Want Some Answers ???

King James Error

Hi Marty,

Nice to hear from you (I think). You wrote,

>>It must be nice to have so much time on your hands<<

Well, I keep busy; at times busier than most folk. Yet when it comes to Bible study, witnessing and sharing the wonderful things God has revealed through His Word making time is important. Don't you think? Paul wrote, Col 3:23 "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men". I write in answer to your letters, as unto the Lord. You wrote,

>>And I must say that you are very arrogant as well. I should warn you of the dangers of pride, but I am sure you will not listen to me.<<

Oh Marty, that's not very nice. You disappoint me. Where's your Christian love? You shouldn't just say this without explaining why. I searched our email and couldn't find a reason to make you feel that way. Only that I reject the claims radicals about the KJV. Your first letter displayed such Christian character; I thought there were few like you. But I knew why you were so polite - you sent your letter off to all your friends [but not this time which explains your rudeness].

Can I make it clear, I'm still learning. I'm a slow learner and if I misunderstand forgive me. I listen, think it through and study. And will continue to study and ponder these matters afterwards. So tell me why am I '
arrogant' don't just call me names. You wrote,

>>As I consider your remarks about me mailing your letters to some friends of mine, I can't help but think that you must really be asinine.<<

What's wrong with recommending you post my mail on to 'friends'? It gives them a chance to read what I believe. I'm open to their response and happily corrected if they will. But they should know what I believe to reply. You think that's asinine [brainless], I don't see why. You wrote,

>>I emailed them thinking that they may have time to answer your letter. I was trying to be helpful, but you taught me a lesson.<<

What lesson? I not complaining about you passing on my email, you offered help. But when you write calling someone 'stupid and arrogant' you really should have reasons why. To be honest Marty, you're struggling to find them.

It's sad your friends were unable to "
answer" my "letter". I don't blame you and you can't blame me. Surely, it's "a lesson" you learnt from your "friends". Ok, get over it, they didn't help. With radicals for friends who needs enemies? You wrote,

>>For now on it will be answer a fool according to his folly.<<

My KJV doesn't say "answer a fool" but, "answer NOT a fool" [Pro.26:4]. That means you don't respond like a fool to a fool. God expects you to use your brain (reason, logic) and not like a fool resorting to name calling. Jesus said, "I say unto you, - whosoever shall say to his brother, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire". [Mt.5:22KJV]. Did you know that's in the KJ Bible?

Paul wrote, "Let no man think me a fool; if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me" [2 Cor 11:16]. I'm happy to be received as a fool, if you listen to my concerns or explain my error. After all the emails I'm still waiting for someone to convincingly answer my comments. Find someone if you can Marty I'll wait.

You regard me as "
a fool" and have a high opinion of yourself. You run me down, I'm the most stupid and arrogant fool ever. Well, I take comfort in Prov 26:12 "Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him". You wrote,

>>My time is God's time, and I am not going to waste the Lord's time with an arrogant, caranl, devil possessed person.<<

"Devil possessed" just because I question what the radicals claim about the KJV? Your problem is you don't want to face reality, just pass it off to your friends. Not good enough, you need to do the study yourself.

Your ideas about 'sin' are unscriptural. KJ radicals believe either "....you are a King James Bible Believer or you are an enemy of the Word of God". They say reading other versions is "apostate unbelief". In this manner, they parallel the wilful rejection of the Gospel with a wilful rejection of the KJV. Completely unscriptural. If I'm
evil, what's your idea of what's good?

If I use another version I have not "forsaken God's word" to be "punished" by God. I can use the KJV or any version all life without offence to God. As millions who never spoke English, yet they are with the Lord now. Christian's are not characterised or identified by the language or a translation they use. They are characterised by the indwelling Holy Spirit (Gal.3:1), their love of Christ (Jn.14:15) and their "love one to another." (Jn.13:35). You wrote,

>>You got your beliefs from hell, and I hope and pray that you don't go there....but that is up to you.<<

I have give you chapter and verse where I "got my beliefs from". Marty what you say is nonsense. You have no sound words. If you are going to reply say something constructive with common sense, not rudeness. If personal abuse is all you have, why write? It really reflects poorly on other radicals. But as I said - 'According to John, a lack of love was the greatest proof Christians don't walk in truth (1 Jn.4:12). The evidence of authentic spirituality according to John was in a word "love". With Paul, the clearest indication Christians know God's Word, is growth in faith and love (1 Thes.1:3-6 5:8 2 Thes.1:3-4 1 Tim.4:12 6:10 2 Tim.3:15-17 etc). Jesus said, "all men will know you are My disciples by your love one for another" (Jn.13:35).

Come back to truth Marty. Don't let the radicals fool you with their nonsense. The only thing they have is debate and division.

Kind regards
Mark Purchase