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To argue you wearing women's clothes you respond to Deut.22:5,

>>Its funny but my life application bible tells me not to take this verse literally (the one about what clothing to wear), that its OK to wear whatever style you like. It says it is meant to be seen as a parable about the roles of men and women, Although in todays sociotey there are men who are better mummys, than the actual mothers are and there are mothers who have to fulfill the role of a father because the father is a total idiot! And there a women who want to have a career, a thing that was probably punishable 3000 years ago!!! What about families where the Mum works and the Dad looks after the kids, is that a punishable sin??? Will those people be declined life eternal because they switched roles???<<

Parable? No parable anywhere in Deuteronomy! Your '
bible' is a collector’s item – one of a kind. Prove it, re-read ch.22. Contact the Bible Society they will give a refund. Sorry to disappoint, but every-kind of sexual immorality is covered and ruled on in the Bible - there's nothing left to practice. Heb.12:4 "God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral."

Israel was a country clothes had little to distinguish the sexes, and men had beards. However, verse 5 is understood literally and applies particularly to countries where the dress alone distinguishes between male and female. The fact that some men look like Sylvester Stallone and others like you has little to do with Duet.22:5 it clearly indicates that the sexes are to be distinguished by apparel. What version is your “
life application bible”?

The AB, ASB, AV, reads....“an abomination to the Lord”.
The RBV, LB reads……...."doing such things is abhorrent to the Lord”.
The ICB, GNB reads……….“God hates people who do such things”.

All I can say is, “…purify yourselves and change your clothes” :-) [Gen.35.4]
All sin is “
punishable”. In the Bible repeatedly we find God hates sin. The only answer is through our faith in Christ and His death for our sin. And the thing we must do is accept Him as Saviour. People are only “declined life eternal” because they will not humble themselves before God, nor admit they are sinners. They take no notice of God’s Word and reject God’s one and only means of dealing with sin through His Son. You wrote,

>>I am beginning to think that the bible is not as important as what a lot of people believe<<

How is this for
importance? - Pro.13:13 "Who ever despises the word and counsel (of God) brings destruction upon himself, but he who (reverently) fears and respects the commandment (of God) is rewarded". The Bible is far more important than you realise. In it are the words of eternal life – it has God’s message for you. Read it be wise, follow it to live good and read it for direction. You wrote,

>>after all what do you really know about King James??? Do you believe in THAT guy with all your heart and soul, he is a sinful person just like the next, after all the book is only god inspired it is not actually of god.<<

You obviously don’t know God or His Word. We come to God through Jesus not "
King James". The Bible explains why you are having so much trouble understanding. “The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” [1 Cor.2.14] Jesus said, the Holy Spirit, “shall teach you all things” [Jn.14.26 16.7-15] Till you come to God in prayer, and seeking forgiveness you will never receive His Spirit. Who else can better explain God than Himself? When His Spirit enters your eyes open, you will see and understand better. And you think differently, with new desires and new life. You wrote,

>>You may be shocked by songs I have written, but to me they are god inspired and they will always be considered god inspired by me. Who knows, maybe in 2000 years they'll discover lost writings of Trevor Yaxley, Bill Subritzky and George Curl, and compile it into a sequel for the bible!!!! That's exactly what King James did.. <<

There’s no certainty the world will be around in another 2000 years. You haven’t got long either. Only one life and it will soon be past. “It’s appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgment” [Heb.9.27] Are you ready? By the way, the KJV was translated not by
King James but by 47 scholars from Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. You wrote,

>>Surely the bible is not needed to live a life at peace with yourself, others and your maker. After all, all the answers are right there inside of us already, If we were created by a god then surely we have the blue-print for lifes answers inside of us....<<

Face the facts. We haven’t got all the answers inside. Man has never been able to live at peace with himself or others. Because within man is the problem. Without the Bible you would not even know you “
were created”, and truth would become just an opinion. There’s only darkness without the light of God’s Word. You wrote,

>>Another thing that annoys me about todays belief system is the way that god is represented.. god is always refered to as a him, when in the truth god is not a him, god is both. god contains components of both, god is male and female, god is both-sexual, god is trans-gendered. It's only a male dominated sociotey that has personified god as a man, because men were regarded as being more powerful than women, so it was only natural to see god as a man.<<

For the best picture of God, read the Bible. Don’t worry about “society” or “sex”. Use these to define God, you will be wrong every-time. God is not “trans-sexual or gendered”. He's uncreated and Spirit. And humanly speaking, not categorised as we classify creatures. He's impossible to understand unless we come to Christ who is “God manifested in the flesh” [1 Tim.3.16]. You wrote,

>>I understood "the message" and received it, but then I read the word, and talked to the people and I didn't like the things that I read, heard and saw... Todays christianity is based upon a lot of "religious crap" from the past 5000 or so years, gods message is no different today than it was from the day humans first walked on this planet, every millenium has had its own "interpretation" or mutation of the truth, the New Teatament is a really soft and wussy kind of religion it reflects the times, the christianity of today is even worse, back in harder days. eg moses, times were rough, life was harsh, so it was reflected in the belief system and laws etc.<<

Nothing sadder than a man turning his back on God and going his own way. Who knows? Perhaps this could be the last time God speaks to you. Perhaps for the rest of your life God says nothing more. But yes its true, Christianity is not for the faint-hearted. I question that you really did have a conversion. You "received" a "message" but not the Saviour. I doubt God's Spirit entered your heart. The only evidence you are truly a Christian is by what you say and do. If that does not line-up with the Bible, then did you ever know the Saviour at all. The bible says, “If a man say he hath faith, yet no evidence of it, can that faith save him” [Jas.2]. The answer is “no”. You wrote,

>>But the blueprint of Life the Universe and Everything in our DNA or wherever is essentially the same. God wants nothing more than to live in harmony with his creation, and his creations to live in harmony with each other, thats all, thats the ultimate goal, Today you could live by the law of moses, and be accepted into heaven, God hasn't changed, you could live by the Juadism belief system and be accepted into heaven, God still hasn't changed, Or you could live by the Gospels of Jesus and be accepted into heaven, God still has not changed a single bit. Or you could live by some other belief, and be accepted into heaven, simply because your belief has put you in harmony with God and Man. THE ULTIMATE GOAL!<<

This is your opinion. What “God wants” is the best for you. God’s “ultimate goal” is repentance and salvation [Act 3.19 17.30 26.20]. “…everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son". Jn.3.

Thats His goal or will - your salvation. All roads don’t lead to heaven. To say all religions are the same is not logical, factual or honest. No right minded person is broad-minded enough to believe that all trains will lead to the same station or all planes will land at the same airport. How could all religions be true when they contradict each other? Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (Jn.14:6). That excludes all other so called 'ways' to God. You wrote,

>>God has never changed, Mankind changes constantly and along with that, so do his belief systems, imagine if we tried to present the laws of attonement for sins today, it just wouldn't work, some goes if we tried to take the Christian faith back to those days, it just wouldn't go down, The belief systems are molded to suit the times, they have to be otherwise we would still believe that the earth was flat and that we were the centre of the universe, we would still believe that god was angry every time fire was falling out of the sky!! As we discover more and more about the universe around us, more and more things that were believed to be truth are being proved wrong. What will be next? Bye for now, ps. I am enjoying these discussions!!<<

I’m not preaching churchianty,
religion or a “belief system”. I'm talking about a Person. A personal relationship with God through Christ. The gospel has not changed for 1900 years. God’s Word has not changed, our understanding may but the message, promises & warnings don’t. The Old Testament today is the same as in the days of Christ. The New Testament has never been more relevant since written. Feel free to write again.