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State of our Nation, New Zealand


Another plague in our country, New Zealanders worship their drink. History records mans struggle with alcohol, 1750s, 1829s and 1930s. In every country with liberal laws, alcohol is a 'curse'. It fuels violence and hooliganism, nothing's changed.

Any government soft on alcohol invites trouble as "Crime and alcohol go hand in hand". It's fruit, vandalism, harassment, threats, physical assault, kids out of control, intimidation, rioting, child abuse, high levels of domestic violence and predatory sexual behaviour". For years, our governments have consistently legislated, supported, promoted and encouraged the "Wine and Spirit" industry and so increased consumption.

Today it's an insurmountable problem. Restrictions are criticized [and ignored] and legislation is so liberal we have problems unheard of just 40 years ago like underage binge drinking (kids 16-13 even 10). There's only about 4 MILLION PEOPLE in New Zealand and its our most damaging drug. In 2003 '$2-3 billion dollars worth of economic and social harm each year'. In 2009 NZ consumed '300 million litres of beer'. Today we have Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation clinics up and down the country, as NEVER before [more are needed]. In 2011 80% of crime is alcohol or drug related.... costs the country around $6.8 billion per-year. That year just the summer drunken street brawls cost $2.8 million in ACC claims (4030 cases reported). In 2012 'Drug courts' will be set up costing $94,000 a year. It gets worse because drinkers legislate the drinking - imagine Heroin addicts legislating Heroin?

As you walk innocently along the street sidewalk, passing a cafe, you turn to see who made that crude remark about your wife next to you. Then, one needless pointless punch to YOUR head by a drunk can give YOU brain damage, loss of life, years of therapy, dentistry, takeaway YOUR enjoyment of life for the rest of YOUR life, and it need not have happened. But it did, because our governments pasted special laws to allow street cafes to serve alcohol. And they don't care.

New Zealand doesn't have a minimum legal drinking age but a minimum purchase age. New Zealand Labour in 1999 is responsible for wreaking kids lives by lowering the drinking age to 16. A recycled problem for the next generation. The younger the more likely kids become addicted and greater damage. Its a far greater problem for kids than drugs. Yet both National and Labour signed a Death Warrant. Our politicians are big drinkers, with their State Funded dinners and free travel. What silly comments made in the Debating Chamber, "We mustn't spoil the fun of many because of a few. Labour's Ruth Dyson (ex-Minister for ACC) voted to lower the age and ironically was booked for drunk-driving (yet voted back into parliament regardless). And today National Party (the alcohol party) ignore the problem, PM John Key says "more research is needed".

Years ago journalists ("NZ Herald") laughed and mocked at "teetotallers" saying "the world won't end - the sky won't fall down" But it did for those killed on the roads, their families - those with a life-long addiction, the victims of violence, those suffering child abuse, jail, brain-damage and employment loss. Its said, 'Beer is good for your teeth'. Really? Yet it was a beer-drinker that smashed your teeth out. Its said, 'those who drink alcohol live longer.' Where's the evidence ? What is there in a substance that spins you head, bad for liver, heart, blood cells, testicles, brain? Fills hospitals yet makes you live longer? Fact is, it "increases the risk of developing more than 200 diseases" and caused "3.3 million deaths around the world in 2013" (World Health Org.). The campaign against 'fizzy drinks' is laughable, it's ten times worse than Coke Cola.

Well-known Alcohol Health Issues -

Memory loss.
Brain damage (kills brain cells).
High Blood Pressure.
Throat & Mouth Cancers.
Breast Cancer.
Lung Infections
Heart Failure.
Liver Damage - cirrhosis.
Liver Cancer.
Inflammation of the Pancreas.
Kidney Disease.
Colon Cancer.
Weight Gain.
Erectile Dysfunction/Infertility Miscarriage.

Not to mention - abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, lower testosterone levels, thinning body hair, impotence, lack of breast growth, imbalances in hormones, miscarriage, alcoholic hepatitis, DNA damage, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, pneumonia, skin problems.

Some of the above are serious and irreversible. A glass of wine a night doesn't seem like much, but a standard 175ml serving contains 2.3 units of alcohol, adding up to 16.1 over a week - putting women over the so-called 'safe limit'.

If 'prohibition doesn't work', then why not remove restrictions on drinking and driving? Multi-million dollar Liqueur lobbies convinced our tax-eager, morally literate government to change laws. Money drunk Liqueur companies say you should drink moderately, so you live longer. So logically consume more and they profit. They are profit rich and our government tax rich.

The government has 'invested millions' of tax payer dollars in the wine "industry" with special laws to increase wine production, export and consummation. Most New Zealander's don't care they want to 'normalize' this. So its said, 50% of kids are provided alcohol by parents who love their "good bottle of wine" and their "quiet drink". How can you 'normalize' what after consumption makes you fall over, or drive a car and kill people? Drinkers are renown to reward themselves with special venues of 'free-drinks' via the tax-payer, business or social-club expense. If marijuana was legal it would be free marijuana. With this simplistic attitude, no wonder our media rarely blame alcohol for ruined lives, health problems, violence, vandalism and broken families. Be sure whatever tinkering of the law, binge drinking will remain a long term problem and the real cost under reported.

Government lobbyists don't want children to stop drinking, just drink less. Years ago media commentators said normalization and public acceptance means drunkenness will disappear. They see no reason to protect kids or make it harder to obtain. But rather remove 'soft-drinks' from schools because of 'high sugar' levels, rather than stopping kids drink. Today we now have some 'school balls' providing alcohol for kids.

Years ago the old teetotallers were right - "Making alcohol more available and accessible will increase abuse". It has and did!! Today, "80% of prisoners have an alcohol problem". "The chief cause of vitamin deficiency among civilized people..." (The Vitamin Bible). Strange how the hype over 'RED wine' is silent about red grape juice. If RED wine is so wonderful, why the silence about RED grape juice? Alcohol targets the liver, stomach, heart, and brain and no amount is safe especially in the body over night. The very last people that should drink - young girls are sucked into the drinking culture (because of liberal laws). So today Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Spectrum Disorder, has more than doubled in NZ. This has long term consequences for children and society and our governments don't give a toss.

The brainwashing ads on TV said, "It's not the drinking, it's the way we're drinking". Silly, because "moderate drinking". is the problem! Drinking in moderation is not the solution to the problem; it is the main cause of it. How else do drunks get drunk? It numbs the mind to continue drinking. In effect, the ad says, "Its not the drug, it's the way we're drugged" ie 'It's not the cocaine we must "ease back" on the coke.

Successive governments have legalized and liberalized excessively, now TV screen shock stories on the road carnage. But nothing about the recent discovery alcohol causes Breast Cancer in women - experts insist, "no amount of alcohol is fully safe". BBC news.

Once liberal laws are legislated, it is almost impossible to reverse long term damage. So its a leech sucking the blood of our country and people, leaving an ugly scar. Drinkers, go a day with out it. Go a week. Go a month. Dont let the filthy stuff control your life. You won't be sorry. Life has enough problems, drinking solves none. The problems you have before drinking, remain the same problems after. God can help you break free.