Want Some Answers ???

King James Error

Hi Herb

You wrote,

>>You seem to have some sort of a personality disorder or paranoid complex. You can't seem to grasp the fact that someone might want to know a little about the person, who is engaging them in mortal combat.<<

Herb I prefer you address the issues not play games. You appear unable or unwilling to address matters raised in our mails. I want to discuss issues, you want to discuss personalities [or side track]. I don't really blame you, because radicals behave and think like a cult. Time to time I help people come to know the truth. This can only be done if they are prepared to seriously look at their belief and study it with me. Perhaps you don't want to, perhaps it's too tender for you to discuss.

My first letter said - "radicals refer to those who use other versions or question AV as - "lairs, fools, dung, stupid-jerks, dogs, blasphemers, brain-washed, up-starts, hypocrites, heretics, deceitful, blind". Individuals are targeted - names and address are printed and targeted with hate mail and abusive phone-calls. And there is 'silly mail' posted anonymously with bogus names and addresses." You chose to write to me by many 'silly emails'. And I think that says it all. Jesus said "You will know them by their fruit" and "You will know my followers by their love".

Herb, their fruit is their actions and words. 1 Jn.4:20 If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar...". 1 Jn.4:6-8 This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood. Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." See, Christians who walk in the truth are seen by their love for each other. Is it not obvious from their words and deeds that radicals don't walk in the truth? The nastier they can be the better they like it.

Why would you want to be mixed-up with KJ radicals? What good thing have they ever done? Find yourself a nice church fellowship without the debate and nonsense that goes with the KJ mob [friends like that who needs enemies?].

>>Have I accused you of a cop-out for asking me my age? Why is it a cop out for me to ask you some questions about yourself. For you to assume what I might do with it shows that you are paranoid.<<

Herb if you addressed the issues instead of playing the man I wouldn't accuse you of anything, but defending your doctrine. But no, repeatedly you are not interested. I wanted [hoped for] some answers, or 'dialog' from the 'answer man'. But you don't wish to commit yourself. You are wasting our time. I want some KJ men of substance. Your first letters started out personal, and haven't changed.

>>I started to answer your questions and you unleash a tirade of verbosity, which makes it extremely difficult to dialog with some one. My style is to take a point at a time and to have an exchange. Your style seems to be irratic and impatient and irritable. You pontificate and accuse rather than reason and prove point by point. <<

And here we go again, more personal 'verbosity'. You can write but I won't pay much attention. I have important mails in my folder which require attention. I don't waste time writing about personalities but keep to the subject.

I can't afford to spend too much time on one person who has no substance. You have had your go, and not delivered. I have written many things to you most mature KJ defenders would jump to 'correct' but not you. You can find someone and battle it out on an e-group [perhaps you have already]. If you are 65 you don't know much about what you've committed yourself to. But I doubt it, your 'silly emails' reflect an inexperienced young chap who is finding his way in life.

As for me, my time belongs to the Lord, His Service and regarding higher matters.

Mark Purchase