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King James Error

Hi Tim,
Thanks again. You wrote,

>>One thing you have left out of each e-mail that you have sent, is where do you go to church?<<

Not far from where I live. It's not necessary to mention that when writing about that webpage or addressing your comments. We’re a happy fellowship of born-again Christians similar to Baptists. But no problems about ‘which version?’ You wrote,

>> I have read what you believe to be the truth about the KJB and some of the points you make, make me think. I pray that God let you study the KJB.<<

He has “let” me “study the KJB” and other versions too. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to what I've shared with you. You see, the reason I don’t believe translators are part of [quote] “the most vicious and malicious attempted assassination of the word of God ever seen on plant earth”. And they are, [quote] “…the most dangerous enemy of the word of God”. Is because the Holy Spirit is The Translator of God's Word (Jn.16:13-15).

He illuminates as we read, He bears witness with our spirit to the truth of what we read. Without His work Scripture is dead letter (1 Cor.2:14 2 Cor.3:6 Eph.6:17). The test of inspiration is that the Bible finds me, not that I find the Bible. Traditionally the Church has held that the Scriptures proceed from the Holy Spirit, He opens our eyes to its truth. And the emphases must be that the message has come of God - not a language version. Human languages are entirely arbitrary and err. If we follow a version whatever the rendering, we would end up defending mistakes. There are many examples, but consider this -

An error in the KJV? In Heb.4:10 the KJV says "For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day". What? Jesus hasn't given rest? The KJV is misleading, so modern versions correct it, eg. “For if Joshua had given them rest, God would not have spoken later about another day”. Clearly the NIV avoids the misunderstanding. Heb.4:10 speaks of Joshua not Jesus. But KJ radicals are committed to the KJV and defend it regardless of the truth the Holy Spirit wants to teach us. In other words, the English KJV has the final say – not the Holy Spirit. You wrote,

>>I am sending you this link to a friends page. He, like me uses the KJB. He is in printing work for the LORD. Read with an open mind.The history of the KJB.<<

Thanks Tim. I visited the link “with an open mind” found nothing new. I've studied 'the history of the KJV' and have books on it. Note the article on Clipper's site, “NIV Robs Salvation”. That confirms my point KJ radicals link salvation to the KJV.

>>I trust what I read in the KJB This book tells me about God in a way I understand I believe it to be Gods Word.<<

You have effectively removed the focal point of faith in ' God’s Word', to faith in a human translation. Faith in a translation is different to faith in God. Biblical faith is - trusting God and the message of His Word. Biblical faith is not - trusting human translations whatever their words, simply because translations are the work of men who make mistakes.

An illustration: If Lutherans were to make the silly claim Luther’s German translation of 1522 is '
God’s Word' and “ALL others” are “Satanic”. Then obviously Christians must learn German to read the only correct Bible. And there become two classes of people in the Church – learned intellectuals [who read and speak German] and those who cannot [but use “Satanic counterfeits”]. A recipe for division in the churches and an exercise in misguided faith.

I have faith in '
God's Word' but translation mistakes [in KJV, NIV etc] don't rob me of my faith in God. When I come across an error in a version, I don't throw the Bible away and wonder if I have eternal life. I trust you come to know the same.

Kind Regards