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King James Error

Hi Tim

Thanks for your response. You wrote

>>I Believe that God gave us a book to read You like to read other books I use the King James Bible as a way to know God, from all my study I feel it is (KJB) the book God wants me to use. If I did not believe it is from God I would use something else.<<

Fair comment. I have no problem with free choice and preference. I join with all who use God’s Word (whatever version) for the blessing of many. However, I wish the KJ radicals would have such a respect for users of other versions. Can I read and use the version of my choice? “No” they say. The idea of “preference and toleration” is unacceptable to them. All must use the KJV there is no such thing as a preference. If I use a modern version that I know [not ‘feel'] God has given then I'm called a, “fool, deceived and hypocrite”. You wrote,

>>I know that you want to prove the KJB is not right and I wonder why you are doing this……If people as being saved and living right by reading and studding the KJB. What is the problem?<<

Well, I can only repeat my first email. It’s the corruption of the Gospel that concerns me. The continual suggestion that no one can be sure of salvation [or ANY doctrine] unless one uses a Elizabethan English version to read "God's very Words". The misguided insistence that “ALL other translations are corrupt” and the KJV is 'the one true Bible’. The undermining of people’s faith in God’s Word by the suggestion their Bibles should be burnt and translators are doing Satan's work.

And the KJ radicals continually attacking fine decent Christian people with hate literature. Calling users of other versions [or any challenging the KJ dogma] "lairs, fools, dung, stupid-jerks, dogs, blasphemers, bigots, brain-washed" etc etc. Some comments are slanderous, some libel. Individuals are targeted – names and address are printed for hate mail and abusive phone-calls. Perhaps your not into this, but your address\email are on that website run by [and full of] King James nasties. With friends like that, who needs enemies? No wonder some have asked the website operators to remove their email addresses. You wrote,

>>You say do not mind People using the KJB. You say some mean-sprirted things about people who love the KJB<<

Could you point those out? What’s your definition of “mean-spirited”? But I do say that you know nothing about “mean-spirited” until you’ve had the KJ radicals write to you. Their comments are often intentionally divisive and caustic with those who differ with them. Tim, I’ve mentioned twice I have no problem with those who say they love and therefore use the KJV. My concerns primarily are not about choice and people per se but wrong doctrine, actions and deeds. You wrote,

>>why do you want people to follow your understanding of the truth,<<

I would hope ‘the truth’ is more obvious than just my 'understanding'. If following my “understanding of the truth” means some radicals stop their antagonism and ridicule of Christians, then what’s wrong with that? If it means God’s people cease to believe half-truths and embrace the whole truth, what’s wrong with that? And after all, it is God who desires all “men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim.2:7). It would be foolish of me to suggest that through the KJV that I know more “truth” than users of modern versions. What do you think? You see it is the KJ Only people who are saying that the Bible cannot be correctly understood [regarding Doctrine, Words, and the Mind and Will of God etc] unless the KJV is used. I say that is nonsense.

Well, that’s your mail, although you haven’t answered my questions yet. But thanks.

Kind regards