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State of our Nation, New Zealand


Another questionable habit our governments promote. They want this to continue and increase, there are huge tax profits to be made. An increase in gambling means an increase in tax. In my life time, its become a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Once this vice is established, it rings the neck of a nation and burdens it's back. Our media, radio, TV and newspapers all support and promote it for FREE. Particularly on Melbourne Cup Day and Addington Cup Day. Yes FREE airtime, with the greatest of respect, praise and admiration with glowing reports!!

Gambling is a sign of the greedy and superstitious hoping to ‘get lucky’. The religious who love money. Those who believe in 'luck' are easily fooled, and less likely to be suspicious. They want to believe in a really good world where good things happen. Like the ever hopeful Darwinian evolutionist. The underlying principle is people wanting what is not theirs and what they did not work for (Lk.23:34).

The NEW word for gambling is 'gaming' and today ALL money is considered 'good money'. Our Governments have appointed 'Ministers of Racing', legalizating laws promoting TAB Horse Racing. So the TAB donated money promoting his political party. Labour 'invested' 150 million in Sky Casino and governments gambled millions of tax payers dollars on the America's Cup (to win) but they lost three times.

Yet there was not one march anywhere in this country for civil unions, prostitution, casinos, or lowering the drinking age.

Our governments want all forms of gambling to increase!!! Some dirty money is legally channelled off to promote more gambling. Politicians pushed for casinos and increased all forms of gambling to copy 'other countries', but we were never asked. There was not one street march anywhere in the country for Casinos. Politicians claimed the new liberal laws would be "signs of a mature society" and "make money and jobs". And "good" for "charities". So what happened? It increased crime, gave the country a even greater gambling problem and broken people from legalized stealing. Gamblers in a trance-like state of mind controlled by machines in a vain hope to get rich. I knew this would happen!

Our liberal loony-left media are silent about the cost in ruined lives and broken families. In fact the bigger the gambling event the greater free publicity by the media. Even if they sound a warning, nothing is done. So the real cost is under reported. The loser's are the gamblers, their families, their future and our country - Only about 4.5 million people in NZ but "$1.87 billion was lost by gambling in 2003" - "$8.4 billion in 2004" in 2005 "lost $2.027 billion through all forms of gambling".

The real social economic costs however are unknown. Now have more accessible and liberal gambling facilities - the corner book-shop, the local dairy and supermarket. Yet charities are now complaining, they are getting less of the dirty money. Sorry but gambling will get worse in our country and destroy our people. For our governments and media are mentally unable to see the connection between gambling, alcohol and poverty.

The Lion Foundation Report (3/6/12)

The Foundation promote gambling but not “Online gambling”, as they don’t profit. The Chief Executive Phil Holden (or Robin Hood) says “As a nation we love to gamble”. Yes $2.3 million are lost every day on non-casino pokies.

Main Board of the Foundation governs five Regions but need more Regional Committees to take responsibility for profits (they call “proceeds”). A self appointed administration, its a system open to abuse all the way. The 12 full page colour report in the Auckland Star Times wasn't cheap, but no problem, they make millions on gambling. Reminiscent of tobacco sponsorship and their "efficiency and transparency" blowing donation trumpets.

The report lists Clubs, Trusts, Cities and Donations to convince us gambling's good for “all New Zealanders”. But in reality, "Trusts" don't operate in a 'transparent' or accountable way with those community funds. Their licence to operate is a property right. Total separation of machines from the allocation of the grants is lacking. 18,000 machines aren't in casinos. The report said “98% of Kiwis” have no problem with “slot machines” and “enjoy them” (yet 77-85% of Kiwis seeking help don't agree, MOH 2009). The report, for ‘every dollar’ in ‘the machine...92% is returned to the player”. But no mention of allowing the use of pokie funds to support stakes for races. Or the estimated 10,000 people each year who commit illegal activity because of gambling. But if a win win situation, who is loosing the millions? If they got their money back they would have a fortune.

Treads - Lotto is “up $124 million” - sports gambling “up $26 million”. Annually profits for the government “$250 million” and sports clubs etc “$274 million”. And for 2011-12 the Foundation gave “$55 million” in grants.

Trumpets blowing? Because in the last “5 years” “problem gamblers” are also up “226%”. And are those 'grants' a real democratic process? 'Granted' how much? Spent on what? Are they auditable? Does the Foundation care? Gambling restrictions, said the report only “kill off community funding” and don’t “reduce problem gambling”. But if a method of fund-rasing must be used, it must go back to communities that lost it. If true (but unthinkable going back to gamblers), then the error is exposed. It's simply stealing from Peter and giving to Paul. The report said, ‘13 times more people have alcohol problems’ so the Lion Foundation obviously believe stealing is better.

So our governments continually change the law to increase the problem. "I am adamantly opposed to this legislation. My view is that gambling using any form of pokies was originally a mistake. I think that in allowing it, Peter Tapsell—probably without any right of legislation, without any right and proper regulation, back when he was Minister of Internal Affairs in the early 1980s—was wrong. I am still convinced that it is wrong. I voted the wrong way on the casino legislation when it was set up originally, and that is something that I am now ashamed of. It is my view that that casino should not have been set up, and my view that the harm that is caused to tens of thousands of families is something that this Parliament, and people of my generation in this Parliament, have to take responsibility for. What I will not do is support in any way legislation that will make it worse." Hon TREVOR MALLARD - Labour MP 1st Reading

How things change over the years. You are considered anti-New Zealand if you don’t support gambling. What's next? Contraband or brothel supermarkets making millions? Who dare complain, with all the jobs and profits.

"Such is the fate of all who are greedy for gain. It ends up robbing them of life" Prov.1:19
"A fool is easily departed from his money"
"A greedy person tries to get rich quick, but it only leads to poverty
". Prov.28:22.

The only answer is in Christ. None can transform a life and free the mind from deception like Him. Removing burdens that plague a soul.