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To Chris Carter MP (Labour Party)

Dear Sir

Can I urge you to vote against the two Civil Union Bills that will be tabled and voted on by Parliament (24th June). They will provide de facto and same-sex couples with the same privileges and responsibilities of marriage, making marriage meaningless.

In the end, it will not be necessary for couples to register as a civil union in order to gain the benefits of marriage. If passed, the word "marriage" will refer only to a man and woman, with no other legal difference between a marriage and a civil union. We both know this is wrong all relationships are not the same. If we think that two parents (mum and dad) are not necessary for the successful socialization of the next generation. And divorce, cohabitation and unwed parenthood is already creating terrible hardships for children.

Thanks for your time.
Mark Purchase

His Reply

25/June/04 To Chris Carter

Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. You wrote,

>>Thank you for your email regarding the Civil Union Bill. My male partner and I have lived in a relationship for 31 years.<<

(Reader see below *) Length of relationships don't mean they have been happy or proper. You are not happy in that relationship nor could be happy in ANY homosexual relationship. Most male homosexual relationships are inherently unstable. In the end, you will have your life ruined and wasted. Why don't you get someone to help you go straight? I know people who would love to help.

>>We have three children whom we love deeply, and care for in the same way that responsible parents do all over the world. We are a family in every sense of the word.<<

How can you compare a half-baked situation with a normal family? Your 'children' are not the fruit of that relationship. Nor is your situation ideal. Children need proper role models to learn how to relate to men and women, and each other. They are not toys. What about their 'rights' for normal parents?

>>I utterly reject the suggestion that my family is less valid than yours.<<

I doubt your idea of what a good family is. And don't assume you can redefine '
family' or marriage and everyone must accept it. Personal morality can justify sexual partnership with children, animals or trees. Are all definitions valid? If everybody's opinion of what constitutes a 'family' was made law, where does it stop? All relationships are NOT the same and only someone with a perverted idea thinks they are.

>>I utterly reject the suggestion that the state should discriminate against my relationship, my family and my children because it suits someone's personal morality.<<

And I object to the '
state' making all relationships equal to marriage to please those who lack 'personal morality'. Marriage is unique from every other relationship. To recognize the distinction in law is not 'discrimination', it is vitally important to protect male, female and children. Even if the law changes, you will still feel discriminated and never happy.

>>I utterly reject your right to judge me or anyone else like me.<<

You will never have a world without disapproval of homosexuality, people have a right to their views. And I utterly reject the idea homosexuality is above criticism, and I have every '
right' to say so. And every right to 'judge' and discriminate against those who do wrong. Only a totalitarian state denies that right.

>>How do I explain your views to my children? Do I say to them we live in a country where it doesn't matter whether you have a good marriage or a bad marriage, it doesn't matter whether you are good parents or bad parents, it just matters that you marry the opposite sex?<<

You wouldn’t explain my '
views' to them. You would rather lie and tell them any relationship is like marriage. Normal parents may not be perfect, but they are far better for kids than two homosexuals. Children raised outside intact, two-natural parent families are many times more likely to be physically or sexually abused than those in normal families. [p.61-67 “Child Abuse: A Test of Some Predictions of Evolutionary Theory” Ethnology and Sociobiology 3 1982 J.J Lightcap J.A Kurland R.L Burgess].

Tell your children normal families have normal parents. So kids hopefully grow up without perverted sexual behaviour. Normal relationships are far more physically and mentally healthier than homosexual. So tell them the truth.

>>I'll never do that. I teach my children that it doesn't matter who they form a relationship with, it doesn't matter who any body else forms a relationship with either. What matters is that people in relationships are truthful and loyal, and love and care for their children.<<

It does matter who they form a relationship with. How many partners and failed relationships have you had? Homosexual relationships are not '
truthful', they lie to children. Children don't need to grow up in the face sexual perversion. They need to learn behaviours and lifestyles, which promote physical and mental health, and proper social relationships. The consequences of homosexuality and anal sex is extremely risky to the body (AID’s NIV Hepatitis A, B, Kaposi’s sarcoma, anal carcinoma etc) there is danger to all who practice this.

>>That is the kind of New Zealand I am fighting for. I will continue to do so despite your protests. Chris Carter<<

You are fighting to corrupt the minds of children and destroy their lives. You are not honorable, but stubborn and won’t listen to your electorate. On a private self-centered crusade 'despite' any 'protests'.

No body has ever successfully replaced the authority of natural law (male and female) with a legal structure, which is politicized to support the unnatural. No government can ever successfully legislate and liberalize immorality without its consequences. The real need in New Zealand is not for homosexual marriages but for Parliament to enhance the rights of those in the proper normal relationship of marriage and reinforce their marriage as the best way to nurture children. Kids are the ones who suffer not having proper parents, but you wouldn't care about their protests either.


PS Note to the reader. I have very reliable but private information that this relationship is far from happy or normal. Not all he said was true. This is not just about a relationship, this is about the kind of human being they choose to be. Homosexuals are identified not by a trait, or gene, but by actions. Without the action, they are indistinguishable from others.