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King James Error

Hi Anonymous

Wow! Amazing! After reading your letter I see why you HIDE your name. But reading how you JUSTIFY the slandering and targeting Christians is sad. Has God given KJ radicals a ministry of hate of fellow Christians? And all this from people who pretend to have and walk in truth more than others. I'll go through your letter point by point.

>>You stated that you hit a nerve. You haven't.<<

I was confident I had, because you chose not to answer my comments but argue. Forgot what you wrote? -

>>you are the radical and add another word to your vocabulary. You're a heretic<<

Obviously something got through. You couldn’t answer the issues so attack the person. I feel strongly about doctrine too, but why major on name calling.

>>I'm just stating some facts. You better look at Baptist History a little more closer. Look at the history of J. Frank Norris. His pen was red hot!<<

Never heard of Norris, but two wrongs don’t make a right! Do you ‘do to others as they do to you’? KJ radicals are well known for their attacks on decent Christians whose only crime is rejecting KJ dogma [in EVERY country where they are]. If the KJV alone is the “only true Bible”, you people should be prime examples of all Christians should be. Surely those who WALK in truth should LIVE the truth. According to the Apostle John, lack of LOVE was the greatest proof we don’t walk in the truth (1 Jn.4:12). The evidence of authentic spirituality according to John was in a word “love”. Jesus said, all men will know you are My disciples by your love one for another (Jn.13:35). Ask yourself, is this practice of slandering and targeting individuals of the Lord? If not then do something about it. Write to those KJ publications and tell them you object.

>>Have you forgotten that the Lord Jesus, John the Baptist, and the apostle Paul named many names in the New Testament. The Lord Jesus words alone, (Mat 23:27-29 KJV) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, (Mat 23:33 KJV) Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?<<

Oh, I see. So if Christ took the whip to the Money Changers, the KJ mob take the whip to Christians? If He called people ‘hypocrites’, its alright to call those who differ with KJ doctrine ‘hypocrites’. The difference between Christ and you, is He spoke from the position of perfection you don’t. And as for Paul, he never slandered or criticised anyone for not using a KJV. His clearest indication Christians walk in the truth and know God’s Word, is growth in faith and love (1 Thes.1:3-6 5:8 2 Thes.1:3-4 1 Tim.4:12 6:10 2 Tim.3:15-17).

>>You answer with your rendition of scriptures, but I have answered you with the word of God. This is appropriate in Lieu of Matthew 4:4. But then again, you probably doubt this portion of scripture has inaccurate.<<

In my original email referred to 12 verses and 5 chapters. Others replied to the points I raised you haven’t answered any. I’m going to include my original email below so you can answer it next time. You wrote,

>>Frankly, you're attacking the most godly group of men I have had a chance of knowing. They have and would give their lives for the word of God.<<

The ‘godly group of men’ you refer to are translator bashers and the most anti-bible people I know. If they had their way, they would rob or withhold Scripture from millions of souls. By insisting it mustn't be translated because that corrupts Scripture. That would steal what belongs to the whole Church. God has given His Word for all His people of every nation and generation and every language. You people would deny the Word of Life to those who can’t read old English and send them to a lost eternity. Your ‘godly’ mob would burn the Bibles of millions and rob them of God’s Word, which they have and would give their lives for.

>>You wouldn't, since you can't be sure which is the real Bible.<<

The Bible comes only in one volume but there are many versions or translations. It’s the worlds most translated book (The last I heard, over 1700). One word radicals can’t understand is ‘version’. Whether KJV of NIV “V” stands for ‘version’. Many a book has been translated into other languages and up-dated in modern language but it’s the same book. No doctrine is lost or in doubt in modern versions by using other text-types. No doctrine hinges on disputed readings, but the vast majority of the actual words in the NT are beyond doubt. And there’s nothing in Scripture indicating a rejection of the Byzantine text results in ignorance of God’s will. The research over the last 150 years has not presented us a radically different Bible. Not one article of the Christian creed has been overthrown by newly accepted readings.

>>You do not lift up the Bible, you're tearing it down.Therefore, anybody who tears down the word of God is a heretic. You question God's word. You arrogantly proclaim your thoughts and your beliefs as the true Word.<<

I lift up the Bible, but not your doctrine. And it’s the radicals who “arrogantly proclaim [their] thoughts and beliefs as the true Word” [over and over]. You people “tear down” faith in Scripture by telling people their version is Satanic. You people try to lock up the Bible in old English so millions can’t read it [if you had your way].

You think I
tear down the Bible because you have a cult vocabulary. I use the same words as you but mean different. When you say “word of God” you mean KJV nothing else. Whenever the KJV says “thy Word” you think it means KJV and nothing else. This is a classic example of a cult. Words are reinterpreted. Hundreds of Bible words are given a new meaning by KJ radicals. eg -

‘sinner’ – someone who uses any other version and not the KJV
‘error’ – only found in other versions, never in the KJV
‘inerrant’ – only refers to the KJV
“The Word of God” - the KJV
‘infallible’ – only describes the KJV
‘inspired’ – only the KJV, not even the originals [according to you]
‘bible corrector’ – any bible translator but not the KJV translators
‘faith’ - that the KJV is God’s Word
‘Bible’ for you means KJV – nothing else.
‘heretic’ one who “tears down” the KJV
‘faith’ trust in the KJV alone [not in God]
’Scripture, - the KJV
Gospel - believe, repent, baptised, learn English use KJV
‘corruption’ – only other text-types never the one underpinning the KJV

You wrote,

>>You point out failures in every manuscript to plant the seed of disbelief in men's minds.<<

There are "failures in every manuscript", a matter of fact. That includes those underpinning the KJV. But its you people who 'plant the seed of disbelief in men’s minds'. Over and over ‘where are the words’? - ‘Which Bible is real?’ - ‘You can’t be sure of salvation unless you read the KJV’. Yes you ask questions but never accept answers.

>> If I met you, I would treat you with the upmost courtesy and treat you as a friend.<<

But your mail is far from friendly. I don’t have many friends who greet me with “You’re a heretic – and - fool”. Not sure I would want to meet one who thinks 'tearing' down Christian’s is their God-given-right.

>>I would and have 'marked you' and would not have any fellowship with you whatsoever. I call it like I see it. I see a man who campaigns not for the 'faith', but against the 'faith.' Therefore, I have called you a heretic, or appropriately, marked you as a brother who has walked disorderly.<<

If my original email was in error – show me. But here again, you can’t address the issues so go for the person. Unable to defend what you believe? It’s the radicals who think they campaign for truth, yet campaign against fellow Christians. You have redefined 'sin'. You think reading another version is sinful and apostate unbelief. So you parallel the wilful rejection of the Gospel with wilful rejection of the KJV. Completely unscriptural. You wrote,

>>I see no aim to your pointless arguing with men who are trying to win the world to Christ. I see your frontal attack on the KJV aimless. You profess to be wise, but are a fool. A fool with degrees is still the same as a fool without degrees. You're just a fool with more education. Once a fool, always a fool.<<

Mt.5:22 “Whosoever shall say to his brother, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire”. Do you take any notice of Jesus? Why not think about what you write? What intelligent thing have you said that adds to the discussion? You turn people away from what you believe. No wonder you hide your name. You wrote,

>>I really think you're just bitter. Sorry, I love you, but then again, it's a love you can't understand anyway.<<

I can ensure you ‘love’ is different to what radicals think. Although your letter wasn't much, thanks.

Mark Purchase