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King James Error

Ok Herb answers please -

How much in the KJV is without error? If you say "all", then which "KJB" do you refer to?

You might know about the KJV "Wicked Bible" of 1631 [Named after it's textual error]. And the KJV "Murderer's Bible" of 1795 [another textual error]. But there are many KJV's. The first KJV off the press came with marginal column notes. The translators said they added these for "wordes and sentences" that seemed to present "difficultie and doultfulesse" to the reader. They argued the text needed further explanation so they provided the explanation in a footnote. Bible students need a Bible that offers a few notes and study aids. As successive editions of the KJV came off the press, the editors and printers would add more 'helps' to the margin: cross-references, alternate readings, variant spellings, and interpretative comment. In 1701 a chronology was added and a date for major Biblical events. All without mistakes ?

How about, The KJV Criswell Study Bible? It has a detailed intro, and outline for each book and subheadings, cross-references for nearly every verse, charts, a glossary, subject index and footnotes. Or Dake's KJV Annotated Reference Bible? Its lengthy margin notes give a veritable commentary on the text. The editor inserts an outline into the text through the use of frequent subheadings, and numerous cross-references. Many of the notes are fanciful regarding prophecy. Or how about, Nave's KJV Study Bible? It has alternate readings from the RV, footnotes, cross-references in the margin and Ussher's chronology [but question marks after many dates].

Also the KJV Open Bible. This updates some of the versions more archaic words. Some KJ editions put portions of Scripture in small italic footnotes because the authenticity of the passages is in doubt [ie Ac.8.37 1.Pe.5.2]. The Footnotes in these KJV provide textual notes and recommended 'probable' texts with alternative readings regarding deletions [Mt.24.36], substitutions [Mk.1.41], additions [Mt.21.43], etc.

Note also the many Topical KJV's. Topical Bibles place Scripture in alphabetical order. Space limitations don't permit the quotation of Scripture verses in full so the editor edits some readings. Some of these KJV's are misleading when editors glean some far-fetched collection of Scripture verses for a topic. Or an editor claims an authoritative message from God on matters that the Bible is silent, he can distort our understanding of Scripture. Nave's Topical KJV has the occasional alternate reading from the RV. While the Zondervan KJV Topical Bible includes ASV, RSV and RV alternate readings. [I could also mention the Defender's Study Bible (KJV) Henry Morris states "Easter" should be "Passover" and twice that, "no translation in any language is perfect" (Intro OT & NT).]

So when you say KJB, which one? And which do I believe when one differs from another? I have a plain simple Cambridge KJV and regarding Acts 12.4 the margin tells me "Easter" should be "Passover". What happens when my KJB tells me that your understanding of your KJB is wrong?


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