consider immorally disgraceful TODAY could not be 'normal' TOMORROW.

The PRO-pedophile movement is growing. Poll data is increasing for all kinds of sex revolution. A flood of evil is on the way, and unstoppable because the small voice against is ignored, mocked and hated. Coming generations will call you 'bigot and stupid', the law will punish if you object. The annual 'Pride' parades will become more daring and vulgar. People will call it fun and good. Incestuous, polygamous, anything will go. The old activist tactics, victim-mongering and distorting word meanings won't be needed.

Only 6 months into the job John Key promises to ignore 'Citizens Initiated Referendum'. Referendum politicians don't like are always ignored -

1999... 82% voted for a maximum of 99 MPs...... (ignored)
1999... 92% voted for a more victim-centred justice system... (ignored)
2009... 87% voted for amending the NEW anti-smacking law.... (ignored)
2004... 6,000 submissions were made against the Civil Union Bill, 91% against..... (ignored)
2013... a signature petition of 72,000 against the homosexual marriage bill.... (ignored)

The nameless New Zealand 'Herald On Sunday' Editor scoffed at the 'March for Democracy' and those calling for these referendum above (21/11/09). Saying "referendum" is 'mob rule' and 'anti-democratic'. After all "both Hitler and Mussolini were populists (p.97 22/11/09). But ONLY SAID CONCERNING THESE referendum !!! The Herald Editor is against the right of only SOME people speaking out (Christians). A paper that hides its editors, hides their name and whose editor normally is the most sickly minded liberal they can find. Yet in contradiction they pay close attention to polls at elections.

John Key the PM, is happy to change the New Zealand flag. Surprise surprise, he has offered to spend 20+ million (tax payers money) on referendums and already affirmed his intention to honour the referendums.

When you consider our news media its no wonder this country has disappearing standards. With increasing gambling and alcohol problems, but it's anti-Americanism is a mystery.

The Labour Party more accurately called "Rainbow Labour" is some kind of Gaystapo. See how they voted. A Labour homosexual MP emailed saying this "The kind of New Zealand" we're 'fighting for... despite your protests'. Labour's Phil Goff suggests de-criminalize sexual behaviour between 12 & 16 year olds. Labour's Steve Maharey - "We see this as an historic election. It's the one we hope when we decisively put to bed the conservative vote in this country. We came in to change the direction of the country". Yet they avoid Question Time in the Debating Chamber when in trouble. Sitting Days of the House are few as this monolithic social club trip around the world.

Former Cabinet Minister John Tamihere described homo-Fascist bigotry inside Labour. "If you're a free and independent spirit, very dangerous.... I tell you what if I was on the other side mate, I'd have cut ^#%!! Labour to pieces over moral issues". The PM was surrounded by lesbians and "a lot of her support systems are". She's "very comfortable in that world". He said Labour was "infiltrated" with feminists and homosexuals. And that effected "key policy and decision making processes....skews things ... they are trying to make men think and act like them". It's all "social engineering". Homosexuals "harangue ... threaten" those who differ. Tamihere said, "I've got a right to think that sex with another male is unhealthy and violating. I've a right to think that". And the Crown? There's no "such a thing as a Crown that exists in NZ constitution..... It's a myth. It's run by prime ministerial dictate, full stop". And the media? "they're utterly and totally useless ... no investigative journalism..." "In an information age we're got more ignorant people out there than there's ever been" (p.32-37 Investigate. April 2005). The news media responded to Tamihere's comment with scorn, selectively quoting, ignoring most. They said he has a "serious personality disorder" (National Radio, 12/4/05 11:30. Or is that "Labour Radio"?). The PM claimed Tamihere was 'drunk' and ordered him 'stress leave' demanding an apology.

Got to laugh at the liberals who falsely pride themselves as being tolerant, as long as you agree with them. If not, they would prefer to silence your voice instead of engage in debate to promote dialogue and better understanding.

Indeed, Labour's Electoral Finance Bill was to stop 'the religious right' speaking out on moral issues at election time.


The best thing this country could do is follow the advice of the small evangelical churches on moral issues, or support a culture of death. But God is not welcomed in our country nor His standards. Headline…. “Irrelevant churches have no right to dictate what happens in a secular society” (NZ Herald p.A32 1/03/13). In fact the NZ Weekend Herald (NZ Weekend Herald blog) (B16 18-19/04) said homosexuality is a scandal in Christianity. Really? The liberal Methodist, Presbyterian and NZ Anglican churches (and our Government) promote it! They support any 'loving relationship'. The Anglican Bishop of Christchurch (Rt Rev. Victoria Mathews) wants more practicing homosexuals "in the church" and with "blessing"(p.11 Weekly Challenge 31/3/08). She ignores the fact "80% of child sexual abuse is from male homosexuals" (Labour's Lianne Dalziel MP homosexual activist 2/12/04. Parliament House). Churches don't realise this is all about the criminalization of Christianity, an attack on religious liberty and the freedom of conscience. Its biblical marriage that the gender activists are against. Not just ANY marriage. So governments change laws, pleasing activists so those who are against biblical marriage can prosecute those who believe its right. Even our new 'non-discrimination' laws end up discriminating against people of faith. This is the single greatest threat to freedom of conscience and religious liberty in the Western world.

Right now there is a war against freedom of speech. Pastors who won't marry sodomites sent to jail. If your business is not "gay" friendly you are taken to court. If considered anti-gay, you won't be allowed in some countries. You will be targeted, hated and hounded. You could lose your job and business, home and savings.

The NZ Methodists have practicing homosexuals as licensed ministers since 1997. Almost electing a practicing Lesbian as their church "President" [2006 the Rev Diana Tana]. They formed a covenant with Anglicans, so both can promote and encourage "greater diversity of society...with the issues of sexuality". And "explore uncomfortable questions" and accept "each others members" and "ordained ministers". Methodists (2009) have decided that they will now "ordain openly gay and lesbian". Their church people can "state opposition to it but not block such ordinations" (p.11 Challenge Weekly 19/1/09)

(These liberals never leave a traditional church if upset about lack of change, its not in their nature. But they do expect the conservatives will leave. The liberals press on with their agenda unconcerned if those who take the bible literally leave. The end result are liberal churches everywhere in the mould of the world, not the bible).

Over one third of the NZ Presbyterian leadership are in favour of similar ordinations. Some Anglican Bishops realise the ordinations are out of control (Mar. 2007). The 'gay' ordained become militant (like this Minister of the Crown). Bishops however, are unable to stop ordinations which are after all 'outside marriage relationships'. And wrong biblically, theologically and constitutionally to start with. The bishops have allowed their churches to be over taken and "prefer schism" than a return to decency.

The "ordained" homosexual clergy develop an intolerant agenda, they (1) criticize objectors (2) preach sermons by example (3) encourage all to embrace their 'life style'. In fact Auckland's homosexual church ("St Matthew's in the City") and their bill-board, have been at CONSTANT WAR with 'Jesus' for 10 years. Jesus (and Mary) their target with lurid and dirty jokes. Passer's by constantly offended by their latest mocking bill-board. Anglican and Methodist Churches that bless such relationships result in endorsement. So sodomy once unlawful, is welcomed by those who were once bastions of purity. Weak or immoral churches will have consequences for NZ social services.

Note, there is NO 'coexistence' with Christianity by the homosexual agenda, we are the enemy, we must be destroyed. The ultimate intention is to kill and destroy Christianity. The pressure put on Christians by organizations such as GLAAD and other homosexual rights groups is going to get so intense that Christians might find themselves in jail or killed for calling homosexuality a sin.

Few 'evangelical' Christians are vocal about decency. They're told 'the Church and State should be separate'... "stay out of politics". Christian you have "no right to impose your views on others". Really? So if someone steals you have 'no right' to object? Atheists don't separate their religion from politics. There can be no separation of God from government, because He created it. Trying to argue for your rights without a Supreme Right Giver is like trying to score without the ball.

Labour honoured Lloyd Geering. One excommunicated by the Presbyterian General Assembly (as "a heretic" 1967) who offended many (with "doctrinal heresy"). So he received an honorary doctorate from Otago Univ. (1976). An honorary CBE (1988) and 2006 the highest award "The Order of New Zealand". He said, "I didn't feel I'd done anything to deserve it at all". But someone did. His anti-Christian beliefs were rewarded. What great social, caring organization did he start? What advance in religious understanding? None.

Catholic Church. Statistics are alway over cooked. But one might say in the Catholic church homosexual men have taken advantage of more lax standards to enter the priesthood. These priests and male Catholic school officials have used their authoritative role to seduce and molest mostly male teenagers and boys. Then their sympathizers in the Church have cover it up transferring priests to new, unsuspecting parishes, and molestation continues. Finally, the predator scandal blows up in the media — alienating millions of Catholics from the Church with untold damage to it's reputation and moral, spiritual and political influence.

Then homosexual activists and their liberal allies advocating for acceptance of homosexuality turn around and say the Church is now discredited because it harboured “pedophiles.” And Church officials resist full disclosure of the scandal, perpetuating it. And say the male-on-boy priest abuse scandal has nothing to do with homosexuals — but its a “pedophile” problem. Such is the arrogance of the news media. Despite the untold suffering of boys victimized by sexual deviants masquerading as pastoral guardians of others’ souls. ("Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church" (Randy Engel). "Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church" (Leon Podles).

Our Media?

New Zealander's LOVE a loony left government. The more wicked, the better they like it. So when Clark uttered a word the media jumped to broadcast it. The average New Zealander is a simple chap, long as he can go to the supermarket and drive his car around, he doesn't think. Or ask the big questions about life. Money is King in this land, and that's all that matters. So we get the government we deserve.

In Wellington "10,000 Christians" marched on Parliament protesting the 'civil union bill' (homosexual marriage by another name) (23rd Aug.04). "We are allowed to march but I'm sure the Government would love to stop us' (News Talk ZB radio). The marchers supported the rights of children, for traditional parents and marriage - man and woman. The PM 'Helen Clark' said they have "extreme views" TV.1 News 6.00 23/8/04, (TV.1 blog) Few politicians took notice, but two Labour MP's exploded with anger on the steps of Parliament shouting a tirade of insults at the "Christians". The news media focused on the clothes of Pastor Brian Tamaki (the march spokesman) and ignored the male politician dressed as a women (Georgina Transvestite Beyer - Labour Party). Also ignoring the MP's obscene swearing and cursing.

TV1 and TV3 endeavoured to discredit the marchers. Any news-junky knows a twisted story. TV1 and TV3 produced a disgraceful and selective one sided news report. The man calling Christians "Nazis" and "fascists" was an old friend of Labour's Tim Barnett [homosexual]. He travelled from Christchurch to Wellington just for the march. TV1/TV3 interviewed him, but wouldn't allow the marchers a word. They also didn't broadcast the organized protest against the march, showing their spitting, 'finger' signs and swearing.

In contrast TV3's News coverage of the "hikio" Maori" march up Queen St., the kindest possible report. These viewed together reveal the hypocrisy of TV3 News (TV.3 25/5/09 6.00 news)

Another march for family values in Auckland (5/3/05 about '15,000'). A few tried to stop the march, blocking Queen St., and shouting obscenities. Some were arrested & women bared their breasts, likely the only reason they were shown the news item. But the New Zealand Herald (New Zealand Herald blog) published a front-page so "one-sided", people complained to the Editor for weeks afterwards (even 15th March). Calling it "one sided would be too polite" they said. They called it "ridiculous reporting", "aimed at discrediting the march", "a slanderous article". One wrote "I wonder what event reporters were reporting on". This is just a small snap-shot of our loony media.

The Answer.

There was a time in New Zealand murder was shocking. No longer, 2006 was called "the year of murders". Things that once concerned us don't any more. Some agree evil exists, but our society can't agree on what's 'wicked'. Kid's grow up accepting evil as normal. We have lost our moral foundation, and picking up speed on a down hill slope. Things are going to get FAR worse.

Regardless, 'our society' is everything we would expect based on what the bible says about the fallen nature in man. Man lives in rebellion to his Creator. The further away from God's standards the worse society becomes, more confusion abounds, the less meaning to life. The one underlying problem is a 'spiritual problem'. All have a tendency towards sin. Recognizing this is the first step, knowing the answer the second, and third taking action. There is only one action to take. What's your answer to the problem? I know the One who is the Answer.