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King James Error

Rapture hasen't happened

Not to late to repent of NEW [UA] Versions


There’s only one version I’m going to use Jim - one I can understand.

No need to repent about that. The idea God will judge those who don’t use the KJV adds a whole new definition to sin. And adds works to the Gospel of Grace. One must not only ‘repent’ and believe but MUST learn Elizabethan English (not the Gospel "once delivered to the saints" (Eph.2:8-9). God doesn’t get angry over versions He promised all nations would be blessed ‘through faith’ (Gal.3:8) ..... no mention of 1611 English.

He uses the clarity of modern versions to feed and speak to His people all the time. We are not Bible-hating, Bible-rejecting apostates but enjoy His blessing. Its more likely an incomprehensible translation would produce an erring Christian.
Christian’s should be characterised by the indwelling Holy Spirit (Gal.3:1) their love of Christ (Jn.14:15) and one another (Jn.13:35) not by a translation. We can use any language version all our life without turning into KJ radicals. Because that is a man made argument that needs to be taught by men.

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There is no- witness of the Spirit of God to what you say


Hi Jim.

The Holy Spirit intended the Gospel should be understood in a multitude of languages Ac.2:6-8, 9-11. He didn’t intend one must learn a particular language. He intended God’s Word should be in an understandable tongue (Mt.24:14 Lk.24:45-47. Ac.17:30-31. 22:15. 1 Cor.14:6-11, 19). So men are judged for rejecting the Gospel, not a bible language version.

Which confirms what I said.

One’s nation or tongue is relevant as God’s Spirit applies Scripture to heart and mind. He speaks with equal authority to Hebrew, Chinese, German or English. Our emphases should be that the message has come of God - not a language version. Human languages are entirely arbitrary and err. And even Scripture in our tongue is dead letter without God’s Spirit opening eyes and hearts to the truth within. As He is the Great Translator and Interpreter, not men.

So what verse demands one repent from a bible version? Where does God’s Spirit witness to what you say?

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Titus 3:10

A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;

Hi Jim,

So in Titus 3:10 a ‘heretick’ is a Christian who doesn’t use your particular bible language version & must be ‘rejected’.

That gives a meaning to bible words the original writers never did. You have the KJV referring to the KJV. Paul applies the word to one who follows Judaism not Christianity, one insisting on adding circumcision to be saved. That’s the meaning of ‘heretic’. The KJ ‘only doctrine’ could not exist until 1611, Paul did not refer to it. The doctrine adds to the gospel of grace and demands converts must learn English and only use the 1611. Paul refers to this idea -

(Gal.1:6-7) I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ . Look how the ‘KJ Only’ doctrine perverts the gospel -

‘Sinner’ – one who thinks the KJV has a mistake – or uses any other version.
‘Error’ – only found in other versions, never in the KJV
‘Inerrant’ – the KJV is exempt from error – never other versions.
‘Infallible’ – the KJV is incapable of error
‘The Word of God’ - the KJV – (Often radicals won’t define this term)
‘Words of God’ – the words in the KJV
‘Thy Word’ – the KJV.
'Heretic' - one who "tears down" the KJV
‘Inspired’ – only the KJV, not even the originals
‘Bible corrector’ – any bible translator but not the KJV translators
‘Faith’ - that the KJV alone is God’s Word
‘Scripture’ - the KJV
’Gospel’ - believe, repent, baptised, learn English & use the KJV
‘Corruption’ – found only in other text-types/versions never the TR or KJV
‘Bible’ – the KJV.
‘Hypocrite’ – a Christian that uses another version other than the KJV
‘Apostate’ - a Christian who will not use the KJV
‘Bible-haters’ – Christians who use other versions, or say bad things about the KJV
‘Enemy of the Bible’ – Bible translators [but not the KJ translators]

You can keep KJV radicalism, it’s an ugly doctrine. It makes one hate fellow Christians and carry unnecessary bitterness through life.