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King James Error

Hello Marty

Thanks for your reply. When I first read your letter I thought, at last, a King James man who displays Christian character. There are very few like this guy, very few. But then I saw why you were so polite. You also sent your letter off to your friends. Some have been passing my letters on. I don't mind that. I hope you post my bigger email on, the one where more replied. It gives people a chance to read my concerns. And help them when replying to my letter. You wrote,

>>Please forgive me for not being as detailed as you are in your attack on the word of God.<<

I'm not attacking the 'word of God' Marty, it's the KJ dogma. When you say the "word of God" you only apply the words to the KJV, but I don't. English are not the only people who have the Bible. To me God's Word is not locked-up in one language version and in the 16th century. You wrote,

>>I suggest that your read these verses, 1 Pet1:23, Jas 1:21, Lk 8:11,12, Ps138:2<<

Thanks. Yes I looked them up. But didn't find the words "King James Version" once. Did you? I found those verses easier to read and understand in the NIV. You wrote,

>>I hate to say it, but you and Muslim's are like minded when it comes to 'belief' in the scriptures.<<

Well, I don't mean to be unkind too Marty. But regarding 'Scriptures', the KJ sideshow is closer to what the Muslim's believe than what I do. Just as Muslims believe the Qur'an can ONLY be correctly read and studied in Arabic, so the KJ radicals believe the same regarding the KJ. They say, English is "God's chosen perfect language". Muslim's insist the Qur'an should not be translated from Arabic - similar to KJ people.

If God only provides the one and "true" Bible in one language, then that language is vital. And none can be sure about salvation (or any doctrine) unless they learn that language to read "His words". This adds works to the Gospel of grace. It demands the convert not only repent and believe the Gospel, but to know God's Word, they must learn Elizabethan English. This is foreign to the Gospel "once delivered unto the saints" (Eph.2:8-9). To require this of converts is a departure from truth and makes the KJ radicals characteristic to a cult. It also implies God is racist and discriminatory.

And I must also say, that no language on earth is 'perfect'. God's Word is Divine and God's voice, but it comes to us through human language. So believing in Divine inspiration does not mean holding to fixed ideas that don't allow for mistakes in translations. You wrote,

>>Ps. What are the scriptures as defined in the bible, and what is the word of God?<<

Yes this is the common ploy of the radicals. Always ask the questions and never accept answers. A circular debate. I have seen this over and over - "where are the words of God?" is another one. And "Which Bible is the real one?" is another endless question. I don't have a problem answering these questions. The problem I have is that my questions remain unanswered, so my concerns remain. But I will say this - in the Bible the expression Ďword of Godí can mean -

[1] all of Godís communications with human beings in itís various forms and modalities.

[2] the events of salvation history, the speaking of words of God

[3] the spoken words of the prophets (including Jesus) upon whom the Spirit rests.

[4] Pre-eminently applicable to Jesus the Incarnate One the fullness of Godís self-communication

[5] the Christian proclamation

[6] Godís message to mankind

[7] The written words contained in Scripture.

Feel free to correct me. I'll finish and say this. If the KJV alone is the "only true Bible", KJ people should be outstanding examples of all that Christians should be. Surely those who walk in truth should live the truth. According to the Apostle John, lack of love is the greatest proof Christians don't walk in the truth (1 Jn.4:12). The evidence of authentic spirituality according to John was in a word "love". With Paul the clearest indication Christians know God's Word, is growth in faith and love (1 Thes.1:3-6 5:8 2 Thes.1:3-4 1Tim.4:12 6:10 2 Tim.3:15-17 etc). And Jesus said, all men will know you are My disciples by your love one for another (Jn.13:35). Do you agree?

I have been reading some of the literature the radicals publish. One might call it "hate literature". They refer to those who use other versions or who question AV as - "lairs, fools, dung, stupid-jerks, dogs, blasphemers, brain-washed, up-starts, hypocrites, enemies, heretics, deceitful" etc. Why? Some of their comments are slanderous and others libel. They are also known for campaigns of abusive phone-calls to those who hold contrary views. They target individuals. This antagonism is very damaging to all their claims.

Evangelicals don't always agree on every aspect of Bible doctrine but surely we must practice the old saying, 'In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty, in all things charity'. And surely, 'if something is true it can stand to be questioned, if it is not true it needs to be questioned'. Cults also display such antagonism to mainstream Christianity and those who question their doctrine. This behaviour of KJ radicals is incompatible with the KJV (Jn.13:34 15:12 Rom.13:8 15:7 1 Thes.4:9 1 Pe.1:22 1 Jn.3:11 4:7,11 2 Jn.5). Without love doctrine is a noisy clang (1 Cor.13:1). It is the one who says 'I love God' yet hates his brother who is a liar (1 Jn.4:20).

Thanks for the mail.