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King James Error

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Sorry I didn’t catch your name, was it Phil or Tim? [hard to tell from your mail]. Anyway, thanks for your mail [although brief]. You asked questions, I’m happy to answer and thanks for the opportunity.

>>I think you are missing something or I do not understand what your point is. I use the KJB I know that I am saved by faith and GODS grace.<<

I understand, my concern was regarding some empty talk. The KJ radicals claim all other versions are “works of the Devil - Satanic imitation – lies - polluted counterfeit rubbish” and “full of mistakes” to the extent that they are totally untrustworthy. And, "ALL other translations are corrupt" the KJV alone “the one true Bible”. They say, one can’t be sure about ANY doctrine unless the KJV is consulted.

Quote - “an unsaved person can only be saved and born again by the Word of God” which they insist is the KJV.

Quote -“We believe the Bible, every word of it and through it we are saved”, (referring to the KJV).

Quote - “How do you know you are saved, if you cannot prove it from an "Inerrant" Authority?”

Quote - “How do you know that you are saved? Please DON’T say ‘..because the Bible says so’, or ‘the Scriptures say so’ or…‘the word of God says so’… if you can't produce that Bible”.

They say one can’t be sure regarding salvation unless they produce the KJV. And almost every Bible doctrine is treated the same way.

They claim the KJV is God’s one and only version for English people. But the KJV will not support this. Think, there are serious implications. Salvation becomes intrinsically linked to a language and a Bible version. Most readers of Scripture know the NT does not teach salvation rests on a language or translation, but on Christ's atonement, death and resurrection (Jn.3:16-17 Rom.10:9). To suggest anything else adds to [or corrupts] the gospel.

This group doesn’t just teach the KJV is for English speaking people, but in reality it teaches the KJV is for SOME English speakers. Because millions of Christians don’t have a firm grasp on the Kings English to use it. Many countries have their own form of English because language is a cultural expression. What’s a state of excellence for some, is a linguistically obstacle course for millions of others. An understandable English version is vital for them.

God has not selected grandiose sounding English and excluded modern English. Not according to Acts 10:35. Millions of Christians have the Bible in their modern tongue. They do not have a weak faith without the KJV. Or find it impossible to obey, trust and know God. Those who confine Scripture to a limited English edition doubt the power of God’s Word and seek to restrict it, contrary to Paul who wrote - “the word of God is not bound” [2 Tim.2.9].

So – There will be many in Heaven who NEVER read the KJV and NEVER spoke English [Ac.10:35 Rev.5:9 7:9]. They simply accepted the Gospel message. You wrote,

>>>Most other bibles leave out or change or "add to" the meaning of parts of the Bible.<<

Yes versions differ; ANY version compared to another. Yes modern translations omit words or phrases the KJV retains but its also true the KJV omits words or phrases others retain. And no Bible doctrine is in question by differences in translations or difficult verses. Of course the ultimate proof that the KJV is the recovered autographs would be to have the original autographs, which we don’t.

One chap said, "If you change ANYTHING you are a bible corrector!" But I soon realised the word “anything” does not mean “anything”, it means, ‘some-things’. "Bible Correctors" have been busy '
changing' the KJV. I have two pages photocopied from the 1627 KJV. I count 139 changes compared with today’s KJV. The changes in today’s KJV, from the 1611 have been estimated to be 24,000. Whether 45 or 10 thousand, a correction is a 'change'. It only takes one error to fail the perfect test. Why argue all other versions have corrections, changes, ‘leave-out’, ‘add to’ and avoid using these words concerning the KJV? Today’s KJV is not the “word-for-word…unaltered 1611”. The orthographical errors alone verify a huge numbers of alterations. Obviously neither the KJV translators, copyists or printers were infallible.

The very fact of
changes and errors proves that the same inspiration afforded to Scripture did not follow to translations. The KJV translators recognised the need to revise and change their work. Their introductory note to the reader – “Neither did we disdain to revise that which we had done…” You wrote,

>>All other bible compare to the KJB and say they are better.<<

(What "better" than the White-mans Bible? Radicals would turn Christianity into a white-mans religion). But radicals mostly do the comparing, it’s the way they determine doctrine. The slightest word change means they defend the KJV and criticise other versions. And conclude by claiming, “they have made a lair out of God”. Their claims are so exaggerated they cannot admit to one incorrect verse or word in the KJV. For that would mean they have lost the whole argument. They believe the KJV could not have ONE mistake for that would suggest ‘God has a mistake’. If anyone questions the KJV they question God, for the KJV is regarded perfect, even as God. You wrote,

>>I will stay with the one that I have used for 45 years. It is working just fine, and has not lost its "POWER."<<

But for many, a translation that cannot be understood has no power. Yes many Christians love the KJV and have been brought up on its Shakespearian eloquence, memorising Scripture in that form. With such I have respect, I’ve used it since childhood and join with all who desire God use His Word (whatever version) for the blessing of many. I've used the KJV all life without developing any of the strange radical ideas (and grown in the Lord). I believe Christian’s are not characterised by the language or translation they use. They are characterised by the indwelling Holy Spirit (Gal.3:1), their love of Christ (Jn.14:15) and their “love one to another” (Jn.13:35).

Many Christians testify God’s using the clarity of modern versions to feed, speak and guide people. These Christian’s are not “Bible-hating, Bible-rejecting apostates”. They receive comfort, power, encouragement and guidance and testify the God speaks with power and glorifies His name through modern translations. You ask,

>>Are you saved? If you are what do you base salvation on?<<

Yes sir. Like I said, “My salvation does not rest on intellect, good works or language but on Christ's work on Calvary...” This is confirmed in God’s Word. 1 Pet 1:23 “For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” This indicates “God’s Word” has a wider definition than just a KJV. So none need to learn King James English or only use the KJV to be sure. If this is true, and it is, then the KJV is just another version.

Kind regards
Mark Purchase