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King James Error

Hi Pastor Jamie,

You wrote,

>>I don't know you. And I don't appreciate your hate garbage to my e-mail.<<

You people are the first to complain if happens to you and the last when you do it to others. But you don't make sense, ie "...to my email"? Do you know what 'hate garbage' is? You need the KJ gang to post you some mail. Your appreciation of "hate" mail would change (Pastor Jamie called this 'hate garbage') You wrote,

>>As for your understanding of the King James Bible, you can go with what ever version you desire.<<

Yes, any version is better than one people can't understand or read. You wrote,

>>As for me I have studied this subject and Im convinced that the AV1611 KING JAMES BIBLE is the Word of God.<<

If you "studied this subject" your reply doesn't show it. For you "the Word of God" means the "KJV". Contrary to 1 Pet 1:23 which indicates "God's Word" has a wider definition than a KJV. When analysing literature by KJ radicals, clearly bible words have a whole new meaning [ie Scripture, Gospel error, faith, sin, corruption, inerrancy, Gods Word, and Bible]. All reinterpreted with meanings the original writers never intended. You wrote,

>>You do not need to send any reply for you will not change me nor I you.<<

I agree. Words have different meanings for us; agreement is not only difficult, it's impossible. For someone who claims to have "studied this subject" it appears I struck a very raw nerve. You wrote,

>>But please do not e-mail me because you received my name from someone else.<<

Well, well. The kettle calling the Pot Black. Imagine been targeted by dozens of "hate mails" - the old game of the KJ mob. But silly me, I made a mistake, your address "av 1611 blessed hope" has nothing to do with you. Amazing how the big shot KJ 'Pastors' run for cover when someone comes along who can answer them. You wrote,

>>There is souls falling into hell and since Im in a cult like you stated (and you don't even know me) I need to go out and try and reach them. UNASHAMED, Pastor Jamie<<

Try reading [and writing] more carefully, I never said you were "in a cult", but, "KJ radicals err like a cult." Apparently you regard yourself as such. And, soul-winning? Try giving people a Bible version they can read and understand. It's been said the "white-mans KJ club" is a "SOME English Only club". It teaches the KJV is just for "English speaking people" and for only SOME English. Because millions don't have a firm grasp on the Kings English to use it. Millions of "souls" worldwide are illiterate in English and in their own tongue, with no possibility to learn English.

I throw out the KJ nonsense because God communicates ALL HIS WORD with either illiterate and fluent in their own language (1 Cor.12:13-26 Gal.3:28). The Bible was meant to be clearly heard and easily read. But if God only communicates in a foreign language or ambiguously then millions have no chance of understanding Him (1Cor.14:6-9). That implies God is racist and discriminatory. And you refer to yourself as "
UNASHAMED". I would be ashamed holding that doctrine.

Mark Purchase