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King James Error

Hi there,
My open letter to KJ extremists everywhere. And those who email address was on “The Bible Truth Homepage” website.

This site promotes the radical King James doctrine. I emailed them but they don’t answer. Apparently their idea of “Truth” cannot be questioned. Yet surely, if their claims about the KJV are true, what has ‘truth’ to fear? So I decided to email my concerns to those listed on their website to allow the ‘teachers of the truth’ a response.

The claims of the KJ radicals are not based on the whole truth. After an examination it’s obvious. All cults argue our faith is incomplete without their special interpretation. Yet the ‘truth’ is, God’s children are "complete in Christ" [Col.2:10] and have everything in Him [2 Pe.1.3].

KJ radicals err like a cult. Read “The Four Major Cults” and the chapter, “Distinctive Traits of the Cult” [A.Hoekema]. Many of the ‘traits’ he mentions are found with the radical’s doctrine. Eg. The reinterpretation of thousands of words in the Bible with a meaning the original writers NEVER intended. KJ radicals wrongly imagine when the KJV says “Thy Word” it refers to the KJV. My concerns -

[1] Does salvation depend on a particular Bible version and its language? No! My salvation does not rest on intellect, good works or language but on Christ's work on Calvary. There will be many in Heaven who NEVER read the KJV and NEVER spoke English [Ac.10:35 Rev.5:9 7:9]. They simply accepted the Gospel message. Check the great salvation chapters [Romans 3&4 and Galatians 3&4] Paul does not mention languages.

If a particular language is a vital part of salvation, one can't be sure about salvation [or ANY doctrine] unless one LEARN the language and read "God's very Words". They insist “ALL other translations are corrupt” and the KJV is 'the one true Bible’, this adds to the Gospel. And demands converts not only repent and believe the Gospel, but in order to read and know the “very Words of God” they must learn to read and speak Elizabethan English. Contrary to the Gospel "once delivered unto the saints".

[2] It also tries to steal what belongs to the whole Church. God has given His Word to all His people of every nation not just part of it. The Commission is, "Go ye therefore, and teach all NATIONS" [Mt.28]. The original tongues [and English] aren’t known to all God's people so Scripture MUST be translated into the modern languages of every nation and modern English.

Jesus used Aramaic, the NT Greek, and we use English. But God’s Word comes "….from the mouth of God" [Mt.4.4 NIV] to mankind. It’s "of God" not man. Jesus said 'The words I speak to you are spirit'. They are living words, "Christ has ministered to us not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God". So God's Word is “alive and powerful” and can't be trapped in time [1611] nor language [English] (“the word of God is not bound” 2 Tim.2:9KJ). It’s alive and powerful today as it was to Augustine, Wyclif or Luther for we’re the recipients of a Divine Revelation not a Divine Translation.

[3] No translation could be infallibly perfect unless guided by the same Spirit, with the same supervision as the writing of the inspired autographs. The 1611 required interpretation on the part of the translators. They were theologians and academics without claiming infallibility for their interpretations of Scripture. They made mistakes ie Ac.12.4 the word "Easter". What's it doing in the 'inerrant' KJV? The text was altered to include "Easter”. And the OT Apocrypha included in the 1611. Soon as 1613 another edition appeared with over 300 differences from the 1611. In fact, the 1762 edition was to remove "textual errors" and "certain kinds of words". Yet even today a dozen or so readings in the KJV find no support in any Greek MS whatsoever. Not to mention the thousands of spelling mistakes in the 1611. From 1611 to today’s KJV there have been over “24,000 changes”. But only ONE mistake fails the “perfect” test.

The traditional Church understands "inerrant" as the belief in an infallible, authoritative, reliable Scripture. This was always apart of the faith of the Church. And to concede that total inerrancy or inspiration is restricted to the autographs does not mean we have no sure Word from God. The vast majority of the NT is textual certain. No doctrine and no ethical command is affected by probability passages and to say all other translations are “blatant lies” is utter nonsense.

[4] Yes I believe accurateness is important. Authoritative translations don't exist without accurateness and clarity. But if I read something confusing, obscure, or incomprehensible, I won't comprehend. Note. 1 Cor.14.9-11 "Unless you speak intelligible words with your tongue, how will anyone know what you are saying? You will just be speaking into the air. Undoubtedly there are all sorts of languages in the world, yet none of them is without meaning. If then I do not grasp the meaning of what someone is saying, I am a foreigner to the speaker, and he is a foreigner to me." And Paul says, "my mind is unfruitful".

So God's Word should be understandable to all, not a select few English speakers. Otherwise a foreigner must learn English to read it. That suggests English are special in God's eyes and others can't possibility know God as well. But the fact is, nationality doesn't matter [Ac.10:34-35], nor language [1 Cor.14:9-11] because the Holy Spirit applies Scripture to our hearts and minds [Jn.14:26 16:13-15]. God speaks equally with authority to Chinese, German, as we. For Scripture is dead letter without the Holy Spirit opening eyes and hearts to its truth.

Most cults urge me to use the KJV when studying their doctrine. They love it’s ambiguity and constantly use it to deceive and win followers. The KJV is hard to read with hundreds of archaic words and phrases not easily explained. Why? Because language changes in time, words today are forgotten tomorrow. There are verbs, preterite forms etc, in the KJV which are antiquated. So the NKJV rightfully substituted current equivalents for them because no translation is ever final, they must keep pace with the growth in biblical scholarship and changes in language.

[5] My last point is that I’ve been reading the “Bible Believers Bulletin” and the other publications from the King James mob. Around the world one thing is the same. Their pens are red-hot attacking people. I can only describe this as "hate literature". Users of other versions or those who question or challenge the KJ doctrine are called - "lairs, fools, dung, stupid-jerks, dogs, blasphemers, bigots, brain-washed, up-starts, hypocrites, deceitful" etc. Some comments are slanderous, others libel. Individuals are targeted – names and address are printed and receive hate mail and abusive phone-calls. And ‘silly mail’ posted anonymously with bogus names and addresses. This kind of antagonism and personal ridicule is one of the most damaging aspects to the whole KJ sideshow and must stop!

Don’t know if you have considered these things before. And I don’t mean to offend by sharing my concerns. Reply if you wish [please no attachments – because of email viruses]. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,
Mark Purchase

All the Word of God for all the People of God’

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